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Fiennes To Play Hamlet - Again

27th August 2004

British actor RALPH FIENNES is set to play HAMLET on the London stage for the second time in a decade. THE ENGLISH PATIENT star, 41, plans to perform WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE's tragedy at an off-West...

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Bond Bad Guy Prefers Theatre Work

28th July 2004

DIE ANOTHER DAY bad guy TOBY STEPHENS finds movie-making "too tedious" and would prefer to concentrate on acting in the theatre. The son of English actress DAME MAGGIE SMITH, who has been winning rave...

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Faithful's Drug-fuelled Stage Past

20th May 2004

MARIANNE FAITHFUL vows to steer clear of drugs when she's performing in an upcoming London play, because her past use of heroin greatly impeded her ability to act. In 1969, the legendary singer was...

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Hamlet Gets Little Interest

15th April 2004

A rare edition of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE's HAMLET play failed to garner interest at New York auction house CHRISTIES yesterday (14APR04) - so bosses pulled the book from bidding. Printed during the writer's lifetime, the...

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Kirk Douglas Compares Gibson's Passion To A 'Porno'

26th March 2004

SPARTACUS star KIRK DOUGLAS has attacked MEL GIBSON - insisting he's committed a "disservice" to Catholics and Jews in his "distasteful" movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Douglas, who is Jewish, wrote a letter...

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Uta Hagen Dies

16th January 2004

Stage icon UTA HAGEN has died in New York, aged 84. The acclaimed actress, who shot to fame after playing MARTHA in the original production of WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF in the 1960s,...

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Keanu Reeves To Play Macbeth?

29th December 2003

Hollywood actor KEANU REEVES wants to star in a new movie version of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE's MACBETH. The 39-year-old MATRIX star is keen to leave behind the smash sci-fi trilogy and return to his roots....

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Shakespeare Loses Out To Harry Potter

13th August 2003

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE is fast becoming a forgotten hero in his native Britain - students are more familiar with HARRY POTTER. In a new survey carried out by the BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION (BBC), the boy...

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Alas, Poor Del!

1st June 2003

The acting coach who gave MIKE MYERS, BILL MURRAY and JOHN BELUSHI their big breaks has donated his skull to upcoming performances of SHAKESPEARE's HAMLET in Chicago, Illinois. DEL CLOSE, who died in 1999...

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Gibson. Bible Story Is An Action Film

10th April 2003

MEL GIBSON has labelled his latest film THE PASSION the ultimate action movie - even though it's about the last few hours of JESUS CHRIST's life. The HAMLET director insists his new project will...

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