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Riley Announces Return Of Guy And Blackstreet

28th April 2009

Acclaimed singer/producer TEDDY RILEY is reuniting his former groups GUY and BLACKSTREET to release new music. The star was joined by his Guy bandmates, brothers Aaron and Damion Hall, and Blackstreet singers Chauncey Hannibal and Eric...

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The Things They Say 11476

2nd March 2009

"I'm delighted ELBOW were offered it too. I sent (frontman) GUY (GARVEY) a couple of messages when they won the Mercury Prize and he sent me a couple when we won our awards." Oscar-winning director...

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The Things They Say 8730

28th June 2008

"Most of the audience comes to see our handsome bass player, GUY (BERRYMAN), the music is really secondary." COLDPLAY star CHRIS MARTIN....

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Leon Unhappy With Daughter's British Accent

2nd February 2007

CARLOS LEON is not happy his 10-year-old daughter with pop star MADONNA has lost her American way of speaking and has acquired a British accent. The couple's daughter LOURDES was featured in her mother's concert...

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The Things They Say 3351

15th November 2006

"If GUY (RICHIE) had his way, they'd watch three movies in a row and stay up until 3 in the morning." MADONNA on her husband's parenting style.

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Former Alfie Singer Wants To Help Unsigned Acts

1st September 2006

Former ALFIE frontman LEE GORTON is set to help unsigned acts by enrolling huge bands, including THE FLAMING LIPS and SNOW PATROL, to sing their songs. The A WORD IN YOUR EAR hitmaker has asked...

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Houston And Brown To Divorce?

17th January 2006

Superstar WHITNEY HOUSTON and fallen R+B singer BOBBY BROWN's 14-year marriage is reportedly on the rocks, with the couple planning to divorce. The New York Daily News reports the MY PREROGATIVE singer, 36, has...

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Madonna Cried Into Champagne

30th November 2005

MADONNA was so emotional after discovering hew new album had hit number one in the charts, she sobbed into her champagne glass. The pop superstar has enjoyed a long and incredibly successful career, but...

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Madonna In Shock When She Arrived At Hospital

17th August 2005

LATEST: Pop superstar MADONNA was in a severe state of shock when she arrived at her local English hospital after suffering a shock horse riding accident yesterday afternoon (16AUG05). The LIKE A VIRGIN singer...

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Martin: 'If Coldplay Was The Un, I'd Be America'

3rd June 2005

CHRIS MARTIN has duplicated RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE's idea to compare his band to the UNITED NATIONS (UN) - and Martin insists he would represent the military might of America. The COLDPLAY singer-turned-political campaigner...

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Coldplay Consider Rockumentary

29th May 2005

COLDPLAY have so much documentary footage of themselves recording in studios around the world they hope to release a DVD - but frontman CHRIS MARTIN fears it's so boring the film will only last five...

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Madonna Stuns Murphy At Premiere

24th May 2005

MADONNA left Hollywood beauty BRITTANY MURPHY speechless last night (23MAY05), when the superstar appeared as a surprise guest at the British premiere of SIN CITY. Murphy joined her Sin City co-stars MICKEY ROURKE, JESSICA...

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Usher Romancing Rival Xzibit's Ex-fiancee

8th May 2005

USHER has found love with rapper rival XZIBIT's former fiancee - the ultimate revenge after Xzibit questioned his sexuality in front of millions of TV viewers. The YOU MAKE ME WANNA singer is dating...

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Madonna Joins Stars Urging British Youth To Vote

25th April 2005

Pop superstar MADONNA has joined a host of stars in urging young people to vote in the British general election next month (MAY05). The American LIKE A VIRGIN icon is pleading with teens to...

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Madonna 'Receives Special Treatment' At Kabbalah Centre

7th March 2005

Superstar MADONNA has come under fire from her fellow Kabbalah devotees, who claim the MATERIAL GIRL receives special treatment. Madonna has been studying the mystical offshoot of Judaism since 1997 and has introduced several...

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Shakur Idolised Danza

25th February 2005

Late hip-hop star TUPAC SHAKUR was overwhelmed when he received a letter from TAXI actor TONY DANZA during a spell behind bars. The HAIL MARY rapper, who was gunned down in 1996, makes the...

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Madonna Promoted In Kabbalah

21st February 2005

Pop superstar MADONNA has been promoted to the highest level at the controversial Church of Kabbalah she can achieve without being ordained. The singer, who has followed the mystical offshoot of judaism for some...

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Holland Touches Down After 10-Day Round-the-world Flight

8th December 2004

OFFSPRING frontman DEXTER HOLLAND is definitely PRETTY FLY (FOR A WHITE GUY) after jetting around the world in 10 days. The spiky-haired punk rocker touched his twin-engine Cessna Citation airplane down in Los Angeles...

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Pastore Joins Ritchie's Revolver

24th October 2004

Former SOPRANOS star VINCENT PASTORE has signed up to appear in GUY RITCHIE's new action drama REVOLVER. RAY LIOTTA and British actor JASON STATHAM will topline the feature in which Pastore plays a quirky...

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Madonna Set To Move Close To Pal Paltrow

17th September 2004

MADONNA is reportedly planning to move near her close friend GWYNETH PALTROW in London's exclusive Belsize Park area. The MATERIAL GIRL, 46, has put in an offer of $9 million (GBP5 million) for...

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Madonna Throws Low-key Party For Ritchie

13th September 2004

Superstar MADONNA threw a birthday party for her film-maker husband GUY RITCHIE at the weekend (11SEP04) - in a room at the back of a London pub. The MATERIAL GIRL wanted to make sure...

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Madonna's Father Surprised By Daughter's 'Wife' Role

22nd August 2004

Pop legend MADONNA's father SILVIO CICCONE is proud that his daughter has changed her ways and settled down with a family. But Ciccone still finds it hard to believe the middle-aged mother-of-two is the...

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Ritchie 'Threatens To Punch Rabbi'

1st August 2004

MADONNA's fixation with the Kabbalah religion has angered her husband GUY RITCHIE, who reportedly threatened to punch one of her spiritual advisers. The LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS director was furious when the...

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Leonardo Dicaprio Courted By Kabbalah

14th July 2004

Hollywood hunk LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is the latest celebrity to be linked to the controversial Kabbalah following. Since superstar MADONNA took on the role as ambassador-in-chief for the mystical branch of Judaism a number of...

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Madonna Refutes Schlesinger Criticisms

12th July 2004

LATEST: Pop superstar MADONNA has denied she behaved like a diva while filming flop romantic comedy THE NEXT BEST THING with director JOHN SCHLESINGER. The PAPA DON'T PREACH singer, who is married to British...

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Bryan Mcfadden To Become The Next Robbie Williams

4th July 2004

Former WESTLIFE singer BRYAN MCFADDEN has signed a $1.8 million (GBP1 million) solo record contract with SONY, who want to turn him into the next ROBBIE WILLIAMS. McFadden, who quit the chart-topping Irish boyband...

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Madonna Admits Differences With Guy

18th June 2004

MADONNA relishes her role of wife and mother - and is delighted to leave behind the heady days of her twenties and thirties when she "just ripped through relationships". The RAY OF LIGHT singer,...

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Madonna Settles Photographer's Lawsuit

25th May 2004

Queen of pop MADONNA has settled her lawsuit with late photographer GUY BOURDIN's estate out of court - after she was accused of stealing his images in her HOLLYWOOD video. The PAPA DON'T PREACH...

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Madonna Cancels Gigs After Kidnap Threat

24th May 2004

LATEST: Superstar MADONNA reportedly pulled the plug on her planned concerts in Israel after she learned of a terrorist plot to kill her two children. British newspaper THE SUN claims the MATERIAL GIRL "freaked...

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Ritchie Sweeps Madonna Away Into Film

13th May 2004

Pop superstar MADONNA is going to appear in her film director husband GUY RITCHIE's new movie - even though their last project was one of the worst flops in movie history. Ritchie and Madonna's...

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