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Monty Python Kick Off Final Run Of Gigs

2nd July 2014

Monty Python had fans in hysterics as they kicked off their residency at London's The O2 arena last night (01.07.14).The legendary comedy troupe - consisting of John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam and...

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Monty Python Live To Feature Stephen Hawking Cameo

30th June 2014

'Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down, Five To Go' will feature a cameo from Stephen Hawking.One of the surprises planned for the iconic comedy troupe's final hurrah, which kicks off tomorrow night (01.07.14) at London's...

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Michael Palin: Python Reunion Shows Will Be Last Ever

4th April 2014

Michael Palin has confirmed Monty Python will disband for good after their reunion shows.The star claims the beloved comedy troupe's 10 live dates at The O2 arena this July will be the last time the...

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Monty Python's Groupies Had 'Interesting Personalities'

5th March 2014

Monty Python's groupies were never as attractive as rock groupies. The British comedy troupe - which is made up of John Cleese, 74, Terry Jones, 71, Terry Gilliam, 72, Michael Palin, 70, and Eric Idle,...

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Monty Python Stars To Include Graham Chapman In Reunion Show

23rd November 2013

The stars of Monty Python are planning to include their late castmate Graham Chapman in their upcoming reunion show by using modern technology to feature him in their skits.Michael Palin admits previous plans for a...

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Michael Palin Says Dying With Monty Python Would Be 'Great'

23rd November 2013

Michael Palin thinks dying during a Monty Python sketch ''would be a great way to go''.The legendary comedy troupe recently announced they were reforming for a one-off reunion show in London and star has said...

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Producer Of "Monty Python And The Holy Grail" Wins Royalty Lawsuit Against The Comedians

By Victoria Pavlova | 5th July 2013

The producer behind Monty Python and the Holy Grail has won the lawsuit against the comedy team, entitling him to one seventh of the profits from Spamalot – a musical, based on the film. Mark...

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Spamalot Won’T Pay A Lot? Surviving Monty Pythons Sued By Holy Grail Producer

By Hayley Avron | 30th November 2012

The producer of Monty Python and the Holy Grail – Mark Forstater - is suing the remaining members of Monty Python over royalty rights to the stage show Spamalot. Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael...

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Monty Python's Graham Chapman Honoured At London Pub

6th September 2012

Monty Python stars Michael Palin and Terry Jones reunited on Thursday (06Sep12) to pay tribute to their late pal Graham Chapman as he was remembered at his favourite London pub.A special blue plaque, which is...

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Monty Python's Graham Chapman Commemorated With Plaque At Local Pub

6th September 2012

In a small pub in Highgate, London, a group of the most revered comedians of all-time gathered to celebrate the life of one of their own, with a plaque being put up at the Angel...

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Terry Jones Would 'Think Twice' About New Life Of Brian

11th October 2011

Monty Python's Terry Jones would "think twice" about making 'Life of Brian' now because of political correctness. The 69-year-old actor-and-director doesn't think people would appreciate the religious views in the 1979 movie - which was...

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Pythons Not Amused By Tv Drama About Them

10th October 2011

The members of Monty Python, the British satirical comedy team of the '70s and '80s, are in ill humor over the BBC's forthcoming Holy Flying Circus , a drama based on the controversy over their...

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"He's Resting." "Look Matey, I Know A Dead Parrot When I See One."

5th July 2011

Although he's been dead for 22 years, Graham Chapman is reuniting with the other members of the British comedy Group Monty Python for an animated movie based on his 1980 autobiography, A Liar's Autobiography Volume...

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Monty Python Stars Making Graham Chapman Movie

28th June 2011

The Monty Python cast is reuniting to make a movie based on their former co-star Graham Chapman's memoirs.John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones and Michael Palin are all set to appear in a 3D animated...

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Cleese: 'Chapman Should Have Been Fixed'

22nd October 2009

Funnyman JOHN CLEESE has opened up about tragic MONTY PYTHON pal GRAHAM CHAPMAN in a new documentary, suggesting the late comedian "should have been sent back to the factory and fixed".Cleese created the comedy troupe...

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Cleese: 'I Hate Monty Python Pals'

4th February 2009

JOHN CLEESE has poked fun at his Monty Python pals in a hilarious outburst on U.S. TV - and even dead star GRAHAM CHAPMAN didn't escape harsh criticism. Appearing on late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on...

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Gilliam Got Childish Arrogance From Monty Python

8th November 2005

Animator-turned-director TERRY GILLIAM credits his participation in British comedy team MONTY PYTHON with giving him the arrogance needed to make movies. THE BROTHERS GRIM film-maker, who worked alongside famed funnymen JOHN CLEESE, TERRY JONES,...

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Monty Python To Reunite For Musical Premiere

11th February 2005

The five surviving members of MONTY PYTHON will reunite for the first time since 1989 next month (MAR05) - to attend the premiere of Broadway musical SPAMALOT, based on their movie THE HOLY GRAIL....

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Cleese's Concerns Over Gay Chapman's Death

15th June 2004

JOHN CLEESE fears his former MONTY PYTHON sidekick GRAHAM CHAPMAN died thinking his pals disapproved of his homosexuality. The funnyman admits he and the other Pythons were "shocked" when Chapman announced he was gay,...

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Monty Python Virtually Reteam For Odd Photo Shoot

12th February 2004

The members of MONTY PYTHON have been brought back together for a macabre VANITY FAIR photo shoot - even though the comedy clan snubbed a reunion for the magazine. The existing members of the...

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Wanted: Monty Python Lookalikes

3rd February 2004

Hollywood producers are seeking MONTY PYTHON lookalikes to star in a biopic of the late comedian GRAHAM CHAPMAN. The film, entitled GIN AND TONIC, will look go back to the early life of the...

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Gilliam 'Disappointed' In Cleese

8th October 2003

Former MONTY PYTHON star TERRY GILLIAM has a bone to pick with one-time comedy partner JOHN CLEESE - he thinks his pal has wasted his comic genius. The two Brits joined up with TERRY...

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Cleese Dismisses Python Reunion

9th September 2003

Legendary comedian JOHN CLEESE has all but ruled out a MONTY PYTHON reunion - because the comic collective haven't met for four years. Cleese, 63, insists the surviving members of the veteran team -...

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