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Blur To Stage Full Comeback?

13th April 2010

Blur may be on the brink of a full scale comeback.The band have recorded a special track for a limited release on Record Store Day - which is designed to support the ailing state of...

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Blur Release New Track

9th April 2010

Blur have recorded a new single together.The band - who consist of Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree - have laid down a track together for the first time since 2003's 'Good...

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Coxon Wants To Rebuild U.s.

19th March 2010

BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON has risked incurring the wrath of fans in the U.S. - he dreams of "burning" the entire country and completely rebuilding it.The British rocker made a string of controversial comments about...

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Damon Albarn's Kicking Confession

20th December 2009

Damon Albarn thought kicking Graham Coxon in the face would make him sober.The Blur singer didn't know what to do when tensions between bandmates worsened as they wrote their album 'Think Tank' 2002 - shortly...

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Coxon's Secret Rehab Stint Led To Blur Split

17th December 2009

British rockers BLUR have opened up about the departure of GRAHAM COXON which tore the band apart in 2002 - the guitarist was admitted to rehab to deal with his alcohol addiction.The star left the...

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The Things They Say 14562

8th December 2009

"Blur was playing this summer and I had food poisoning off oysters. I fainted on the stars in the hotel and had a weird fit. I don't trust oysters." GRAHAM COXON is wary of seafood...

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Graham Coxon Blasts Awful Music

1st December 2009

Graham Coxon thinks Nirvana's "awful s**t" music almost ruined Blur's career.The guitarist believes the British band's success almost plummeted after the 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' hitmakers - consisting of frontman Kurt Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic...

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Graham Coxon Ready For Blur Return

26th November 2009

Graham Coxon is hoping Blur will reunite again next year.The guitarist - who rejoined his bandmates, frontman Damon Albarn, bassist Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree, for several summer shows this year - is still...

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Graham Coxon Rules Out More Blur

1st October 2009

Graham Coxon insists Blur will not work together again.The guitarist quashed recent speculation that the Britpop legends - who played a string of concerts this summer, including a headline slot at the Glastonbury festival -...

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Coxon U-turns On Blur Plans

30th September 2009

BLUR star GRAHAM COXON has backtracked on his comments the British band is planning more comeback shows - insisting all the members have returned to their lives outside of the group.The Britpop pioneers reformed in...

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Blur To Continue Comeback?

5th August 2009

British band BLUR's comeback could be extended with a run of shows outside of the U.K., according to guitarist GRAHAM COXON.The Britpop pioneers reformed in December (08) after a six-year break and performed a string...

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Graham Coxon's Blur Hope

30th July 2009

Graham Coxon wants to make a new Blur album.The guitarist has enjoyed reconciling with the Britpop icons following a series of summer concerts and wants to get back into the studio with bandmates Damon Albarn,...

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Coxon Eyes New Blur Album

29th July 2009

BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON has given fans fresh hope the band will stay together - he is planning to write a new album with frontman DAMON ALBARN.The Britpop pioneers reformed in December (08) after a...

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Coxon 'Walked Out Of Hospital' To Play Last Blur Gig

13th July 2009

BLUR's GRAHAM COXON battled a bout of food poisoning to complete the band's "last gig" at Scottish music festival T In The Park on Sunday (12Jul09).The reunited rockers faced cancelling their headline slot on the...

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Blur's Constant Musical Differences

3rd July 2009

Blur will never split up because of musical differences - because they have always had them.The group - who recently reconciled after going on hiatus in 2003 shortly after Graham Coxon's departure - have completely...

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Graham Coxon's Tiring Tour

29th June 2009

Graham Coxon finds playing with Blur "physically and emotionally draining".The guitarist - who left the group in 2003 amid concerns he was drinking too heavily - says that since getting back together, the band are...

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Alex James' 'Psychedelic' Cheese

28th June 2009

Alex James makes "psychedelic" cheese.The Blur bassist became a dairy farmer when the group went on hiatus in 2003 and his newly-reconciled bandmates have been enjoying the fruits of his labour - with unexpected consequences.Guitarist...

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Blur Right For Glastonbury

26th June 2009

Blur insist it is "right" they are closing Glastonbury festival.The reformed Britpop group top the bill at the world-famous music event on Sunday (28.06.09) and insist they are an appropriate choice to end this year's...

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The Things They Say 12652

19th June 2009

"DAMON (ALBARN) will be jangling along with some chords and I'll start banging along and you (GRAHAM COXON) will join. Our musical cup overflow-eth at the moment. It’s all good." BLUR bassist ALEX JAMES is...

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Blur's New Jams

19th June 2009

Blur are experimenting with new material.The reformed 'Parklife' hitmakers have previously insisted they are not planning to support their current reunion tour with new songs but bassist Alex James admits they have been jamming together...

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Lily Allen's Band Breaking Dad

13th June 2009

Lily Allen claims her dad caused Blur to split.The 'Fear' star is a big fan of the reformed Britpop legends but believes her actor father Keith Allen's close friendship with bassist Alex James contributed to...

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Blur: The Movie

4th June 2009

Blur are set to be the stars of a new movie.The reformed Britpop group will be the subject of a feature-length documentary, which will show their steady rise to fame and the arguments that forced...

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Blur Too Busy For Music

3rd June 2009

Blur are "too busy" to record a new album.The reformed Britpop legends are currently preparing for their comeback concerts, but guitarist Graham Coxon - who recently released his latest solo LP 'The Spinning Top' -...

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Graham Coxon's Blur Fun

3rd June 2009

Graham Coxon can't wait for this summer's Blur reunion shows.The singer and guitarist - who released his solo album 'The Spinning Top' last month - is looking forward to regrouping with his former bandmates later...

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Graham Coxon Bans Blur Questions

22nd May 2009

Graham Coxon has blasted Blur fans.The 40-year-old guitarist - who is set to reunite with the band for a series of shows this summer - has banned his followers on social networking site Twitter from...

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Graham Coxon Talks Suicide, Sausages And Skirts

8th May 2009

The battle between BLUR'S COUNTRY HOUSE and OASIS' ROLL WITH IT almost drove GRAHAM COXON to suicide, the guitarist has revealed. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he explained how the band's triumph in beating their...

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Blur Reunion Was Settled Over Cake

5th May 2009

Feuding BLUR bandmates DAMON ALBARN and GRAHAM COXON settled their differences over tea and cake. The Britpop pioneers took a hiatus in 2003, after guitarist Coxon quit during the recording of their Think Tank album, and...

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The Things They Say 12132

5th May 2009

"I celebrated BLUR's first number one single by trying to jump out of a window. Our record company threw a huge party, I felt like I was being forced into enjoying the moment. I couldn't...

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The Things They Say 12128

5th May 2009

"I've got nothing positive to say about Britpop. The whole thing was a grotesque travesty. It was meant to make Britain look cool but made us all look like a joke. The scene was full...

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Graham Coxon Plays Surprise Show

27th April 2009

People in the Spread Eagle pub in Camden were treated to a surprise over the weekend when BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON played an unexpected set as part of the Camden Crawl festivities.The musician took to...

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