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Holy Hollywood! Ben Affleck Is New Batman

23rd August 2013

Working on The Daily Show must undoubtedly be one of the happiest jobs on earth. Even the extra-curricular tweets of the show's writers are often hilarious. Take the reaction of headwriter Tim Carvell to the...

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Al Pacino Signs Up For Stand Up Guys

2nd February 2012

Al Pacino has signed up for 'Stand Up Guys'.The 71-year-old star has joined the cast of the action comedy - which was previously titled 'Old Timers' - along with Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken.The movie...

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Jennifer Lopez: 'I'm A Great Actress'

5th August 2011

Jennifer Lopez things she is a "really great actress". The 'Maid in Manhattan' star - who has appeared in critically panned movies 'Gigli' and 'Jersey Girl' - believes she is great in front of a...

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Movie Reviews The Town

17th September 2010

A few critics aren't especially enthusiastic about Ben Affleck's The Town , which he directed, starred in, and co-wrote. To A.O. Scott of the New York Times , it's just a "solid minor entry in...

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Ben Affleck Wouldn't Work With Wife

17th September 2010

Ben Affleck would never work with Jennifer Garner.The 38-year-old actor - who starred alongside former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez in the critically-panned movie 'Gigli' in 2003 - admits he would not want to work with his...

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Affleck Not Looking To Work With Garner

15th September 2010

BEN AFFLECK doubts he will ever work with his actress wife JENNIFER GARNER on screen - because he's still haunted by the box office failure that was GIGLI.The Daredevil star filmed the romantic comedy with...

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Roth Enjoys Sweet Revenge On Meet Joe Black Director

11th August 2010

ELI ROTH refuses to hold a grudge against MEET JOE BLACK director MARTIN BREST for firing him as a stand-in when he was a struggling actor, because he's now more successful than the GIGLI filmmaker.The...

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Gigli Named Worst Romantic Comedy

10th February 2010

BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ movie GIGLI has been named the Worst Romantic Comedy of all time in a new St. Valentine's Day poll.The film was slated by critics and shunned by cinemagoers when it...

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Affleck Regrets Tv Special

30th March 2009

Remember the TV news special BEN AFFLECK filmed with his then-fiancee JENNIFER LOPEZ to promote movie flop GIGLI? He wishes you didn't. The odd couple invited U.S. TV cameras into their home for Ben & Jen:...

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The Things They Say 9100

6th August 2008

"We'd love to, but I think people are still nervous of the GIGLI course." REBECCA ROMIJN doesn't want to team up with actor husband JERRY O'CONNELL on the big screen after the critical and public...

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Lopez Had No Worries About Working With Anthony

2nd August 2007

JENNIFER LOPEZ had no qualms about working with husband MARC ANTHONY on new movie EL CANTANTE, despite the criticism she endured shooting 2003 flop GIGLI with then-boyfriend BEN AFFLECK. Lopez and Anthony play husband and...

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Affleck Shocked By Best Actor Win

15th September 2006

BEN AFFLECK was so sure he would miss out on the top acting prize at the Venice Film Festival, he flew back home to Los Angeles early. The Oscar-winner picked up the Best Actor award...

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Affleck Grows Up

12th September 2006

BEN AFFLECK credits the media furore surrounding his relationship with JENNIFER LOPEZ and the critical mauling of the two movies they made together with helping him "grow up". The actor turned his back on Hollywood...

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Affleck Shied Away From Media After Bennifer Madness

15th August 2006

BEN AFFLECK spent two years away from the media glare following the end of his relationship with JENNIFER LOPEZ, because he couldn't endure more negative press. Affleck appeared to be transformed from a serious actor...

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Lopez Sends Baby Gift To Affleck

9th December 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ has sent her ex-fiance BEN AFFLECK and his wife JENNIFER GARNER a gift basket to celebrate the birth of their baby daughter. DAREDEVIL co-stars Affleck and Garner welcomed VIOLET into the world...

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Lopez And Anthony To Star In Movie

19th September 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ has confirmed she will star alongside third husband MARC ANTHONY in upcoming movie WHO KILLED HECTOR LAVOE? The Latino singer will take the lead role of Hector Lavoe - the man who...

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Damon Sticks Up For Affleck

29th August 2005

Screen hunk MATT DAMON has leaped to the defence of his pal BEN AFFLECK after he was criticised over a succession of movie flops. Critics had a field day tearing apart movies such as...

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Damon Insists Affleck Will Rise Again

11th August 2005

MATT DAMON insists the world will embrace his best pal BEN AFFLECK as a great actor when his movie TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY is released next year (06). After making a selection...

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Smith Attacks Affleck For Wedding Snub

10th August 2005

Director KEVIN SMITH is so hurt about not being invited to pal BEN AFFLECK's June (05) wedding - he's slammed the actor's movie career and refuses to buy the newlyweds a wedding present. The...

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Lopez Congratulates Affleck Over Garner Pregnancy

4th August 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ has finally congratulated her ex-fiance BEN AFFLECK and his new wife JENNIFER GARNER over news they're expecting a baby - weeks after complaining the subject "depressed" her. Affleck and Garner got married...

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Spice World Tops Embarrassing Movie Poll

25th June 2005

The SPICE GIRLS' 1997 movie SPICE WORLD has topped a new poll of guilty pleasure films that fans are embarrassed to rent out. According to top online store, the much-ridiculed movie beat out...

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Lopez + Fonda Claim The Top Spot On The Us Box Office Chart

16th May 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ's movie fortunes have taken a turn for the better in America - her new comedy MONSTER-IN-LAW has debuted at the top. After a string of poorly-received flops, which was capped off by...

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Lopez Simplifies Her Life

13th April 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ is so intent on living a more simple life, she's selling her collection of cars and trading in her lavish properties for smaller homes. While fans believed that Lopez had recently traded...

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Lost Affleck Cameo In Elektra Dvd

28th March 2005

Hollywood star BEN AFFLECK's deleted cameo in girlfriend JENNIFER GARNER's latest movie ELEKTRA is set to be included in the forthcoming DVD of the DAREDEVIL spin-off. Affleck began dating the ALIAS beauty shortly after...

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Lopez: I Don't Want To Be Meryl Streep

2nd March 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ has refused to quit her singing career - even though studio bosses believe she has the potential to be the next MERYL STREEP if she concentrated solely on acting. The JENNY FROM...

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Berry And Bush Triumph At Razzies

27th February 2005

OSCAR-winner HALLE BERRY's flop CATWOMAN and US President GEORGE W BUSH's government were the big winners at Saturday's (26FEB05) GOLDEN RASPBERRY AWARDS. Berry shocked film fans when she graciously arrived on stage, clutching her...

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Affleck Takes Massive Pay Cut

24th February 2005

LATEST: Hollywood star BEN AFFLECK has waived his usual multi-million dollar fee to play actor GEORGE REEVES in a desperate bid to regain critical acclaim and box office success. The struggling actor's last four...

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J.lo To Reunite With Selena Director

3rd February 2005

Latina beauty JENNIFER LOPEZ is turning to her SELENA director GREGORY NAVA to reignite her movie career after a string of flop films. J.Lo leapt to fame in 1997 with her portrayal of tragic...

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Lopez: 'I'd Do Gigli Again'

12th January 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ has once again rushed to the defence of her critically-mauled 2003 movie GIGLI, insisting the appeal of the original script was impossible to resist. The actress has appeared in a series of...

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J.lo Sings About Bennifer Break-up On New Album

10th January 2005

Latina beauty JENNIFER LOPEZ has written a "special song" about her discovery BEN AFFLECK wasn't her 'Mr Right' on her forthcoming album REBIRTH. The AIN'T IT FUNNY? star split with her GIGLI co-star and...

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