As a Masterchef judge, Gregg Wallace will have had plenty of experience with tensions running high and the drive to deliver a perfect experience to guests who have chosen to dine at your restaurant. Diners at Evesham's Wood Norton Hotel hadn't just paid - they'd forked out an arm and a leg for a seat at Wallace's 'Dinner With Gregg Wallace'; an experience some had reportedly paid up to £225 for.

Gregg Wallace Heidi Brown
Wallace Pictured With Third Wife, Heidi Brown.

However, guests at the champagne reception followed by a five-course meal hadn't paid for an evening of drunken antics and heavy-fisted brawling on the behalf of their not-so demure host. Wallace, who rose to fame as the bespectacled and discerning Masterchef judge (the bald one, not the Aussie), showed himself up good and proper by pouncing upon a guest and punching him on to the ground. A spokesman for the former greengrocer confirmed an altercation had taken place: "I can confirm Gregg was involved in a disagreement at an event last night. The situation was swiftly resolved."

Gregg Wallace
Wallace Battered A Diner At The Evening He Was Hosting.

The man, who has not been identified yet but apparently works for a local magazine, is said to have made some kind of pass at Wallace's girlfriend, Anne-Marie Sterpini. The Independent reports that Wallace's rage was triggered when the unknown reporter repeatedly pinched his 27 year-old girlfriend's bottom. A source speaking to The Daily Mail shared their view of the evening's rather violent highlight: "I don't know what triggered it. I think Gregg had been talking at the bar with the man at first. Then he seemed to whisper something in the other man's ear before it all kicked off," and added that all present seemed to be roaring drunk with Sterpini the only exception.

Gregg Wallace Masterchef
The Judge Has A History Of Violence & Is Reputedly Prickly Around Fans.

Onlookers dived in to separate the pair but Wallace, having seen red, had only one thing on his mind: to batter the offending diner into oblivion. It was reported that the man suffered a split lip, a head cut and had to have shards of glass picked out of his back after he feel on to a wine glass. A source speaking to The Sun believes they saw Wallace punch the man five times in the face, roaring "Don't f****** speak to my girlfriend like that."

'Buttery Biscuit Base':

Wallace rose to internet fame after a remixed clip of his edited Masterchef speech was compiled to make the infamous 'Buttery Biscuit Base' song. The 48 year-old is reported to have apologised to the badly beaten diner after he'd calmed down but it has emerged he has a history of violent flare-ups, having being arrested as a youngster for fighting in a Millwall gang against police and admitting he often feels inclined to "clump" people who he feels are rude.

The police have said that they will not investigate as there has been no complaint made.