Eagles rocker Glenn Frey wrapped up his semester as a New York University college professor on Thursday (15Nov12) by staging a benefit concert for students.

The Hotel California hitmaker, whose daughter studies at the school, took to the stage with his bandmates and played a set of the group's classics at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan, even inviting three of his star students to perform original tunes as part of the opening act.

The event raised over $1 million (£625,000) for scholarships, and Frey insists his experiences as a teacher gave him some much-needed songwriting inspiration.

He tells the Associated Press, "Their enthusiasm is contagious. It'll be interesting to see where my next batch of songs comes from."

The Eagles celebrated their 40th anniversary this year (12), but they have yet to announce any future plans, and Frey reveals the band has set up a meeting in the coming days to determine its next steps.

He adds, 'We're going to set that time aside to talk about how we think 2013 is going to unfold for us... Hopefully, we've got a few good years left."