Perhaps the biggest Grand Theft Auto V teaser has been released, in fact, three of them have. Any information on the hotly anticipated upcoming game is warmly received, so this triple trailer release has got fans purring. You can check them all out below. The game is nearly five months away still, but that doesn’t stop it hitting the news.

As you probably already know, Grand Theft Auto V will include three playable characters – the first time this has happened in the franchise. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor have their own trailer each, giving us an insight into their separate storylines in the game, which are sure to intertwine.


Michael appears to be a gangster of the Tony Soprano mould. He’s a rich family man with problems to deal with, and he even has a therapist to boot. Retired, you just know one last job is coming his way.



Franklin is our favourite character, as he shows the most potential for action. Away from the affluent hills – Michael’s domain – Frankin lives in the dangerous streets of Los Santos, but he also seems to be a sensible kid, willing to do the right thing. We can’t wait to see how he progresses.



Trevor is the Deep South’s Tony Montana. He’s dangerous, unpredictable, and a little bit mental. We can say that because he’s not real. The deserts of Nevada were first introduced to GTA fanboys back in the San Andreas, and we can’t wait to explore them again with Trevor.