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Paltrow 'Recording With Orbit'

27th June 2006

Oscar-winning actress GWYNETH PALTROW has reportedly recorded a series of tracks with producer WILLIAM ORBIT. British newspaper The Sun reports Paltrow - who sang in the 2000 flop movie DUETS - has been writing and...

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Paltrow Helped Heal Madonna's Feud With Father

20th June 2006

Movie star GWYNETH PALTROW has been credited for bringing close pal MADONNA back together with her father TONY CICCONE, after begging her to reconcile with him. Madonna, who made up with her dad last year...

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Paltrow's Staying Away From Italy

13th June 2006

Oscar-winner GWYNETH PALTROW is staying away from Italy because something bad always happens to her when she visits the European nation. During a recent flight to Venice, Paltrow had a scare when the plane...

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The Things They Say 2235

12th June 2006

"I called him Sir A because it was halfway between polite and casual." GWYNETH PALTROW on how she addressed SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS while working with him in the film PROOF.

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Paltrow's Dramatic Daughter

12th June 2006

GWYNETH PALTROW is already planning an acting career for her daughter APPLE, even though the tot is only two. The Oscar-winner insists she will support her children, Apple, and MOSES, three months, in whatever life...

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Martin Run Down

26th May 2006

CHRIS MARTIN is run down after a frantic touring schedule and the birth of his second child with GWYNETH PALTROW. The COLDPLAY frontman missed the Ivor Novello songwriting awards in London on Wednesday, leaving bandmates...

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Coldplay Childcare?

17th May 2006

CHRIS MARTIN and his COLDPLAY bandmates are having a creche installed inside their tour bus to cope with their growing number of new babies. The FIX YOU hitmakers fear they will miss out on quality...

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Fascinating Fact 1508

17th May 2006

EMBRACE frontman DANNY MCNAMARA has named CHRIS MARTIN and GWYNETH PALTROW the people he would most like to be with when he dies. The COLDPLAY star helped resurrect Embrace's career when he penned hit track...

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Pitt's Exes To Team Up?

12th May 2006

BRAD PITT's former loves JENNIFER ANISTON and GWYNETH PALTROW are planning to team up for a film project. The actresses are in discussions to co-star in a thriller, with Aniston playing the part of the...

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Paltrow's Pricey Yoga Prize

11th May 2006

GWYNETH PALTROW is struggling to plan the perfect yoga lesson - as a fan has paid $55,000 (GBP30,000) for a stretching session with the actress. The lesson was snapped up by the star-struck health fanatic...

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Lewis Takes Giant Pay Cut For West End

3rd May 2006

JULIETTE LEWIS is so keen to star in London's West End, she has accepted a role in new play FOOL FOR LOVE - earning just $835 (GBP477) a week during rehearsals. The NATURAL BORN KILLERS...

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Boyd's Baby Joy

29th April 2006

Scottish screen star BILLY BOYD's partner ALI MCKINNON gave birth to their first child on Wednesday (26APR06). Boyd's son weighed in at six pounds 10 ounces (three kilograms) and mother and baby are doing well....

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Stipe Honoured As A Humanitarian

27th April 2006

REM star MICHAEL STIPE was honoured for his humanitarian work in New York on Tuesday night (25APR06) as starry pals lined up to pay tribute. The SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE singer was the guest of honour...

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The Things They Say 1912

25th April 2006

"GWYNETH PALTROW named her baby MOSES, which means every so often he has to go to Israel and say, 'Ok, everybody out of the water.'" Comedian ROBIN WILLIAMS on the responsibility that comes with having...

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Zeta-jones Tops Ad Millions List

22nd April 2006

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES has topped a list of the highest-earning product endorsing celebrities, after netting $20 million (GBP11 million) to advertise UK telecommunications giant T-Mobile. Zeta-Jones, the only Brit in the list, has beaten out competition...

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Paltrow Had To Keep Dad's Cancer Battle Secret

22nd April 2006

GWYNETH PALTROW had to keep a terrible secret on the set of DUETS - her director father couldn't swallow. The actress' father, BRUCE PALTROW, was directing the film and swore his daughter and other family...

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Macrobiotic Brook Desperate For Burgers

12th April 2006

British actress KELLY BROOK is the latest star to convert to an all-natural macrobiotic diet - but she has failed to kick her love of cheeseburgers. Brook has followed in the healthy footsteps of GWYNETH...

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Martin And Christensen Visit Baby Moses

11th April 2006

LATEST: GWYNETH PALTROW has received a stream of celebrity visitors, including husband CHRIS MARTIN and supermodel HELENA CHRISTENSEN, since giving birth to her second child in New York City over the weekend (08-09APR06). The actress,...

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Paltrow Has Baby Boy

10th April 2006

GWYNETH PALTROW has given birth to a baby boy, her second child with singer CHRIS MARTIN. The actress welcomed the tot, a younger brother for 23-month-old APPLE, at an unknown location over the weekend (08-09APR06),...

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Paltrow Is Best Dressed

8th April 2006

Actress GWYNETH PALTROW has been voted the most stylish British woman in an annual poll in Harper's Bazaar magazine, despite being American. The SLIDING DOORS star, who lives in London with her COLDPLAY singer husband...

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Fascinating Fact 1310

1st April 2006

GWYNETH PALTROW's actress mother BLYTHE DANNER dated comedian CHEVY CHASE when she was in college in the 1960s.

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Paltrow Will Call Boy Morty

26th March 2006

Hollywood star GWYNETH PALTROW wants to name her new baby, due in two months time, after director STEVEN SPIELBERG. Paltrow hopes the new arrival will be a boy, so she can call him MORTIMER after...

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Paltrow Wants Scissors Role Cut

23rd March 2006

Actress GWYNETH PALTROW wants scenes from her new movie RUNNING WITH SCISSORS cut, because she believes the film would be better if she didn't appear on screen so much. The SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE star is...

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Maddox Is Top Of The Tots

19th March 2006

ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT's adopted son MADDOX has topped a new poll of cute celebrity kids. Cambodian-born Maddox beat BROOKE SHIELDS' baby daughter ROWAN and JULIANNE MOORE's two-year-old LIV HELEN on American magazine In...

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Paltrow Caught Out In The Nude

15th March 2006

GWYNETH PALTROW is still haunted by the memory of being caught outside her hotel room as a young girl - with no clothes on. The SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE star, 33, remains traumatised by the incident...

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Apple Martin Records Happy Birthday Duet With Dad

9th March 2006

GWYNETH PALTROW and CHRIS MARTIN's daughter APPLE has recorded her first tune at the tender age of two. COLDPLAY frontman Martin recorded a personal CD tribute to pal HELENA CHRISTENSEN as a birthday gift and...

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The Hanks Guide To Acceptance Speeches

3rd March 2006

Oscar winner TOM HANKS has been recruited by Academy Awards bosses to narrate an eight-minute instruction video on how to give the best acceptance speech at Sunday night's (05MAR06) ceremony. The film, which has been...

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Swank Signs Up For Fragrant Role

24th February 2006

Oscar-winner HILARY SWANK has signed a multi-million dollar contract to be the face of Guerlain's new autumn (06) perfume. The fragrance company will reportedly pay the MILLION DOLLAR BABY star between $3 and $5...

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Marcia Tops Hollywood Hair Poll

23rd February 2006

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star MARCIA CROSS has been crowned the hairstyle queen of Hollywood in a new magazine poll. The editors of American publication In Touch have given the red head the honour of having...

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Paltrow Falls For British Comedy

22nd February 2006

GWYNETH PALTROW considers herself an honorary Brit after two years living in London - she's even become a fan of cult vintage British comedy. The American actress has become hooked on re-runs of quintessentially-English...

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