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8th September 2014

Goodfellas stars Ray Liotta and Paul Sorvino enjoyed a surprise reunion last week (ends05Sep14) when they both attended a New York premiere afterparty for Liotta's new film The Identical. The old pals were spotted catching...

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Frank Sivero Released From Jail After Three Days

15th June 2014

Goodfellas actor Frank Sivero was released from prison on Friday (13Jun14) after serving just three days behind bars for a weapons charge.The actor, famous for his mobster roles, was arrested in the lobby of an...

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Movie Mobster Frank Sivero Arrested For Gun Possession

27th March 2014

Goodfellas actor Frank Sivero is facing a possible gun possession charge after he was arrested for carrying a loaded weapon in public last week (ends21Mar14).The movie mobster was escorting a female friend out of a...

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Robert De Niro Refusing To Give Up Hope On The Irishman

19th February 2014

Robert De Niro has assured fans that plans to reunite with his Goodfellas director Martin Scorsese and co-stars Al Pacino and Joe Pesci in mob movie The Irishman are still in the works, four years...

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Tony Darrow Mob Associate Sentenced To Probation

25th November 2013

A former mafia associate hired by disgraced Goodfellas star Tony Darrow to break a debtor's jaw has been sentenced to probation.Giovanni Monteleone was one of two thugs recruited by actor Darrow, real name Anthony Borgese,...

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Movie Reviews: The Family

13th September 2013

With The Family, critics are once again asking why an actor with the stature and accomplishments of Robert De Niro would appear in movies with such lousy scripts. Remember when Robert De Niro was an...

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Police Search Home Of Mobster Made Famous By Robert De Niro

18th June 2013

The former home of Robert De Niro's mobster character in Goodfellas has become the scene of an investigation by New York City police officials following allegations a body was buried at the residence.Acting on an...

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Ray Liotta Never Wanted To Be An Actor

1st September 2012

Ray Liotta only decided to start acting so he wouldn't have to study history or math.The legendary actor - who is most famous for his role as Henry Hill in 'Goodfellas' - revealed he never...

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Martin Scorsese Sued For Alleged 22-Year Stalled Film

23rd August 2012

Martin Scorsese is being sued after he allegedly stalled on a movie he agreed to make 22 years ago. The legendary Hollywood director - who has helmed classics such as 'Taxi Driver', 'Raging Bull' and...

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Shia Labeouf's 'Physically Arduous' Lawless Role

16th July 2012

Shia LaBeouf was in the gym ''all of the time'' to prepare for his role in 'Lawless'. The 26-year-old actor worked out more than he's ever done in his ''entire life'' to get in shape...

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Ray Liotta Pays Tribute To Henry Hill

13th June 2012

Ray Liotta has paid tribute to Henry Hill, the gangster he played in 'Goodfellas'.The actor's most successful role to date was portraying Henry in Martin Scorsese's 1990 film based on his life, and he said...

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Ray Liotta Pays Tribute To Goodfellas Mobster

13th June 2012

Actor Ray Liotta has paid tribute to the late mafia mobster who inspired his character in Goodfellas.Henry Hill, whose life story inspired Martin Scorsese's classic crime movie, died in Los Angeles on Tuesday (12Jun12) at...

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Goodfellas Mobster Henry Hill Dies

13th June 2012

Goodfellas mobster Henry Hill has died in Los Angeles at the age of 69.The former gangster, whose life story inspired Martin Scorsese's classic crime movie Goodfellas, passed away in hospital after a long battle with...

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Officials Chase Paul Sorvino For Movie Cash

7th February 2012

Pennsylvania officials are asking Goodfellas star Paul Sorvino to account for tax payers' cash he was given to fund a movie six years ago.The actor was given $500,000 (£312,500) to make The Trouble with Cali,...

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Goodfellas Given Green Light For A Tv Series

12th January 2012

A Tv series based on Martin Scorsese's gangster classic Goodfellas has been given the go-ahead by bosses at U.S. network Amc.Rumours circulated back in 2010 that a TV version of the hit 1990 movie was...

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Tony Darrow Sentenced To House Arrest Over Mob Beating

8th December 2011

Goodfellas star Tony Darrow has been sentenced to six months house arrest after pleading guilty to arranging a real-life mob beating.In February (11), Darrow, who also starred in several episodes of TV gangster series The...

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Martin Scorsese's Daughter Inspired Hugo

1st December 2011

Martin Scorsese wanted to make a family film when he had a child in his 50s.The 69-year-old filmmaker - who has been married five times and has two grown up daughters - committed to making...

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Samuel L. Jackson Named Highest Grossing Actor Ever

27th October 2011

Samuel L. Jackson has been named the highest grossing actor of all time. The 62-year-old star - who has appeared in hit films such as 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Goodfellas' - has appeared in more than...

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Michael Jackson's Former Manager Dies

25th August 2011

Michael Jackson's former manager Frank Dileo has died aged 63.The music executive - who became the singer's manager in 1984 after working on his 1982 'Thriller' album - died in Los Angeles on Wednesday (24.08.11)...

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Jamie Cullum Serenades De Niro At Cannes

12th May 2011

Jamie Cullum sang to Robert De Niro at the Cannes Film Festival last night (11.05.11).The jazz musician played a medley of Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York' and Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' duet 'Empire State...

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Robert De Niro Confirms Ninth Scorsese Movie

7th March 2011

Robert De Niro has confirmed he will team up with Martin Scorsese for 'The Irishman'. It will be the ninth time the pair - famous for movies including 'Taxi Driver' and 'GoodFellas' - will reteam...

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Darrow Sorry For Mob Plot Shame

21st February 2011

Shamed GOODFELLAS actor TONY DARROW has apologised for his involvement in a real-life Mafia extortion plot - and vowed to make up for his downfall by steering youngsters away from crime.Darrow, who also starred in...

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Darrow Facing Jail For Mob Extortion Plot

10th February 2011

GOODFELLAS star TONY DARROW is facing jail after admitting involvement in a real-life Mafia extortion plot.Darrow, who played restaurant owner Sonny Bunz in Martin Scorsese's 1990 mobster classic, pleaded guilty to taking part in an...

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Robert De Niro Ordered To Pay Nanny 30k

21st January 2011

Robert De Niro has been ordered by a court to give a nanny $30,000 in unpaid overtime.The 'Goodfellas' star and his wife Grace Hightower were sued by Alexis Barry, who claimed they never paid her...

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Martin Scorsese Re-teaming With De Niro For The Irishman

13th December 2010

Martin Scorsese is teaming up with Robert De Niro for the ninth time in new movie 'The Irishman'. The 'Shutter Island' director - who has made box office successes including 'Taxi Driver' and 'GoodFellas' with...

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Sinatra Blocked My Way In Goodfellas

2nd December 2010

FRANK SINATRA refused to allow MARTIN SCORSESE to use his version of MY WAY for the closing scene of gangster classic GOODFELLAS, because he didn't want to be linked to the Mafia.Sinatra was dogged by...

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Pileggi Confirms Goodfellas Tv Series

25th October 2010

MARTIN SCORSESE and NICHOLAS PILEGGI are revisiting their gangster classic GOODFELLAS for a prequel TV series about the early life of mobster HENRY HILL.Rumours circulated last month (Sep10) that a TV version of the hit...

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Pacino And Pesci To Reunite For Scorsese Movie?

19th September 2010

AL PACINO and JOE PESCI are in talks to reunite with ROBERT DE NIRO and their GOODFELLAS director MARTIN SCORSESE for new gangster film THE IRISHMAN, according to reports.De Niro has already signed up to...

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Cruise And Madonna Were First Choices For Goodfellas

19th September 2010

Superstars TOM CRUISE and MADONNA were movie bosses' first choices for the lead roles in iconic 1990 mafia movie GOODFELLAS.Studio chiefs were desperate to cast Cruise in the role of mobster Henry Hill and Madonna...

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Hill Haunted By Hitmen Horror

9th August 2010

GOODFELLAS mobster HENRY HILL is so haunted by his violent past he often wakes up screaming in terror.The former gangster witnessed dozens of murders during his 25 years working for the Mafia in New York,...

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