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Albarn Struggles To Multi-task

25th October 2005

DAMON ALBARN is terrified of going on tour with BLUR, because following the departure of guitarist GRAHAM COXON he will be expected to sing and play at the same time. Albarn, who is currently...

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Coxon And Bloc Party Join UK Version Of 'Desert Sessions'

17th October 2005

Ex-BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON and BLOC PARTY are taking part in a British collaboration project modelled on QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE frontman JOSH HOMME's DESERT SESSIONS albums. Cult rockers YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO are organising the...

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Blur Go Back To Basics

29th September 2005

Celebrated Britpop band BLUR have described their forthcoming album as unambitious punk rock, because they lack a talented guitarist following GRAHAM COXON's refusal to rejoin the group Modest frontman DAMON ALBARN wants fans to...

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Coxon's Anguish At Blur Chart-topper

19th August 2005

BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON was so unprepared for the surge in popularity the band enjoyed when they scored their first number one single ten years ago, he tried to jump out of a window....

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Kaiser Chiefs' Blur Reunion Bid Backfires

6th July 2005

KAISER CHIEFS frontman RICKY WILSON dragged former BLUR star DAMON ALBARN to watch his ex-bandmate GRAHAM COXON's solo gig in a desperate bid to reform the band - and is devastated it backfired. The...

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Albarn: 'I'm Jealous Of The Gallaghers'

26th May 2005

Singer DAMON ALBARN is jealous of his former rivals NOEL and LIAM GALLAGHER because they manage to keep OASIS together despite their notorious feuds - while Albarn has been unable to persuade guitarist GRAHAM COXON...

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Albarn Begs Coxon To Return

16th May 2005

DAMON ALBARN has hinted BLUR will never record another album - unless former guitarist GRAHAM COXON returns. Coxon - who's now enjoying a highly-acclaimed solo career - quit Blur in 2002 following an alleged...

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Coxon Worries About Lyrical Vulnerability On New Album

16th May 2005

Former BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON has likened recording the vocals for his latest solo album to walking around naked - because his lyrics are so personal. Coxon is currently recording the as-yet-untitled follow-up to...

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Ferdinand Top Winners At Nme Awards

18th February 2005

Rockers FRANZ FERDINAND emerged victorious at last night's (17FEB05) NME AWARDS in London, where they picked up the Best Album and Best Track honours. The Scottish band's eponymous debut record was the most popular...

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Former Blur Star's Gig For Tsunami Appeal

9th January 2005

Former BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON has agreed to play a one-off gig in aid of the Asian Tsunami Disaster Appeal. The BEETLEBUM musician and now solo artist will perform at the Colour venue...

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Coxon's Blur Booze Battle

28th November 2004

Former BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON battled alcohol addiction when he was in the band and was only able to kick his habit by going into rehab. The TENDER musician found the best method to...

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Coxon Backtracks On Blur Return

22nd October 2004

LATEST: Guitarist GRAHAM COXON has altered his stance on rejoining BLUR just hours after thrilling fans with the news he'd been persuaded to return to the British group. Yesterday (21OCT04) Coxon - now a...

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Coxon Returns To Blur

20th October 2004

Former BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON has thrilled fans by agreeing to return to the group, following an emotional reunion with the other band members. The 35-year-old left the PARKLIFE band two years ago (02)...

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Former Blur Star Joins Art World

30th September 2004

Former BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON is following in SIR PAUL McCARTNEY and DAVID BOWIE's footsteps by swapping music for art, to put on his own exhibition. The BEETLEBUM musician, who studied fine arts...

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Coxon Slams Blur's Think Tank

10th May 2004

Guitarist GRAHAM COXON hates his former band BLUR's new computer-orientated musical direction, because they're prioritising modern sound effects over writing good tunes. The disgruntled musician - poised for solo success with his upcoming HAPPINESS...

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Coxon To Rejoin Blur?

25th April 2004

British rockers BLUR are desperate to be reunited with their former guitarist GRAHAM COXON in time for their new album. The moody guitarist quit the award winning band last year (03) in search of...

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Coxon: 'I'm Not Copying Blur'

20th April 2004

Former BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON has hit out at claims his solo material copies songs he made with the British rockers. Coxon's critics claim his new solo single BITTERSWEET BUNDLE OF MISERY bares a...

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Albarn Calls For Coxon's Return Again

9th April 2004

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN has issued another public plea to former bandmate GRAHAM COXON, urging him to rejoin the group. Albarn - who has dismissed reports Blur are to split by confirming they've booked...

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Coxon: Staying In Blur Would Have Killed Me

29th January 2004

Former BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON deems returning to the group a deadly move, because it would kill him. The eccentric musician - who quit the band in 2002 following a row with frontman DAMON...

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Blur Guitarist Rules Out Reunion

17th November 2003

Former BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON has snubbed frontman DAMON ALBARN's invitation to rejoin the band, because he's too focused on his solo career. The eccentric musician - who was reportedly ousted from the group...

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Damon Albarn: Blur Is My Priority

27th August 2003

Singer DAMON ALBARN has confirmed his musical priority will always lie with BLUR - despite the ever-increasing number of side-projects his name is attached to. Damon says playing live with the SONG 2 band...

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Blur Have Plenty More Songs To Come

10th August 2003

Comeback band BLUR insist there's much more new material to come - because frontman DAMON ALBARN just can't stop writing music. The band, who became a three-piece after guitarist GRAHAM COXON quit last year...

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Blur: 'We Haven't Lost Graham Coxon'

10th August 2003

British rockers BLUR believe the departure of original member GRAHAM COXON has been both a blessing and a curse. Coxon quit the PARKLIFE hitmakers last year (02), and the band's current album THINK TANK...

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Graham Coxon Return To Blur?

30th July 2003

Errant BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON will return to the chart-topping rockers - according to bassist ALEX JAMES. The floppy-haired star said at a recent KINGS OF LEON gig that although he had not recently...

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Damon's Graham Regret

14th May 2003

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN insists ousted guitarist GRAHAM COXON is himself to blame for the fact he's no longer in the band - but despite that they pair are still good pals. The OUT...

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Albarn: Coxon Will Perform With Blur Again

6th May 2003

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN is convinced former bandmate GRAHAM COXON will perform with the band again. The bespectacled guitarist left the group as they began work on new album THINK TANK. But he...

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Blur Inspired By Former Guitarist

6th May 2003

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN's has credited departed guitarist GRAHAM COXON as the inspiration behind the band's new punk track WE'VE GOT A FILE ON YOU. The song, which appears on new LP THINK TANK,...

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Damon On Graham.s Blur Split

20th April 2003

BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON left the group last year (02) because he wasn't comfortable with frontman DAMON ALBARN's increasingly iron grip. And according to the COFFEE + TV singer, the childhood friends had been...

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Albarn Admits Blur Were Close To Meltdown

15th April 2003

BLUR's singer DAMON ALBARN has admitted the massively successful band early didn't make another album due to pressures within the group. The Britpop survivors are to release their seventh album THINK TANK next month...

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Rockers Ready For Reading

7th April 2003

BLUR, METALLICA and LINKIN PARK make up the hard-rocking trio of headliners for this Summer's (03) THE CARLING WEEKEND: READING AND LEEDS festival in Britain. The traditional rock event, from 22 August to the...

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