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Paltrow's Emotional Thanksgiving

26th November 2009

Hollywood actress GWYNETH PALTROW has dedicated this year's (09) Thanksgiving celebrations to her late father - because the holiday has fallen on what would have been his 66th birthday.The Iron Man star was devastated when...

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The Things They Say 14228

17th November 2009

"I got in trouble once... about the Apple thing. I made fun of the Apple name... I've apologised since." Actor CHARLIE SHEEN has apologised for poking fun at the name of GWYNETH PALTROW and CHRIS...

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Stars Donate To Charity Sale

16th November 2009

Stars including GWYNETH PALTROW, ELIZABETH HURLEY and DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY have helped raise thousands of dollars for charity by donating their designer cast-offs to a U.K. department store's garage sale.The celebrities cleared out their wardrobes...

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Comic Actor Chris Martin

15th November 2009

Chris Martin should be a comedy star.The Coldplay singer - who is married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow - has been urged by 'Goldfinger' rockers Ash to widen his career and seek acting roles after impressing...

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Paltrow's Brother Was Best Man At Sokoloff Wedding

10th November 2009

GWYNETH PALTROW's little brother served as best man at actress MARLA SOKOLOFF's wedding on Sunday (08Nov09).Filmmaker Jake Paltrow was one of three best men picked by the groom, Deadsy rocker Alex Puro. The wedding took...

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Paltrow To Play Kidman's Wife In The Danish Girl

8th November 2009

GWYNETH PALTROW will replace CHARLIZE THERON in the movie adaptation of DAVID EBERSHOFF's novel about one of the first people to undergo a sex-change operation.Theron recently quit the controversial film, in which she was slated...

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Martin's Publicist Hits Back At Cheating Report

4th November 2009

Rock superstar CHRIS MARTIN's representative has dismissed reports the COLDPLAY frontman was caught cheating on GWYNETH PALTROW with actress KATE BOSWORTH.According to America's Star magazine, the singer was blatantly kissing the Superman Returns beauty at...

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The Things They Say 13924

29th October 2009

"I don't think I would be an interesting enough subject. I'm just a typical busy working mother - there would be a lot of school runs, a lot of cooking, a lot of talking on...

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Fascinating Fact 8173

18th October 2009

GWYNETH PALTROW is getting into the festive spirit by designing a line of Christmas cards for U.S. charity Robin Hood, which targets poverty in New York.

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Paltrow Shuns Family Films

8th October 2009

GWYNETH PALTROW refuses to star in kids' movies, just so her two young children can see their mum on the big screen.The Iron Man actress and her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, are devoted parents...

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Paltrow Films Volunteer Advert

1st October 2009

Actress GWYNETH PALTROW is spearheading a new campaign to encourage more people to volunteer.The Shakespeare In Love star and her mother Blythe Danner have filmed a public service announcement (PSA), sponsored by charitable organisation Entertainment...

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Scarlett Johansson's Superhero Secret

1st October 2009

Scarlett Johansson wants to surprise husband Ryan Reynolds with her "tight" 'Iron Man 2' outfit.The Hollywood actress - who portrays Natasha Romanoff and her sexy alter-ego, Russian spy Black Widow, in the new superhero movie...

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Robert Downey Jr Serious About Iron Man

26th September 2009

Robert Downey Jr. is taking 'Iron Man 2' more seriously than any other film of his entire career.The 44-year-old actor - who plays industrialist Tony Stark and his metal-suited alter ego - is feeling the...

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Jay-z Wants Cold Yoga

21st September 2009

Jay-Z wants yoga lessons from Chris Martin.The '99 Problems' rapper has been supporting Chris' band Coldplay on tour and admits he is envious of the singer's on stage flexibility and wants to be able to...

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Jay-z's Wedding Upset

3rd September 2009

Jay-Z was sad some people were offended by his low-key marriage to Beyonce Knowles.While the couple wanted to keep the big day secret to avoid unwanted attention, the rapper admits some friends and family were...

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Gwyneth Paltrow Building Business Empire

28th August 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow wants to create "an empire".The 'Iron Man' actress - who has five-year-old daughter Apple and three-year-old son Moses with her husband, Coldplay rocker Chris Martin - is keen to launch a line of...

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Paltrow & Martin's Home Improvements

24th August 2009

GWYNETH PALTROW and her husband CHRIS MARTIN have taken home improvements to the next level - the couple is knocking two London townhouses together to create their ultimate dream home.Paltrow and Martin bought the house...

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'Boring' Chef Gwyneth Paltrow

10th August 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow's cooking show has been branded "boring".A US celebrity has declared she would rather "staple her eyelids shut" than watch the 'Iron Man' star in the kitchen.Bethenny Frankel - chef and star of 'The...

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Scarlett Johansson Kicks Iron Butt

27th July 2009

Scarlett Johansson kicks "major a*s" in 'Iron Man 2'.The Hollywood beauty - who plays Natasha Romanoff and her alter-ego, sexy Russian spy Black Widow - enjoyed working on the comic book adaptation because she filmed...

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Danner Urged Paltrow To Avoid Acting

27th July 2009

GWYNETH PALTROW's mother BLYTHE DANNER urged her daughter not follow her into acting - because she wanted her offspring to embark on a more intellectual profession.Danner has enjoyed her own long and prosperous acting career...

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Parents' Dream

26th July 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow's parents wanted her to cure AIDS.The 'Iron Man' star's mother, actress Blythe Danner, admits she and Gwyneth's father, actor Bruce Paltrow, didn't want her to follow in their footsteps because they thought she...

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Paltrow Shows Fans How To Cook

24th July 2009

Hollywood actress GWYNETH PALTROW has taken to the internet to share her culinary skills with fans - she has posted a video of her cooking up one of her favourite recipes.The Iron Man star recently...

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Garner 'Unhappy' With Paltrow's Relationship With Ex Affleck

23rd July 2009

GWYNETH PALTROW is so close to her former boyfriend BEN AFFLECK, his wife JENNIFER GARNER finds it difficult to tolerate, according to a new report.The former Hollywood couple dated in 1998 before splitting the following...

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Everett Shuns Paltrow For Price

22nd July 2009

RUPERT EVERETT is no fan of GWYNETH PALTROW - he prefers former glamour model KATIE PRICE because she has "more integrity".The British actor insists reality TV star Price - who has undergone several breast enlargement...

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Paltrow Happy With Iron Man 2 Promo Posters

20th July 2009

GWYNETH PALTROW has brushed off reports she was left fuming after movie bosses replaced her with SCARLETT JOHANSSON on posters for their upcoming movie IRON MAN 2.The actress, who plays Iron Man's assistant Pepper Potts...

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Love Counsellor Gwyneth Paltrow

17th July 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow has been offering advice on relationships.The actress - who is married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin, was previously engaged to Brad Pitt and dated Ben Affleck - compiled tips from experts to help...

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Paltrow Gets 'Clean' After Three-week Detox

10th July 2009

GWYNETH PALTROW has turned to a leading cardiologist and detoxification expert in a bid to lose weight she gained during a "relax and enjoy life phase" of her life.The health-conscious actress, who is married to...

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Paltrow And Law In 'Phone-tapping' Scandal

9th July 2009

Hollywood stars including GWYNETH PALTROW and JUDE LAW are at the centre of a massive phone-tapping scandal following allegations their voicemail messages were hacked into by a U.K. tabloid.The actors are among dozens of celebrities...

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Spanish Dream

2nd July 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow says Spain has "become a second home".The 'Iron Man' star spent a lot of time in the Mediterranean country filming cooking show 'On the Road Again' with chef Mario Batali and would happily...

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Paltrow Dreams Of Acting In Spanish

1st July 2009

GWYNETH PALTROW is desperate to work with directors PEDRO ALMODOVAR and ALEJANDRO AMENABAR - because she's keen to show off her Spanish language skills on the big screen.The Hollywood actress speaks fluent Spanish after spending...

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