As the release date for probably the biggest game ever gets ever closer, a brand new trailer hits, reminding those who haven’t pre-ordered it exactly what they’re likely to miss. That’s right, Grand Theft Auto V hits shelves on September 17th.

With gamers ready to embrace a new generation of consoles, Grand Theft Auto V represents somewhat of a last hurrah for the current one.

But that doesn’t mean the game can’t be revolutionary; for the first time, a GTA game features three playable characters. With their seperate stories intertwining, some fans will be hoping Rockstar can improve on their characterisation from Grand Theft Auto 4 which, despite garnering huge critical praise, was condemned by some of the hard-core fans for skimping on some of the basics.

The Official Grand Theft Auto V Trailer:

And basic isn’t a word you can use in the same sentence as Grand Theft Auto V. Well, apart from just then, that is. The game promises to consume its fans with a ridiculous amount of online fun. Some of the mini games look so good – tennis, flying etc – they might out-do games specifically designed to simulate the sports.

At the core of this Grand Theft Auto, though, is Rockstar’s patented swipe on modern culture. Always ready to mock an institution – the government, the media – nothing’s out of bounds. We, for one, are hoping to see at least one Breaking Bad reference in there. If not a related mission, someone on the street asking ‘have you seen Fixing Good?'.

As far as late-generational games go, Grand Theft Auto V may well define the 360/PS3 era – the longest console generation yet. And if Rockstar continue their impressive record, this could be the ‘best game ever’.