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Jennifer Aniston Wants New York House

10th February 2011

Jennifer Aniston wants to move to New York.The 'Just Go With It' actress - who has recently been spotted looking at a $15 million West Village condominium apartment - misses the city where she spent...

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Charlie Sheen Smoked Tennis Ball Sized Pile Of Cocaine Says Witness

31st January 2011

CHARLIE SHEEN smoked a "tennis ball sized" pile of cocaine before being rushed to hospital on Friday (28th January 2011) according to an eye witness.CHARLIE SHEEN, the American actor and star of 'Two and a...

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Oprah's Half-sister Was Looking For Her Mother Says Gayle King

25th January 2011

Oprah Winfrey's half-sister Patricia was not looking to reunite with the queen of daytime television and instead wanted to re-connect with her mother, says Winfrey's best friend Gayle King. The talk show host revealed this...

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Mary Tyler Moore Reunites With Betty White After 30 Years

19th January 2011

MARY TYLER MOORE, the American actress who last worked with her friend BETTY WHITE on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' in 1977, will reunite with the 'Golden Girls' star on tonight's season premiere of 'Hot...

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Abc Names New Abc News President

6th December 2010

ABC has named Ben Sherwood, a former executive producer of Good Morning America , to replace David Westin as president of ABC News. Sherwood, who is the very personification of media convergence -- he has...

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Cbs To Overhaul The Early Show

1st December 2010

With its current combatants trapped in the trenches of the networks' early-morning wars, CBS News's The Early Show is about to receive fresh replacements. The network announced Tuesday that co-hosts Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez...

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Sanchez "I Screwed Up"

8th October 2010

Rick Sanchez made his first television appearance this morning (Friday) since being fired by CNN last week for calling Jon Stewart a bigot and implying that Jews controlled the news media. What he had intended...

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The Things They Say 14758

21st December 2009

"I'm up against that b**ch Meryl Streep! Ooh, you can't say that, can you?! I'm out of control, totally!" MERYL STREEP accidentally lets slip a curse word on U.S. TV's GOOD MORNING AMERICA while joking...

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Britney's Birthday Bash On Breakfast Tv

22nd October 2008

BRITNEY SPEARS will celebrate her 27th birthday on TV - with a performance on U.S. breakfast show GOOD MORNING AMERICA. Spears has shot a teaser ad for the big show, which will take place in...

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Screenwriter Recalls Fergie's 9/11 Horror

12th March 2007

A top movie screenwriter has revealed SARAH FERGUSON would have been caught up in the post-terrorist attack World Trade Center collapse on 9/11 if it wasn't for a TV interview. Actor/writer MIKE BINDER was promoting...

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Anna Nicole's Mother Arrives In The Bahamas

10th February 2007

ANNA NICOLE SMITH's mother has arrived in The Bahamas in an effort to look after the best interests of her late daughter's baby DANNIELYNN. Retired police officer VIRGIE ARTHUR jetted to her estranged daughter's Caribbean...

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Near-miss For Us News Anchor In Iraq Bomb Attack

24th January 2007

US ABC news anchor CHRIS CUOMO escaped injury yesterday (23JAN07) when a military police detail he was riding with in Iraq was hit by a roadside bomb. The convoy of four heavily armoured Humvees was...

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Jolie And Pitt Spend 'Special Time' With Each Child

15th December 2006

ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT make a special effort to spend quality time with each one of their children individually so they all feel equally loved. The celebrity pair are parents to MADDOX, five, ZAHARA,...

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Winslet Embarrassed By Faulty Footage

28th November 2006

KATE WINSLET was left mortified yesterday (27NOV06) when she appeared on a US talk show and the host played a clip dating back to her childhood - because the little girl on the screen wasn't...

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Gibson's Comments Sparked By War Conflict

14th October 2006

LATEST: MEL GIBSON's insists he is not anti-Semitic and that the discriminatory statements he made when he was arrested were sparked by the ongoing war between Israel and Lebanon. The Oscar-winner was arrested on 28...

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Gibson Feared Nolte-style Mugshot

13th October 2006

MEL GIBSON slicked his hair back before having his mug shot taken because he desperately wanted to avoid a snap like actor NICK NOLTE's famously disheveled 2002 photo, taken after his own drink driving arrest...

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Gibson: 'I Had My Rights Violated' During 'Passion' Controversy

13th October 2006

LATEST: MEL GIBSON insists his rights were violated by the criticism he received for his movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, which resulted in resentment which surfaced the night he was arrested for drink driving....

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Rivers: 'Gibson Should Die'

13th October 2006

Jewish comedienne JOAN RIVERS has launched a scathing attack on MEL GIBSON, insisting the actor should "die" for the anti-Semitic comments he made to police officers who arrested him for drink driving in July (06)....

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Gibson Had To Drink Before Telling Kids About Arrest

12th October 2006

Oscar-winner MEL GIBSON had to down several beers before being able to face his children the morning after he was arrested for drink driving and making anti-Semitic remarks. The BRAVEHEART star was arrested in July...

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Gibson Stays Sober For 65 Days

11th October 2006

LATEST: MEL GIBSON insists he is working to heal himself after emerging from rehab and has been sober for the past 65 days. Gibson entered rehab after being arrested for drink driving in July (06)...

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Gibson Accepts Hollywood Snubs

11th October 2006

MEL GIBSON accepts he may struggle to find work after his alcohol-fuelled anti-Semitic rant in July (06) sparked outrage across the globe. In an interview with US newswoman DIANE SAWYER, the actor admitted his "vitriolic...

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Gibson Speaks Out About Arrest

10th October 2006

MEL GIBSON has spoken out for the first time since his arrest on drink driving charges and his subsequent anti-Semitic rant, insisting he doesn't want to be a "monster". The Oscar-winner spoke with US newswoman...

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The $64,000 Challenge Host Story Dies

27th September 2006

TV and radio broadcaster RALPH STORY, famed for hosting hit series THE $64,000 CHALLENGE in the 1950s, has died. He was 86. Story passed away at his Santa Barbara home on Tuesday (26SEP06) following a...

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Ronnie Dunn Leads Cmas Nominations

30th August 2006

BROOKS + DUNN star RONNIE DUNN has emerged as the leader of nominations for this year's (06) Country Music Association Awards after netting seven nods during a televised announcement ceremony this morning (30AUG06). The singer...

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Cuomo Named Good Morning America Newsreader

22nd August 2006

PRIMETIME co-anchor CHRIS CUOMO will join anchors DIANE SAWYER and ROBIN ROBERTS as a newsreader on ABC TV's GOOD MORNING AMERICA. Cuomo, son of former New York governor MARIO CUOMO, will read the news and...

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Crow Wants Kids

7th July 2006

Rocker SHERYL CROW is set for another major battle after beating breast cancer earlier this year (06) - she wants to become a mum in her forties. The STEVE MCQUEEN singer is now determined to...

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Crow Dumped Lance Because He Wouldn't Change For Her

6th July 2006

Rocker SHERYL CROW has hinted she split up with cycling hero LANCE ARMSTRONG because the Tour De France champion refused to change for her. The couple shocked fans when they announced they had split earlier...

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Pussycat Dolls Dash For Underwear After Luggage Is Lost

30th June 2006

Sexy hitmakers THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS were forced to dash out for clean lingerie before their breakfast TV performance in New York City this morning (30JUN06), after their luggage went missing on a flight from Ireland....

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Prince Wakes Up New York With Free Park Show

16th June 2006

PRINCE brought Bryant Park in New York to a standstill this morning (16JUN06) when he reunited with percussionist SHEILA E for a free morning concert. Dressed in a pink suit and a sky blue shirt,...

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Holmes Home From Hospital

19th April 2006

LATEST: Actress KATIE HOLMES has been discharged after giving birth to baby girl SURI on Tuesday afternoon (18APR06) in a Los Angeles hospital. The birth went so smoothly, the former DAWSON'S CREEK star was sent...

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