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Bollywood Pulls In British Cinema-goers

12th October 2004

The Bollywood take on JANE AUSTEN's classic novel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE has shot to the top of the British movie charts. BRIDE AND PREJUDICE - starring Indian beauty AISHWARYA RAI and Hollywood actor MARTIN...

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Bride And Prejudice Honours Austen

5th October 2004

Novelist JANE AUSTEN would love the new adaptation of her classic PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, according to its director. Speaking at the premiere of BRIDE AND PREJUDICE in London last night (4OCT04), movie maker GURINDER...

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Chadha Slams Weinstein For Stealing Her Idea

30th September 2004

Bollywood director GURINDER CHADHA has slammed movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN for stealing her idea for a Hindi-style film. The BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM film-maker showed the MIRAMAX boss a film adaptation of JANE AUSTEN's...

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Bend It Like Beckham Makers Sue Distributors

24th September 2004

The makers of BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM are taking the hit film's British distributors to court over claims they owe them millions in unpaid fees. A writ has been issued to London's High Court...

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Musical Bend It Like Beckham Planned

18th December 2003

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM director GURINDER CHADHA and producer DEEPAK NAYAR are in negotiations to take their GOLDEN GLOBE-nominated movie to the stage. The pair are raising cash for a planned musical, which they're...

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Miramax Bags Indian Pride And Prejudice Rights

12th May 2003

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM director GURINDER CHADHA has an almost guaranteed hit on her hands - with the rights to her new film being snapped up by producers MIRAMAX. Bend It Like Beckham was...

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Martin Henderson To Play Singing Mr Darcy

15th April 2003

THE RING star MARTIN HENDERSON is to play heart-throb character MR DARCY in a musical version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. The native New Zealander will be joined by stunning Bollywood actress AISHWARYA RAI in...

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Bollywood Comes To Hollywood

6th April 2003

Top Bollywood actress AISHWARYA RAI has been offered a lead role in the new JAMES BOND movie - just days after she was hospitalised following an accident on set. But the Indian beauty has...

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