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Jack On Top

15th December 2003

JACK NICHOLSON's acclaimed new romantic comedy, in which he falls for DIANE KEATON, has toppled TOM CRUISE's action film THE LAST SAMURAI at the American box office. The new film, SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE, made...

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Kinnear's Novel Approach To Stuck On You

11th December 2003

STUCK ON YOU actor GREG KINNEAR refused to prepare for the wacky comedy - in case he talked himself out of the bizarre role. The AS GOOD AS IT GETS star plays a Siamese...

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Matt Damon's Make-up Endurance As Siamese Twin

10th December 2003

Hollywood actor MATT DAMON is relieved filming has finished on new movie STUCK ON YOU - because his role as a Siamese twin meant he was attached to co-star GREG KINNEAR for twelve hours each...

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Eva's Breasts Prompt A Script Change

9th December 2003

Actress EVA MENDES prompted movie making siblings THE FARRELLY BROTHERS to rethink her character in new comedy STUCK ON YOU - because of her ample breasts. The 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS star auditioned to...

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Dancers Fool Their Way Onto Damon Movie

27th November 2003

Two Hollywood dancers were sacked from MATT DAMON's new movie STUCK ON YOU when directors THE FARRELLY BROTHERS realised they were just there for a good time. The pair were hired to coach Damon...

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Kinnear's A Dad

19th September 2003

AS GOOD AS IT GETS star GREG KINNEAR is celebrating after welcoming his first child into the world. The actor's writer wife HELEN gave birth to baby LILY on 12 September (03). 19/09/2003...

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Knoxville Enters The Olympics

28th July 2003

JACKASS prankster JOHNNY KNOXVILLE has signed up for a new comedy - as a sports cheat. Knoxville has hopped on board to appear in THE RINGER, where he'll play a man who pretends to...

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Bob Crane's Death Site Up For Sale

30th May 2003

The apartment where former HOGAN'S HEROES star BOB CRANE was bludgeoned to death in 1978 has gone up for sale on the internet. The still-unsolved murder in Scottsdale, Arizona, was chronicled in the GREG...

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Damon's Doggy Gift

16th May 2003

Actor MATT DAMON received an unusual gift from film-makers BOBBY and PETER FARRELLY - a stray mutt. The Farrelly brothers, the co-writers and co-directors of Damon's upcoming film STUCK ON YOU, gave the 32-year-old...

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