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Nicolas Cage's Nicolas Cage-themed Outfit Just Raised The Bar For Hipsters Everywhere

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th June 2014

Ironic shirts with Nicolas Cage’s face are apparently a thing now, so the actor is taking it to another level. How about Nick Cage wearing a shirt with Nick Cage’s face on it? Insert dated...

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Is Axl Rose Really The World's Best Singer?

By George Percival | 2nd June 2014

Axl Rose is infamous for many reasons. His constant late appearances, sometimes taking to the stage almost two hours after their billed start, means every recent Guns n’ Roses tour is dogged by disgruntled fans...

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Fergie & Josh Duhamel Give Their Baby A Rather Unusual Name: 10 Points If You Guess Correctly

By Lauren James | 30th August 2013

Pop quiz: what have Black Eyed Peas Singer Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel named their first born child?a) Spannr Sam? b) Rchet Rob? c) Axl Jack?Fergie & Josh Duhamel Welcome Their First Child.If you...

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Police Launch Probe Into Guns N' Roses Guitarist's Elaborate Proposal

By Joe Wilde | 13th August 2013

Daren Jay 'DJ' Ashba, one of the many people brought in to replace Slash in Guns N' Roses, posted a photo on to his Instagram this Saturday (10 August) of himself and his girlfriend, Colombian...

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Kings Of Leon Debut New Song 'Super Soaker' At Soaking Governors Ball [Video]

By Lauren James | 10th June 2013

'Sex On Fire' rockers Kings of Leon performed at Saturday's (8th June) rescheduled Governors Ball - a festival on New York's Randall Island - in rather wet and windy conditions.Their Friday festival appearance had been...

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Guns N Roses Knock 'Em Down At Brooklyn Bowling Alley Gig

By Contributor | 7th June 2013

Guns N’ Roses are usually known for two things these days: playing really really large places and turning up really really late to play them. So a bit of a surprise then to discover that...

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"Where's The Love Axl?" Slash's Wife Disappointed By Axl Rose's Jimmy Kimmel Interview

By Lorna Greville  | 27th October 2012

In distinct contrast to his normal behaviour Axl Rose was a) on time and b) giving an interview, with Jimmy Kimmel. The Guns N' Roses front man hasn't given a live TV interview for 20...

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Axl Rose On Jimmy Kimmel: First Interview In Two Decades, Gives Tickets Away

By Jack de Aguilar | 25th October 2012

Axl Rose gave his first interview for 20 years on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and was kind enough to give the lucky audience some free tickets for his 12-date stint at the Hard...

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First Tv Interview In 20 Years Sees Axl Rose Back President Obama

By Contributor | 25th October 2012

The normally grumpy Axl Rose seemed pretty cheerful indeed as he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, and as well he might! After all, this was the first televised interview the notorious front man...

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Duff Mckagan's Wife Caught In Ring Scandal

By Steven Williams | 26th January 2005

Duff McKagan - former Guns N' Roses bassist - is caught up in a scandal after his wife, Susan Holmes, filed a report against a jeweller for stealing her wedding ring. Holmes visited the Beverly...

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