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Most Ridiculous Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2013: Paris Hilton, Kelly Brook, Tim Allen [Pictures]

By Michael West | 29th October 2013

It's that time of year again guys. We compile a list of the most bizarre celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013. We're not choosing the best costumes here - oh no - we're choosing the most...

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Top 5 Halloween Dogs At The 23rd Annual Halloween Dog Parade. What?!

By Jack de Aguilar | 29th October 2013

As we approach the annual triduum of Halloween, thoughts turn to impressing friends and strangers with imaginative costumes. You’re around two years too late for the Breaking Bad hazmat getup, and don’t even think about...

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Jamie Lee Curtis Auctioning Off Signed Halloween Mask

15th October 2013

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is selling off a signed Halloween movie mask after realising the item is a treasure for fans of the horror franchise.Curtis was only 19 years old when she played Laurie Strode...

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Jamie Lee Curtis Selling Halloween Memorabilia For Charity

2nd November 2012

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is auctioning off items from the set of her classic horror movie Halloween to raise money for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.The True Lies star, who made her movie debut in...

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Zombie Got Halloween Script Treat For 40th

23rd March 2010

Horror movie star P.J. SOLES served up the perfect 40th birthday gift for rocker-turned-filmmaker ROB ZOMBIE - her HALLOWEEN script.The heavy metal star was in the process of remaking John Carpenter's 1978 horror movie, in...

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Zombie Keen To Make Bearded Lady Biopic

22nd March 2010

HALLOWEEN director ROB ZOMBIE is keen to make a movie about the woman once dubbed "the ugliest woman in the world".The rocker-turned-moviemaker is fascinated by Mexican Indian Julia Pastrana, who was born with hypertrichosis terminalis...

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Reilly Was 'Scared Witless' By Halloween Movie

19th October 2009

Actor JOHN C. REILLY was scarred for life as a child when his mother took him to see gruesome slasher movie HALLOWEEN on the scariest night of the year (31Oct).The Boogie Nights actor recalls how...

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Halloween Creep Launches Film Company

22nd September 2009

The man behind the mask of director ROB ZOMBIE's HALLOWEEN ghoul MICHAEL MEYERS has formed his own horror film production company.Tyler Mane has launched Mane Entertainment, LLC and hopes to start shooting his first project,...

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Fascinating Fact 7894

27th August 2009

The father of Hollywood's new scream queen, SCOUT TAYLOR-COMPTON - the star of both HALLOWEEN remakes - is a mortician.

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The Things They Say 13264

27th August 2009

"I make every character in the movie me... I show his face for the first time ever and he has really long hair and this huge beard... like he's in ZZ TOP, I'm not kidding."...

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New Kid Set For Halloween Film

17th March 2009

An unknown Seattle, Washington actor will be the latest to play serial killer MICHAEL MYERS in ROB ZOMBIE's new HALLOWEEN movie. Chase Wright Vanek has been drafted into H2, which is currently shooting in Georgia, as...

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Rob Zombie Returns For Halloween Sequel

16th December 2008

Rocker-turned-director ROB ZOMBIE has signed to make a sequel to his HALLOWEEN horror movie, just months after vowing never to return to the franchise. Zombie's 2007 remake of John Carpenter's classic horror film proved a...

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Exorcist + Jaws Make Hollywood Museum's Horror Hit List

31st October 2008

THE EXORCIST, JAWS, HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH have been named among the top 10 horror films of all time by the curator of a new Hollywood Museum exhibit. Memorabilia from the films selected by...

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Fascinating Fact 3869

4th September 2007

The MICHAEL MYERS mask from the original HALLOWEEN movie was modelled on actor WILLIAM SHATNER's face....

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Mcdowell Loved Hairy Halloween Look

4th September 2007

British actor MALCOLM MCDOWELL loved his hairy look in the hit new HALLOWEEN remake - even though he couldn't eat. The A Clockwork Orange star had to age 17 years in the horror film and...

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Halloween Carves Itself A Place In The History Books

3rd September 2007

Director ROB ZOMBIE's HALLOWEEN remake has slashed the U.S. box-office record for a new release during America's Labor Day holiday weekend (31Aug-03Sep07). The update of John Carpenter's seminal 1978 movie had hauled in $26.5 million...

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The Things They Say 5476

31st August 2007

"He's a pompous tw*t, an egomaniacal doctor who thinks he's right. How right can you be if you've had a patient for 17 years who turns out to be one of the biggest serial killers...

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Mcdowell Charmed By Zombie

30th August 2007

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star MALCOLM MCDOWELL was "charmed" by heavy rocker-turned-filmmaker ROB ZOMBIE on the set of the HALLOWEEN remake, after fearing he'd signed on to work with sick killer CHARLES MANSON. The British actor...

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Halloween Remake Star Mcdowell Refused To Watch Original

28th August 2007

British actor MALCOLM MCDOWELL has never seen classic horror movie HALLOWEEN, and refused to watch the 1978 film after signing up to star in its remake. MCDowell stars as Dr. Sam Loomis - a role...

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Rob Zombie Defends Halloween Remake

28th May 2007

Rocker/director ROB ZOMBIE has defended his decision to remake classic '70s horror movie HALLOWEEN, because his version will be completely different to the original. Fans of the franchise are dubious about Zombie's take on the...

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Mcdowell Adds Fun To Halloween Remake

16th April 2007

Producers of the new HALLOWEEN horror remake insist movie veteran MALCOLM MCDOWELL is the perfect actor to reprise Donald Pleasance's Loomis character - because he adds fun to the sinister role. Pleasance created the creepy...

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New Halloween Actress Was Involved In Real-life Thriller

29th January 2007

Newcomer SCOUT TAYLOR-COMPTON is set to revive JAMIE LEE CURTIS' scream queen LAURIE STRODE in ROB ZOMBIE's new HALLOWEEN horror movie. The rocker/director is remaking the original Halloween film and passed over favourites like AGNES...

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Halloween Returns To Cinemas

25th October 2006

Classic 1978 horror movie HALLOWEEN will return to cinemas this Halloween (31OCT06), complete with a 20 minute documentary that includes interviews with original cast members JAMIE LEE CURTIS, who features in the short documentary,...

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The Things They Say 3138

22nd October 2006

"When I hear those piano notes, I want to s**t myself." Film-maker MCG admits he's still terrified by the HALLOWEEN soundtrack.

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The Exorcist Tops Scary Film Poll

17th October 2006

Horror classic THE EXORCIST has been named the Scariest Movie Ever Made in a new magazine poll. The 1973 film beat ROSEMARY'S BABY and THE SHINING in the Stuff survey, which appears in the American...

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Elm Street Proves Most Nightmarish

16th October 2006

Horror classic A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET has topped a new poll of the scariest movie of all time, beating off competition from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and HALLOWEEN for the gory honour. WES CRAVEN's...

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Zombie To Recreate Halloween

25th June 2006

LATEST: Rocker ROB ZOMBIE is thrilled he is getting the chance to remake classic horror movie HALLOWEEN, because he wants to make killer MICHAEL MYERS scary again. The WHITE ZOMBIE frontman claims the Halloween franchise...

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Zombie Signs On For Halloween Prequel

5th June 2006

Rocker-turned-movie-maker ROB ZOMBIE has signed to direct a prequel to the cult HALLOWEEN franchise, and promises fans it will be the scariest yet. THE DEVIL'S REJECTS director insists the MICHAEL MYERS story has grown tired...

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Halloween Returns To Hollywood

3rd May 2006

A ninth HALLOWEEN movie is being planned - as a prequel to the cult horror franchise. Plans to make HALLOWEEN: THE MISSING YEARS were shelved when producer MOUSTAPHA AKKAD died in last year's (05) terrorist...

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Weinsteins To Auction Hollywood Memorabilia

28th February 2006

Hollywood producers BOB and HARVEY WEINSTEIN are auctioning off thousands of props and wardrobe items from their most famous movies to raise money for charity. The online auctions begin on Friday (03MAR06) and will...

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