TV Chef Raymond Blanc risked the wrath of the Great British Bake Off's legion of followers this week by appearing to spoil the final result. Given that Bake Off is pre-recorded and Blanc works regularly for the BBC, it is likely that his ill-advised Twitter post did indeed reveal the winner - which will be announced on Tuesday (October 22, 2013).

Ruby Tandoh Great British Bake OffRuby Tandoh [L] With The Great British Bake-Off Judges and Finalists

The French chef tweeted, "...the great British bake off. Not much skills, female tears, And a winner so thin who makes me doubt of her love for great cooking, baking." The weight remark appeared to refer to diminuitive Ruby Tandoh, the student baker who has been accused of getting preferential treatment because of her looks.

Incensed by the remark, Ruby tweeted Raymond directly to say, "...female tears'?! and what has anyone's size got to do with it? i don't care if you're a patisserie king - don't be an idiot."

She later added: "...will never understand people's need to gender food! supposedly frilly baking vs. macho michelin stars. all nonsense."

Viewer reaction to Ruby has been divided throughout the latest series of Great British Bake Off. Though reasonably consistent, some of her efforts have been truly awful, though Ruby has been largely defended by judge Paul Hollywood. She's also come in for criticism for her gloomy demeanour and, shhhh, tears.

Great British Bake Off FinalThe Great British Bake Off Cast

One fan joked on Twitter today: "Paul: "What are you baking this week?" Ruby: "An ennui pie topped with existential angst flavoured with the futility of existence" #GBBO'.

In fairness, Ruby is the most likely winner of this year's title anyway. The BBC - for whatever reason - have been keen to push the idea that baking is fun, cool and hip. Last year's young winner John Whaite was technically miles behind finalists Brendan Lynch and James Morton, though won out in a surprise result.