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Hal Holbrook To Be Honoured For Dedication To Twain

20th May 2012

Into The Wild star Hal Holbrook is to become the first recipient of the Mark Twain Lifetime Achievement Award for his efforts to boost awareness of the literary icon's work.The actor, who has starred in...

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Daniel Day Lewis Gets Into Character As Abe Lincoln

1st December 2011

Fans have finally got their first look at Daniel Day Lewis as legendary American President Abraham Lincoln, with one intrepid college student snapping the actor while he sipped tea at a local restaurant in Richmond,...

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Movie Reviews Water For Elephants

22nd April 2011

Sara Gruen's novel Water for Elephants has managed to maintain a foothold on one New York Times best seller list or another for more than three years. Even now, the novel, set in a 1930s...

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Reese Witherspoon Is 'Consolation Prize' At Premiere

18th April 2011

Reese Witherspoon admitted she was a "consolation prize" for fans who wanted to see Robert Pattinson at the world premiere of 'Water for Elephants' last night (17.04.11).The Oscar-winning actress stars alongside the 'Twilight' actor in...

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Fascinating Fact 11167

29th March 2011

Veteran actor Hal Holbrook will receive the Julie Harris Award for Lifetime Achievement at The Actors Fund's annual Tony Party in Los Angeles on 12 June (11). The ceremony will serve as a viewing party...

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Holbrook Honours Twain On 175th Birthday

1st December 2010

HAL HOLBROOK marked the 175th anniversary of MARK TWAIN's birthday with a special performance of his one-man play dedicated to the legendary writer.The veteran actor took to the stage at the Clemens Center in Elmira,...

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Holbrook Credits Real-life Adventures For Into The Wild Success

25th February 2008

Veteran actor HAL HOLBROOK credits his own sailing adventures for his Oscar nomination - because they helped him understand his character in INTO THE WILD and real-life wilderness man CHRIS MCCANDLESS. Holbrook, 83, became the...

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The Things They Say 7339

25th February 2008

"I've a little shot... I'm up against four people that have quite long roles, some of them almost like a leading role. It makes it hard to think of measuring up there, but I saw...

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Fascinating Fact 4777

6th February 2008

Oscar nominee HAL HOLBROOK was honoured with the AARP Magazine Lifetime Achievement prize at Monday's (04Feb08) seventh annual Movies For Grown-Ups Awards.

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Fascinating Fact 4726

29th January 2008

STEVE CARELL, JENNIFER GARNER and Oscar-nominated INTO THE WILD star HAL HOLBROOK are all former students of Ohio's Denison University.

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The Things They Say 6893

22nd January 2008

"It was quite a shock. Sitting out there (listening to the nominations) is like waiting for a reprieve from the governor." Veteran actor HAL HOLBROOK was on edge while the Academy Award nominations were read...

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Stars Aim For Age Records At The Oscars

22nd January 2008

RUBY DEE, HAL HOLBROOK and ELLEN PAGE will set new age records if they win gold at the Oscars next month (Feb08). All three have been nominated for best acting and supporting roles. If Dee...

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Holbrook: 'Into The Wild Reminded Me Of My Son'

7th January 2008

Veteran actor HAL HOLBROOK jumped at the chance to star in recent movie INTO THE WILD - because the story about the life of a tragic adventurer reminded him of his own son's experiences. Into...

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Holbrook Surprised Penn Remembered Him 26 Years Later

7th November 2007

Veteran actor HAL HOLBROOK was amazed when SEAN PENN cast him in his recent movie INTO THE WILD, because he hadn't heard from the actor-turned-director since they co-starred in a 1981 TV movie. Holbrook and...

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