Grammy-winning singer STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN and his family have all gotten matching tattoos to honour his late daughter.
The Christian rock star's adopted daughter Maria Sue was accidentally killed by a car driven by her teenage brother in Nashville, Tennessee on 21 May (08).
And now Chapman, his wife Mary Beth, and their two oldest sons, Will, 17 and Caleb, 18, have had a special design inked onto their skin in tribute to the tragic five-year-old.
Chapman - who has two more adopted children; Shaoey, eight, and Stevey Joy, five - insists the whole family is still in mourning for Maria Sue.
He tells, "At first you don't even know if you can breathe. You don't know if you are going to survive the grief and the deep, deep, deep sadness. Every lyric I've ever written has been tested beyond what I ever imagined.
"I'm broken and I would give anything to have my baby girl back. But that's not going to happen. So I wake up in the morning and make a choice. You can wallow in the deep end or you say, 'God, show me what you want me to be about today and how can I honour you, and in turn honour Maria.'"