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Teen Found Guilty Of Stealing Chef Guy Fieri's Lamborghini As Well As Attempted Murder

By Nick Hill | 31st October 2013

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri's $200,000 bright-yellow Lamborghini was stolen from a San Francisco dealership in 2011.A Northern Californian teen has been conviction of the grand theft auto on Wednesday (Oct 30th) by the Marin County...

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Saturday, The Day Guy Fieri Kicked His Hairdresser, Made Him Cry.

By Michael West | 30th October 2013

Guy Fieri had a pretty regular Saturday night - if you call physically kicking your hairdresser out of your SUV on a busy highway, regular.Yep, the celebrity chef was caught on a video obtained by...

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Nbc Save And Upload Genius Guy Fieri Sketch From Saturday Night Life Dress Rehearsal

By Contributor | 20th November 2012

For those of you still following the spat between the New York Times and celebrity chef Guy Fieri – and it seems that quite a lot of you are – there was much amusement to...

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Guy Fieri Responds To Savage Critical Mauling

By Contributor | 15th November 2012

‘Never read your own press’ so goes the sage old line. It’s clearly one that Guy Fieri forgot about as he found himself defending his new restaurant in New York’s Times Square following a critical...

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Guy Fieri Takes A Beating By New York Times

By Lorna Greville  | 15th November 2012

American TV food personality Guy Fieri embarked on his new venture in September by opening up his Times Square restaurant, adventurously called Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, in New York City. Pete Wells from the...

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The New York Times On Guy Fieri's Restaurant: Is It The Harshest Review Of All Time?

By Michael West | 14th November 2012

If you haven't read the New York Times' review of celebrity chef Guy Fieri's new restaurant Guy's American Kitchen and Bar yet, then we've picked out the very juiciest bits for you. In probably the...

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