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First Lady Katie Holmes

30th June 2010

Katie Holmes has started filming as legendary First Lady Jackie Kennedy.The 31-year-old actress looked the part as the sported a light blue shift dress, bobbed wig and fake baby bump on the set of new...

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Katie Holmes' Presidential Role

29th April 2010

Katie Holmes will portray Jackie Kennedy in a new mini-series.The 'Batman Begins' actress will play the legendary First Lady in the eight-hour series 'The Kennedys' on The History Channel.Greg Kinnear will star as President John...

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Miley Cyrus' Ready Made Role

30th March 2010

Miley Cyrus had her role in 'The Last Song' written for her. The 17-year-old actress admits she was "amazed" when novelist Nicholas Sparks - who wrote the original book and the film's screenplay - sat...

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The Things They Say 15871

23rd March 2010

"I'm a rock star now because I star with MILEY CYRUS." GREG KINNEAR's three young daughters are impressed by his links to the Hannah Montana star after appearing alongside her in new movie THE LAST...

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Movie Reviews Flash Of Genius

7th October 2008

It's as if Roger Ebert realized that even his three-star review of the movie Flash of Genius would not encourage more people to go see it. After all, it's about the inventor of the intermittent...

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Kinnear Turns Golf Inventor

5th October 2008

Actor GREG KINNEAR has caught the inventing bug after playing the man who came up with the idea for an intermittent windshield wiper in a new movie. Portraying Bob Kearns in the new film Flash...

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Box Office Forecast: Overcast

28th September 2007

The Kingdom would appear to hold the keys to the top position at the box office this weekend, judging from analysts' projections, but it's unlikely to earn more than $18-22 million, and the overall box...

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Kinnear Picks Look-alike Pooch For Film

24th September 2007

Actor GREG KINNEAR felt like he was judging a dog show when he had to pick the springer spaniel who looked most like him for a new film role. The As Good As It Gets...

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Fascinating Fact 3413

15th June 2007

Actor GREG KINNEAR is to play ROBERT KEARNS, the inventor of the intermittent windscreen wiper, in new movie FLASH OF GENIUS....

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The Things They Say 4148

26th February 2007

"GREG KINNEAR has intense body odour... He did not work well with hot. The high temperatures did not suit him well." Funnyman STEVE CARELL jokes about working with his LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE co-star Kinnear....

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Vartan Favourite To Play Sick Serial Killer

3rd January 2007

JENNIFER GARNER's nice-guy ex MICHAEL VARTAN is being courted to play a sick serial killer in new horror movie WORST NIGHTMARES. The ALIAS star is the favourite to land the killer role in producer ALAN...

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Kinnear To Star In Young Frankenstein?

13th October 2006

GREG KINNEAR is reportedly being considered for the lead role in the forthcoming Broadway production of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. The AS GOOD AS IT GETS actor reportedly met with director MEL BROOKS in Los Angeles this...

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Breslin Banned From Bad Language

8th September 2006

Young star ABIGAIL BRESLIN was banned from hearing any foul language or adult conversations while shooting hit independent film LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and was forced to wear headphones to muffle any possible obscenities. The...

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Kinnear: 'I Should Have Been A Waiter'

31st August 2006

Actor GREG KINNEAR was punished by critics for switching from being a successful talk-show host to becoming a screen actor - and he insists the media would have only accepted him had he gone through...

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Kinnear The Director?

26th August 2006

Hollywood actor GREG KINNEAR is considering a new career as a film director after doing a spectacular job filming the birth of his second child. The AS GOOD AS IT GETS star became a father...

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The Things They Say 2733

24th August 2006

"MARK WAHLBERG will talk about all the pain and suffering he endured taking hits from these guys, but until you wear hair extensions and green polyester pants, you don't know what pain is." GREG KINNEAR...

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Miami Vice Sinks Pirates At Us Box Office

31st July 2006

The big screen remake of 1980s iconic TV show MIAMI VICE finally toppled blockbuster PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST for the top spot at the US box office. The gritty cop drama took...

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The Things They Say 2561

29th July 2006

"I've got a six-week-old and we want to wait at least another month before we put her in any serious competition. We're starting to tease her hair now and we just gave her some stud...

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Collette Loved Family Bootcamp

26th July 2006

Husband-and-wife directing team JONATHAN DAYTON and VALERIE FARIS made sure the cast of their new film LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE bonded as a family onscreen - they insisted the actors spent two weeks living together. TONI...

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Kinnear Celebrates Big Weekend As A New Dad

17th June 2006

AS GOOD AS IT GETS star GREG KINNEAR's 43rd birthday today (17JUN06) and Father's Day tomorrow (18JUN06) will be extra special - the actor's a new dad. Kinnear's wife HELEN gave birth to baby girl...

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Fascinating Fact 1225

14th March 2006

Colombian pop sensation SHAKIRA has been approached to write the theme tune for the forthcoming drama FAST FOOD NATION. The RICHARD LINKLATER-directed adaptation of ERIC SCHLOSSER's best-selling book is set to star PATRICIA ARQUETTE, ETHAN...

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Little Miss Sunshine Sells For Record Amount At Sundance

23rd January 2006

The first official hit film of the Sundance Film Festival, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, sparked a heated bidding war on Saturday (21JAN06) before selling for a record $10.5 million (GBP8.5 million). The low budget...

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The Things They Say 1032

15th January 2006

"He makes the strangest noises when he's pretending to have sex that I've ever heard a human being make." Actress HOPE DAVIS found making movie love to GREG KINNEAR hilarious....

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Wahlberg To Play Unlikely Sporting Hero

29th December 2005

Movie star MARK WAHLBERG has signed on to play revered sports fan VINCE PAPALE, who famously won the chance to play briefly for American football team the Philadelphia Eagles. The PLANET OF THE APES...

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Lavigne Joins Fast Food Nation

20th December 2005

AVRIL LAVIGNE has signed up to make her acting debut in a screen adaptation of ERIC SCHLOSSER's bestselling expose FAST FOOD NATION. The Canadian pop star will share the screen with PATRICIA ARQUETTE, BOBBY...

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Stipe Went For Kinnear's Good As It Gets Role

2nd February 2005

MICHAEL STIPE was in the running to play GREG KINNEAR's OSCAR-nominated part in AS GOOD AS IT GETS - but rejected the script sent to him. The REM singer is keen to break into...

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Billy Bob Gets Sporty Again

25th October 2004

BILLY BOB THORNTON is following up his success in American football film FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS by playing a baseball coach in a remake of 1976 WALTER MATTHAU comedy THE BAD NEWS BEARS. Thornton, who...

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007 Star Dumped For Gooding

4th May 2004

JAMES BOND star COLIN SALMON was horrified when he was dumped from the 1997 OSCAR winning film AS GOOD AS ITS GETS in favour of CUBA GOODING JR. The British actor was set to...

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Brosnan Recruits Kinnear And Davis For Matador

8th March 2004

Irish superstar PIERCE BROSNAN will be joined by actors GREG KINNEAR and HOPE DAVIS in his new film MATADOR. The JAMES BOND hero has been signed to play an international assassin who forges a...

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Kinnear's Dog Loses Out To New Baby

18th December 2003

Actor GREG KINNEAR has found a serious downside to the recent birth of his baby daughter LILY - his dog has been relegated to life as a regular animal. Kinnear and his writer wife...

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