“The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want” so says the bible, but we can’t imagine the Almighty One really has ever really been into guiding his flock towards flagrantly breaking traffic speed laws. That’s just what he’s been up to though according to one devout follower in Fort Pierce, USA.

Yes, this is the news that 41 year-old Melissa Miller decided to make up just a bit of a time on a 30 miles per hour stretch of road by blitzing through at a somewhat overzealous 100 miles per hour – and then had the temerity to blame it all on His Holiness. We can’t imagine He’s going to be very happy with that one. A police report of the incident said that Miller gave them the excuse that she was “letting the Lord spirit guide me”. During this bout of speeding, the woman was also tooting her horn with vigour, something else she was called up on. Again, though, she had an answer for it, attributing her actions to "the Lord telling me to do it." Sure.

The police didn’t need the Lord to tell them to do anything when it came to deciding on the punishment, and action was swift. She was arrested on charges of reckless driving and speeding, being released on a $375. The collection pot’s going to miss that.