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Metallica Fulfill Stones Dream

24th November 2005

Rock legends METALLICA fulfilled a lifetime ambition last week (ends18NOV05) when they performed alongside their music heroes THE ROLLING STONES. The band took to the stage in their hometown of San Francisco, California, on...

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Storms Wash Out Inxs Performance

18th October 2005

INXS lost out on an opportunity to show off their new frontman JD FORTUNE to fans in Hollywood last night (17OCT05), when rain washed out their rooftop show. The rockers were set to perform...

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Revolver Stars Sue Axl Over Guns N' Roses Cash

23rd August 2005

VELVET REVOLVER stars SLASH and DUFF McKAGAN have reignited their legal feud with former GUNS N' ROSES bandmate AXL ROSE in a spat over publishing royalties. The duo claim Rose sold the rights to...

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Magic Numbers Singer Not Recognised By Slash

12th August 2005

THE MAGIC NUMBERS frontman ROMEO STODART was overjoyed to meet his hero SLASH at an awards ceremony, but was disappointed the GUNS N' ROSES legend didn't know who he was. Up-and-coming rocker Stodart's band...

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Cornell Remembers 'Comic Book' Tour With Axl Rose

28th June 2005

Rocker CHRIS CORNELL felt he was living out a comic book story when he toured with GUNS N' ROSES in 1992 because AXL ROSE was so bizarre. The AUDIOSLAVE star was the frontman for...

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Slash's Dangerous Drink

16th June 2005

Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist SLASH once accidentally drank a bottle of urine thrown onstage during a gig. The hairy star - who now performs with supergroup VELVET REVOLVER - made the discovery too...

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Pierce Once Worked As A Security Guard

10th May 2005

Former FRASIER star DAVID HYDE PIERCE raises a laugh from pals whenever he discusses his past jobs - because he once worked as a security guard. Before finding success as an actor, Pierce enjoyed...

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Velvet Revolver Share Their Feelings

19th April 2005

VELVET REVOLVER have regular meetings to discuss any rifts or problems the bandmates might have, in a bid to keep the rock group mentally healthy. SLASH, DUFF McKAGAN, MATT SORUM, SCOTT WEILAND and DAVE...

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Radiohead Beat Beatles And Stones In Best Album Poll

17th April 2005

British rockers RADIOHEAD are the surprise winners of a Best Album survey with their 1998 record OK COMPUTER. The PARANOID ANDROID stars beat music legends THE BEATLES, THE ROLLING STONES and MICHAEL JACKSON in...

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Mckagan's Downward Drink And Drug Spiral

23rd March 2005

Rocker DUFF McKAGAN left his Seattle hometown to escape the heroin epidemic crippling the Washington city's music scene - only to become a hard drink and drug abuser with GUNS N' ROSES in Los Angeles....

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Velvet Revolver Helped Weiland Escape Death

28th February 2005

Rocker SCOTT WEILAND owes his life to VELVET REVOLVER, because the band recruited him when he was a near-to-death drug addict. The former STONE TEMPLE PILOTS frontman has a long history of heroin abuse,...

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Mckagan's Drug-fuelled Gn'r Memory Loss

25th February 2005

DUFF McKAGAN relies on his ex-GUNS N' ROSES bandmates for wild anecdotes relating to the PARADISE CITY group's heyday - because he was too obliterated on drugs and alcohol. The bassist - who formed...

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Slash Gets Tv Help To Locate Top Hat

25th February 2005

LATEST: VELVET REVOLVER guitarist SLASH has asked an American TV show to help him recover his trademark top hat, which was recently stolen from his limousine. The former GUNS N' ROSES rocker was devastated...

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Slash's Hat Stolen

23rd February 2005

VELVET REVOLVER guitarist SLASH was left devastated after his trademark top hat was stolen at this month's (13FEB05) GRAMMY AWARDS. The former GUNS N' ROSES rocker had worn the same headwear for 15 years,...

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Slash's First Sex Partner Was Only 12

16th February 2005

Rocker SLASH lost his virginity to a 12-year-old girl. The former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist was 13 at the time and the pot-fuelled laundry room sex session became the first of many for him...

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Guns To Finally Release Album

8th February 2005

GUNS N' ROSES bassist TOMMY STINSON has stunned fans by promising the long-delayed follow-up album to 1993's SPAGHETTI INCIDENT will finally be released this year (05) to proceed a European tour. The NOVEMBER RAIN...

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Axl Infuriates G N' R Bandmates With Publishing Deal

2nd February 2005

Rocker AXL ROSE has infuriated his former GUNS N' ROSES bandmates by signing a multi-million dollar publishing deal with SANCTUARY GROUP. The reclusive singer's deal includes the band's back catalogue - including their hits...

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Duff's Wife Gets Nasty Over Wedding Ring Controversy

26th January 2005

Former GUNS N' ROSES rocker DUFF McKAGAN's model wife SUSAN HOLMES has filed a police report against famed Beverly Hills jeweller YOSSI DINA, claiming he has stolen her wedding ring. Holmes visited Dina's exclusive...

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Slash's Family Drinking Tradition

18th January 2005

Ex-GUNS N' ROSES rocker SLASH was left in no doubt his estranged family were his relatives when they devoured his backstage alcohol rider. Slash, who was born in Stoke-On-Trent, England, was touring with the...

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Slash: 'I'm A Cartoon Character'

14th January 2005

SLASH has learned to accept his trademark stage attire has turned him into a "cartoon character". The former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist has been thrilling fans of his leather-clad, top hat wearing live persona...

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Slash Keeps Rocking For The Money

14th January 2005

Former GUNS N' ROSES rocker SLASH needed to hit the road again with new band VELVET REVOLVER, because he didn't make enough money from his time with the rock legends to last him into retirement...

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Slash's 'Cool' Outlook On Success

14th January 2005

Guitarist SLASH credits his humble approach to GUNS N' ROSES' phenomenal success with maintaining his "cool" image. The wildman musician refused to let his former group's adoring fans turn him into the egotistical star...

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Former Gnr Star Portrays Rose As 'Insecure'

14th January 2005

Former GUNS N' ROSES drummer STEVEN ADLER claims elusive frontman AXL ROSE's wild behaviour was due to his "very low self-esteem". Adler - who was fired from the group in 1990 after developing an...

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Slash's Nasty New Years

7th January 2005

VELVET REVOLVER guitarist SLASH cut short his New Year's Eve celebrations when he discovered his beloved pet cat was ailing. The former GUNS 'N' ROSES rocker was partying in Las Vegas, Nevada when he...

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Slash Followed Richards

22nd December 2004

Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist SLASH credits ROLLING STONE KEITH RICHARDS with inspiring him to become a musician. The rocker grew up watching the Stones and was captivated by Richards' guitar skills and the...

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Sorum Quit Gn'r Over Axl Arrogance

23rd November 2004

Drummer MATT SORUM was fired from rock group GUNS N' ROSES when he objected to AXL ROSE's declaration that he was the only vital member of the band. Sorum, now playing in supergroup VELVET...

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Slash: 'I Was Suicidal When I Left Gnr'

19th November 2004

Legendary guitarist SLASH considered suicide after watching AXL ROSE record his vocals at the final GUNS N' ROSES recording session. The band recorded a cover of the ROLLING STONES' SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL in...

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Korn Re-record Word Up

3rd November 2004

Heavy rockers KORN have revamped CAMEO's funk classic WORD UP for their forthcoming GREATEST HITS: VOLUME 1 album. The 1986 anthem, which has also been recorded by GUN, GUNS N' ROSES and ex-SPICE GIRL...

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Mckagan Kicks His Way Back To Good Health

26th October 2004

VELVET REVOLVER rocker DUFF McKAGAN credits kickboxing for getting him back in shape and keeping him away from his old gallon-a-day vodka habit. The former GUNS N' ROSES bassist, 40, was forced to give...

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Heavy Metal Memorabilia Under The Hammer

18th October 2004

Handwritten lyrics and original album art from heavy metal's halcyon days are set to go under the hammer at the biggest hard rock auction ever. Memorabilia linked to acts like OZZY OSBOURNE, ANTHRAX, METALLICA...

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