On a quiet weekend for The U.S Box Office, Paramount Pictures' Hansel and Gretel topped the charts for ticket sales Friday through Monday. 

It only took $19m for Hansel and Gretel - starring Gemma Arteton and Jeremy Renner - to secure the top spot, though, while Andres Muschietti slipped from 1st to second with $12,860,190 for Mama. Silver Linings Playbook - which seems to have occupied every position on the chart at some time or another - places 3rd this week with a round $10m, this on its 11th week of release, too. The controversial Zero Dark Thirty, an Oscar contender, places 4th with $9,800,000. Jason Statham's latest attempt at an action film, Parker, just about makes it into the top 5 with $7m on its opening weekend. Given that films released now won't be considered for 2013's major honours, we can expect this forecasted lull to remain for at least another month, when the bigger titles start getting released again. More surprising is the composition of the top 5 considering Hansel and Gretel was slated by the critics, and maintains a paltry 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Django Unchained missed out on a top 5 spot with $5,005,000 while low-budget flick Movie 43 secured $5m. Gangster Squad, Broken City and Les Miserables make up the 8th, 9th and 10th, with $4.2m, $4m and $3,911,700m respectively. Figures from Yahoo Movies.