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Blur Reuniting In 2011?

17th January 2011

Blur will "definitely" get back together this year.The 'Song 2' band's future has remained in question since they played a handful of triumphant shows in 2009, but drummer Dave Rowntree is confident all four members...

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Albarn Fuels Gorillaz Split Rumours

23rd December 2010

DAMON ALBARN has fuelled speculation his band GORILLAZ won't return after a planned hiatus by bidding farewell to fans at the final gig of the group's world tour in New Zealand.The Blur rocker recently revealed...

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Radiohead Score Best Album Of Last 25 Years

23rd December 2010

Radiohead's 'OK Computer' has been voted the best album of the last 25 years. The British indie group topped the list of the best 250 albums released between 1986 and 2011 - beating U2, Nirvana,...

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Albarn Stages Glee Protest Over Beatles Record

22nd December 2010

GORILLAZ and BLUR star DAMON ALBARN has warned GLEE producers not to contact him about using his songs on the TV show - because he can't forgive them for stealing the BEATLES' U.S. pop chart...

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Blur To Record New Album

20th December 2010

Blur will record a new album in 2011. Although the Britpop group had previously played down rumours they would record an album after reforming for a number of shows in 2009, they have now scheduled...

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Albarn Puts Gorillaz On Hold To Write Stage Show

17th December 2010

DAMON ALBARN will put his popular group GORILLAZ on hiatus in 2011 to give him time to write a new stage show.The Clint Eastwood hitmakers wrap up their world tour this month (Dec10) and the...

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Stryder Eyeing Ipad Album

14th December 2010

British hip-hop star TINCHY STRYDER is keen to follow in the footsteps of DAMON ALBARN's animated band GORILLAZ by recording his next album on an Apple iPad.Albarn's latest material for the group was created on...

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Gorillaz's Rep Dismisses Simonon Stroke Reports

14th December 2010

A representative for the GORILLAZ has denied reports former THE CLASH bassist PAUL SIMONON has been hospitalised for a stroke while on tour with the band in Australia.On Monday (13Dec10), news outlets Down Under claimed...

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Gorillaz To Give Album Away Free

10th December 2010

Gorillaz new album will be the final free gift in their advent calendar.The cartoon band have been recording material backstage on their preset world tour, and the group's main musician, Damon Albarn, has previously said...

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Albarn Planning Free Gorillaz Album For Christmas

9th December 2010

DAMON ALBARN's animated band GORILLAZ are giving fans a holiday treat this Christmas (Dec10) - they will make their new album available to download for free.The rocker recently revealed he had created the group's newest...

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Gorillaz Future In Question

7th December 2010

Gorillaz may come to an end after their present tour. The cartoon band - which is masterminded by singer and musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett - are presently completing their largest and most...

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Albarn Considers Retiring Gorillaz

6th December 2010

DAMON ALBARN is considering retiring GORILLAZ when the band's current world tour comes to an end, because the British rocker can't "keep going at this size and pace".The Blur frontman has been touring extensively with...

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Gorillaz In Tune With The Us

2nd December 2010

Damon Albarn thinks America is "in tune" with Gorillaz.The singer - who is behind the cartoon group with artist Jamie Hewlett - said he is overwhelmed by the success of their recent US dates, and...

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The Things They Say 19225

25th November 2010

"We're working on a song together. We haven’t finished it, but it sounds so dope though." N.E.R.D. rapper PHARRELL WILLIAMS reveals to he has teamed up with British rocker DAMON ALBARN for a new...

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Liam Gallagher To Return To The Stage

23rd November 2010

Liam Gallagher is set to embark on his first post-Oasis concerts. The singer will take his new band, Beady Eye - who recently previewed their first song 'Bring The Light' through their website - on...

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The Things They Say 19138

22nd November 2010

"It's everything. It's an ongoing search for inspiration. A few days ago I was inspired by a revolving door in a hotel. I was." GORILLAZ rocker DAMON ALBARN's music is influenced by his everyday life.

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Blur To Reunite In January?

15th November 2010

Damon Albarn has had talks about a Blur reunion in 2011. Although the British indie group had vowed not to release any new material after reforming for a tour in 2009, frontman Damon has admitted...

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The Things They Say 18950

12th November 2010

"I've made it on an iPad - I hope I'll be making the first record on an iPad. Which is ironic, being the sort of technophobe and Luddite that I am. But I fell in...

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Gorillaz Put Through The 'Vocoder Of America'

11th November 2010

The new Gorillaz album will sound like an "English voice put through the vocoder of America".The cartoon band's main songwriter has been recording while touring in the US, and described how his experience of being...

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Damon Albarn Plans Ballad Album

3rd November 2010

Damon Albarn plans to record a "proper ballad record".The Gorillaz and Blur frontman said he's always promised himself he'd make an album which will see him singing his favourite slow songs; although it could be...

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Prince To Rain At Glastonbury

22nd October 2010

Prince is set to headline next year's Glastonbury festival. The 'Purple Rain' hitmaker has reportedly taken one of the top slots at the UK music festival - one of Europe's largest - with U2 and...

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U2 Call In Danger Mouse

21st October 2010

U2 are working with producer Danger Mouse on their next album. The Irish group are presently recording their 13th album - which has the working title 'Songs Of Ascent' - with the producer and musician,...

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No Glee For Gorillaz

12th October 2010

GORILLAZ star DAMON ALBARN will never allow his songs to be covered in GLEE because he's convinced the popular show is a "very poor substitute" for real music.A number of pop superstars, including Madonna, Britney...

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Reed Thrills Fans At Gorillaz New York Show

11th October 2010

Rock veteran LOU REED sent fans into a frenzy at the GORILLAZ concert in his native New York on Friday night (08Oct10), when he stepped on stage to perform a rare live collaboration with the...

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Gorillaz Are 'Doncamatic'

6th October 2010

Gorillaz will release a new track, 'Doncamatic (All Played Out)', next month. The Damon Albarn headed group - represented by a group of cartoons - have been busy touring their album 'Plastic Beach', but over...

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Simonon's Poignant Thoughts At Festival

5th October 2010

Rocker PAUL SIMONON had a special reason to play the U.K.s Glastonbury Festival with GORILLAZ - he had a running joke with his former THE CLASH bandmate JOE STRUMMER that he'd never attend the event.The...

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Albarn 'Proud' Of Bizarre Festival Show

5th October 2010

DAMON ALBARN has admitted his band GORILLAZ's headline slot at the U.K.'s Glastonbury Festival was a disaster - but he's adamant it was "funny" to leave the huge crowd bemused.The Clint Eastwood hitmakers were asked...

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Camp Sailor Damon Albarn?

4th October 2010

Damon Albarn worried Gorillaz new image would look too "gay".The musicians behind the cartoon band have started to reveal themselves during live performances, and have assumed a nautical theme for their latest 'Escape To Plastic...

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Good Gorilla Damon Albarn

2nd October 2010

Damon Albarn doesn't party when he tours with Gorillaz. The singer admits his lifestyle has changed dramatically since his days as the frontman of Blur in the 90s, and he now finds touring tough because...

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Jls Take Two Digital Music Awards

1st October 2010

JLS and Cheryl Cole won big at the BT Digital Music awards last night (30.09.10).Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole was crowned Best Female and won Best Single for her solo debut 'Fight For This Love',...

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