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L'oreal Girl Rachel Weisz

11th October 2010

Rachel Weisz has become the new face of L'Oreal Paris.The stunning actress has signed a deal with the cosmetics firm to appear in the brand's TV and print advertisements and says it's a dream come...

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Chinese Outraged At Gong Li's Decision To Renounce Citizenship

12th November 2008

The career of Gong Li ( Red Sorghum, Farewell My Concubine, Memoirs of aGeisha ), one of China's leading actresses for more than two decades,appeared to be in jeopardy after she renounced her Chinese citizenship...

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China Bars Filming Of Weinstein Co. Film

11th February 2008

China's Film Bureau has informed the Weinstein Co. that it will not issue permits for the studio to film Shanghai, starring Gong Li and John Cusack, in Shanghai. Word of the refusal apparently caught director...

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Li And Cusack Take Shanghai Trip

27th November 2007

Miami Vice star Gong Li and John Cusack are in talks to star in the Weinstein Company's upcoming period drama Shanghai.1408 director Mikael Hafstrom is likely to reunite with Cusack, with Hossein Amini scripting, according...

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Gong Wants To Be Western Star

8th April 2007

MIAMI VICE actress GONG LI is focusing on developing her career in Hollywood, after complaining directors in her native China take too long to make a movie. Li was advised by director ex-lover ZHANG ZIYOU...

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Gong Regrets Not Learning English

6th April 2007

Chinese actress GONG LI blames her poor grasp of English for her failure to crack Hollywood. The CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER star, wants to make more English-language movies - and advises aspiring Chinese actresses...

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Gong Regrets Not Learning English

6th April 2007

Chinese actress GONG LI blames her poor grasp of English for her failure to crack Hollywood. The CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER star, wants to make more English-language movies - and advises aspiring Chinese actresses...

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Zhang Warns Gong On Moving To Hollywood

3rd April 2007

HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS director ZHANG ZIYOU has warned his ex-lover and muse GONG LI not to work full time in Hollywood, because it is "too limited" for Chinese actors. Zhang, who has reunited with...

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Movie Reviews: Curse Of The Golden Flower

25th December 2006

Opening in 60 U.S. cities, Sony Pictures Classics' Curse of the Golden Flower performed solidly, it unspectacularly over the weekend. The film, China's costliest ever, earned $489,000 -- or $8,150 per theater. The lush historical...

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Is China Stacking The Deck For Movie?

20th December 2006

Days after director Zhang Yimou's Curse of the Golden Flower opened with the biggest box-office take in China's history, some Western reports are questioning the role of China's exhibitors in producing the record. According to...

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Li Rises To Language Challenge

19th December 2006

Chinese actress GONG LI is shunning home-grown movies to "challenge" herself with Hollywood blockbusters. The MIAMI VICE star has shot a string of English-language films, but insists it's much harder tackling non-Chinese characters than overcoming...

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Row Erupts As China Puts Homegrown Movies Before Hollywood

11th October 2006

Anger is mounting among Chinese cinema-goers after the government postponed releasing a string of Hollywood blockbusters including MIAMI VICE in favour of homegrown films. The country's Ministry of Culture put back the MICHAEL MANN movie...

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Li Praises Cuban Spirit

1st August 2006

Chinese actress GONG LI has praised the Cubans for their uplifting spirit as they struggle to live under a Communist government. The MIAMI VICE star visited the Caribbean nation to research her role as a...

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Li: 'Farrell Is Lovely - To Everybody'

31st July 2006

Chinese movie beauty GONG LI loves spending time with her MIAMI VICE co-star COLIN FARRELL off-set, but she insists he pays exactly the same amount of attention to the crew as he does to her....

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Farrell Seduces Miami Vice Co-star

30th July 2006

Hollywood actor COLIN FARRELL has been caught romancing his MIAMI VICE co-star GONG LI at the movies's intimate post-premiere party. The Irish star was getting up close and personal with the MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA...

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Liu Defends Marshall's Geisha Casting

22nd February 2006

LUCY LIU has attacked criticism of ROB MARSHALL's decision to cast Chinese and Malaysian in Japan-set epic MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, labelling it "anti-racism". The CHARLIE'S ANGELS actress is appalled that the movie has...

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Xiaoqing Defends Geisha Casting

9th February 2006

Chinese singer/actress LIU XIAOQING is baffled by the furore over the casting of Chinese and Malaysian stars in the Japanese-set film MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA. The LITTLE FLOWERS star, 54, was shocked to learn...

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Geisha Officially Banned In China

2nd February 2006

LATEST: MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA will not be screened in China indefinitely, despite attempts by the film's distributor to overturn the ban. Chinese film authorities and critics were unimpressed by the casting of homegrown...

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Brokeback Mountain Banned In China

27th January 2006

Gay cowboy romance BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN has been banned in mainland China after outraging censors there. The film shocked China's broadcast regulator the State Administration of Radio, Film + Television, as the nation still considers...

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China Bans Memoirs Of A Geisha

22nd January 2006

New movie MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA has been banned in China amid fears it will encourage widespread anti-Japanese ideologies. The casting of Chinese actresses ZHANG ZIYI and GONG LI in the Japanese drama has...

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China Delays Memoirs Of A Geisha Release Over Sex Scene

17th January 2006

Chinese censors have delayed the release of MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA for the second time because of concerns over a sex scene. The movie was originally set to debut in Beijing on 9 January...

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Stallone Picks Stone As Hottest Woman

9th January 2006

SYLVESTER STALLONE has named SHARON STONE as the sexiest over-40 celebrity in a poll featured in the latest issue of his health and fitness magazine Sly. Stallone's THE SPECIALIST co-star beat Aussie supermodel...

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Li Terrified Of Scriptless Role

6th January 2006

Chinese actress GONG LI was terrified when she realised she had to act in sci-fi movie 2046 without a script. The 30-year-old star, who plays evil HATSUMOMO in MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, only decided...

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Geisha Director Defends Casting

8th December 2005

MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA director ROB MARSHALL has defended his decision to cast Chinese actors in place of Japanese ones - insisting they were employed for their talent, not where they come from. The...

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Biel Is Sexiest Woman Alive

7th October 2005

Actress JESSICA BIEL has topped a new list of sexy women in men's magazine Esquire. The BLADE: TRINITY star has been declared The Sexiest Woman Alive, and appears on the cover of the top...

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Yeoh Defends Non-japanese Castings

1st March 2005

Malaysian-born actress MICHELLE YEOH has hit out at criticism that she and two other leading Chinese actresses were cast as Japanese in her latest movie MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA. The CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON...

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Yeah And Li Go Geisha

29th July 2004

Asian movie stars MICHELLE YEOH and GONG LI have signed to appear alongside ZHANG ZIYI in STEVEN SPIELBERG's eagerly-anticipated film adaptation of ARTHUR GOLDEN's book MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA. Malaysian star Yeoh, 41 and...

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Producers Start Work On Sars Projects

7th May 2003

Movie producers in China and Hong Kong have begun work on projects about the deadly Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Two separate films about the potentially fatal virus, which has killed at least 219...

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