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Rocky Ii Scene Is Best Film Sporting Moment Of All Time

10th April 2007

A scene from the 1979 hit ROCKY II where SYLVESTER STALLONE's character knocks out APOLLO CREED has been voted the best film sporting moment of all time. Second place in the poll by movie advertising...

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Wahlberg Stays Away From Golf Films

5th April 2007

Hollywood hunk MARK WAHLBERG has vowed to never star in a golf movie, despite his obsession with the game. THE DEPARTED star claims previous golfing movies CADDYSHACK I + III (80 and 88), HAPPY GILMORE...

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Sandler Sends Gifts To Cancer Sufferers

27th December 2006

Actor ADAM SANDLER helped bring some Christmas cheer to two teenage cancer sufferers - by bringing them a sackful of festive goodies. The HAPPY GILMORE star sent a PlayStation 3 console, signed DVDs and clothing...

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Levy Back For Fifth Piece Of Pie

13th July 2006

Funnyman EUGENE LEVY will return for a fifth slice of AMERICAN PIE. The bespectacled star, who was recently named among Hollywood's Funniest Movie Dads in a US internet poll, will return as JIM's DAD in...

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Happy Gilmore Golfer Lands Boss Hogg Role

17th June 2006

HAPPY GILMORE villain CHRIS MCDONALD will replace BURT REYNOLDS as corrupt BOSS HOGG in the DUKES OF HAZZARD prequel. He'll join WILLIE NELSON and model APRIL SCOTT, who will play sexy DAISY DUKE in the...

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