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News Anchor Bill Beutel Has Died

19th March 2006

American news anchor BILL BEUTEL died yesterday (18MAR06) of undisclosed causes. He was 75. Beutel hosted the AM AMERICA show which later became the ABC network's GOOD MORNING AMERICA, and signed off with his trademark...

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Spears Thrills Teenage Katrina Victims

28th February 2006

BRITNEY SPEARS thrilled four teenage New Orleans, Louisiana school pals yesterday (27FEB06) when she dropped by a council meeting to take them shopping. The foursome, aged from 13 to 17, were among those who...

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Britney Blasted For Taking Charity Help Elsewhere

21st February 2006

BRITNEY SPEARS has upset locals in her native Kentwood, Louisiana, by turning her back on their post-Hurricane Katrina charity needs. The Spears family's neighbours were appalled to hear the pop star is spearheading a...

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Spears Heads To New Orleans For Mardi Gras

13th February 2006

Pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS will be heading to New Orleans, Louisiana to attend the first Mardi Gras celebration since Hurricane Katrina hit last summer (AUG05). The Louisiana native will appear on US show GOOD...

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Weinstein: 'Us Tv Show Snubbed Dench'

2nd February 2006

Movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN has accused America's leading daytime TV shows of snubbing the chance to interview DAME JUDI DENCH, because of her septuagenarian age. The former Miramax boss, whose new company The Weinstein...

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Jackson 'Tape' Slams Mottola

29th November 2005

LATEST: Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON reportedly slammed music mogul TOMMY MOTTOLA on a voicemail message, just days after he was accused of making a series of anti-Semitic remarks in a similar manner. The THRILLER...

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Jackson To Fight Anti-semitic Accusations With Jewish Lawyer

25th November 2005

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON's Jewish attorney has vowed to defend his pop star client against accusations of anti-Semitism. America's Anti-Defamation League (ADL) demanded the THRILLER singer apologise for allegedly making a series of anti-Semitic comments...

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Jackson Told To Apologise For 'Anti-semitic Rant'

24th November 2005

LATEST: Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON must apologise for allegedly making a series of anti-Semitic comments on a voicemail message, the US Anti-Defamation League (ADL) demanded yesterday (23NOV05). On Tuesday (22NOV05), a tape purportedly featuring...

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Jackson Accused Of Anti-semitic Rant

23rd November 2005

Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON allegedly made a series of outrageous anti-Semitic comments on a voicemail message left for former advisor, DIETER WIESNER. Lawyer HOWARD KING, who represents Wiesner, allowed the tape to be played...

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Chesney Thrilled About Times Square Billboard

1st November 2005

KENNY CHESNEY can't wait to see his giant billboard hanging over Times Square, New York City when he performs there next week (beg07NOV05) - because he's always thought of himself as being larger than life....

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Fascinating Fact 405

24th October 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star JAMES DENTON, an avid baseball fan, has been signed up as the sports World Series special correspondent for US breakfast show GOOD MORNING AMERICA. His two favourite teams, the Chicago White Sox...

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Us Breakfast Programme Given Royal Approval

30th September 2005

Popular US breakfast show GOOD MORNING AMERICA is to be broadcast live from three of British royal QUEEN ELIZABETH II's homes next week - including London's Buckingham Palace. But the generous monarch won't be...

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Newton-john Scraps Tv Shows

24th August 2005

LATEST: OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN has axed scheduled appearances on US TV shows GOOD MORNING AMERICA and THE VIEW because she doesn't want to talk about the disappearance of her boyfriend. The Australian singer's partner PATRICK...

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Cosby: 'Sexual Assault Claims Nothing To Do With Moral Crusade'

30th June 2005

US comedian BILL COSBY refuses to let allegations of sexual assault deter him from speaking out against what he sees as the steady decline in moral values in contemporary society. Appearing on TV show...

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Jackson Surveillance Video Goes National

2nd May 2005

Private investigators hired by MICHAEL JACKSON staged an extensive surveillance stake-out on his child molestation accuser and his family in the days following scathing documentary LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON, according to new video evidence....

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Roberts Wants To Be Newman's Screen Girlfriend

14th April 2005

JULIA ROBERTS is keen to be PAUL NEWMAN's co-star when he makes his final movie - and she wants to play his girlfriend. Newman recently announced plans to make just one more movie before...

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U2 To Showcase Concert On Tv

13th April 2005

U2 fans are set to get a sneak peak of the Irish supergroup's current VERTIGO tour during a broadcast American breakfast TV. GOOD MORNING AMERICA will join the Irish rockers on their roadshow, then...

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Carey Packs Times Square With Early Morning Show

12th April 2005

MARIAH CAREY attracted the largest crowd to Times Square since 31 December (04) this morning (12APR05), when she performed a live concert at the New York City landmark. The sexy singer launched her new...

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Blake Proclaims His Innocence

23rd March 2005

Innocent man ROBERT BLAKE insists his conscience is clear now justice has been served at his murder trial - but regrets many members of the public are still adamant he's guilty of killing his wife....

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Blake Appears On Tv For The First Time Since Acquittal

23rd March 2005

Actor ROBERT BLAKE told American TV this morning (22MAR05) who he believes was responsible for murdering his wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY. The BARETTA star, 71, refused to name the culprit, but hinted it...

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Aniston Thrills Fan With Oscars Makeover

1st March 2005

JENNIFER ANISTON helped make an Arizona teenager's OSCARS experience extra special by surprising her with a red carpet makeover. Like many viewers of US breakfast show GOOD MORNING AMERICA, the former FRIENDS star was...

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Jackson Jury Candidate: `I'd Be Worried If I Were Him'

26th February 2005

A dismissed jury candidate for MICHAEL JACKSON's upcoming child molestation battle fears the King of Pop won't get a fair trial because she was the only black juror. Juror #240, who goes by the...

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Lohan Is Naughtier Than Hilton

19th December 2004

Actress-turned-singer LINDSAY LOHAN has beaten saucy socialite PARIS HILTON to win the NAUGHTIEST PEOPLE OF 2004 poll. More than 800,000 people voted for the RUMORS star in a survey by website HEAVY.COM, after...

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Ailing Lohan On Regis And Kelly

10th December 2004

Actress-turned-singer LINDSAY LOHAN was too ill to perform songs from her debut album on American morning show LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY on Thursday (09DEC04). The MEAN GIRLS star claimed she has contracted laryngitis,...

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Gibson Hits Out At Schwarzenegger's Stem Cell Proposal

28th October 2004

MEL GIBSON has hit out at ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's backing of a new plan to have California taxpayers fund embryonic stem cell research. The devout Catholic, whose movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST attracted both...

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Clinton's Visions Of Life And Death

26th October 2004

Former US President BILL CLINTON experienced profound visions of life and death just before his major heart surgery last month (06SEP04). The 58-year-old gave his first television interview since his quadruple bypass, with veteran...

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Stone Performs In Her Pyjamas

1st October 2004

British teen soul sensation JOSS STONE poked fun at her early wake-up call on American breakfast show GOOD MORNING AMERICA this morning (01OCT04) by performing in her pyjamas. The singer performed her hit WHITE...

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Fans Put Danza Under Pressure

13th September 2004

Former TAXI star TONY DANZA is feeling the pressure for his new chat show to perform well, because so many New Yorkers have been wishing him good luck in the streets. The actor debuted...

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Baldwin Slams Movie Promotion

8th September 2004

Feisty actor ALEC BALDWIN has infuriated studio executives after bitterly slamming film-related promotional campaigns during an interview. The hunky actor is sick of speaking to journalists about THE LAST SHOT - which centres on...

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Portman Ignores Flowers To Make Political Statement

29th July 2004

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN's political T-shirt statement on live American TV this morning (29JUL04), left bosses so worried, her interviewer asked her cover it with a bunch of flowers. The STAR WARS beauty made an...

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