Gibson's Girlfriend Pregnant - Reports

MEL GIBSON's girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA is pregnant with the couple's first child, according to internet reports.
The actor's wife Robyn filed for divorce last month (13Apr09) after 28 years of marriage amid rumours the actor had been dating 39-year-old Grigorieva.
The Lethal Weapon star made their romance public weeks later (begs27Apr09), by taking his lover to a movie premiere in Los Angeles.
According to, Gibson has already told his estranged wife and their children Grigorieva is in her second trimester of pregnancy.
The former couple share one daughter and six sons.




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WOW contact music i cant beleive you print things from TMZ and dont even check what this is about!That story was printed by the National enquirer 11 days ago! and was faulse!; you need new journalists there!This is so old! and i laughed when i read how proudly TMZ announced their knowledge that she lived in a house bought by Mel Gibson in LA, WOW!I would like to inform you that this information was brought the 22 of april in most central newspapers, as well as the exact adress, and that her neighbourgs were ask where she was, short after pictures of her were printed on the costa rican beach the 4rth march 2009, printed the 15th of march 2009.She was at that time out, had left the country for the rest of march, and only came back later on in april.The house is in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, and was purchased by Icon Profduction, as an investment, the 9 december 2008.Oksana moved in the 29th of january 2009.That alone, jeopardise the entire credibility of the rest of the misinformation that TMZ wrote today on their website and that you printed here.You cant do your research right and you cant even control your sources.Go to Sherman Oaks LA, found her adress and take some pictures of her, and then you can talk of coming with breaking news, cause nobody has done that yet, dont ask me why..All what TMZ got are pictures of him in his car and doing some shopping. WOAW!What a story!This is rumor control 1:That news is not any news but old news and to say it straight AN OLD HOAX !OKSANA IS NOT PREGNANT AT ALL,. ITS AN HOAX STARTED THE 23. APRIL BY "THE SUN" (an english tabloid) AS they always do when they got nothing, (WHO ALSO GET BRITNEY PREGNANT OF MEL LAST YEAR IN APRIL TOO, AS WELL AS 6 OTHER TIMES FORM DEC 2007 TO AUGUST 2008 AND EACH TIME IT WAS AN HOAX) THEY HAD NO SOURCES AT ALL AND DINT EVEN KNEW THAT OKSANA WAS LIVING IN SHERMAN OAKS LOS ANGELES WHERE SHE RENT A HOUSE FROM MEL GIBSON. THAT HOAX WAS TAKEN BACK BY THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER (another english tabloid) A WEEK LATER, WHO MADE IT LIKE IT WAS REAL .To do so they used a totaly uncontroled "source" who is a teenage posting comments under Mel gibsons News at IMDB, and saying that he knew the family and that Mel had said to Robyn and kids that she was pregy, and that the kids were infuriated and so on, but he also said later on that it was all BS. Nonetheless, the National Enquirer took that comment and wrote a copy paste of it entirely in their 7th of may edition, an entire article based on this anonymus faulse comment, thus the guy alos said it was BS... The entire thing is a lie. But all kind of newspaper and blogs and web news have rewritten that hoax referign to the national enquirer as a source who itself got .. no sources!And today again, the natioanl enquirer, reprinted that exact same story form the 7th of may cause their new edition comes out today and they got to sale their paper!The entire contain of it is a copy paste of their article from the 7th of may, word for word.You can go on their website and se it for yourself.The national enquirer also pretended that Mel Gibson had anounced to his family in late april before the wolverine premiere, that oksana was 2½ month pregnant, which is an hoax too. And thats based on that misinformation that TMZ say today that she is in her second trimester of pregnacy. Little math will do thanks. But thats not an information, thats a desinformation, and something they made up based on other newspapers hoax.There is no baby there is no pregnancy and she is still dating David Fletcher who also bought her a house! So if pregy guess whos the daddy!We are the 18 of may and thats the day the new edition of the national enquirer hit the street.It was already announced 4 days ago that they were goign to reprint the same about the sons suposdedly hirign a lawyer and so on. rabbish the whole thing.They need to sell so what they did? they made a reprint of the same story from the 7th of may! Exactly the same text word for word,. go to the National Enquirer website and read both articles from the 7th and 18th of may, its an hoax with echo!And all darn blogs and web news and newspapers everywhere have reprinted the hoax from the national enquirer who got it from the sun and from a teen who posted a joke comment at IMDB under "Mel Gibsons news comment board". AND THATS ALL THERE IS TO THIS. ITS A LIE!OH AND JUST NOTICE THAT MEL GISBON IS NOT LIVING WITH HER AT ALL, WEIRD IF THEY WERE TOGETHER AND LOVERS AND SO ON, SINCE HE ISNT LIVING WITH HIS SOON TO BE EX WIFE ROBYN, EITHER, AND GOT MANY HOUSES ON HIS PROPERTIES.ADD 2 AND 2 TOGETHER BUDDIES. THE WHOLE THING IS JUNK FOOD AND USING "SOURCES" THEY DO NOT HAVE AS THEY DO NOT EXIST.Concerning Mel Gibson being an antisemite and cheating his wife and so on, this is rumor control 2:Mel Gibson was dating Leslie Hamel, who is jew, for a year, from spring 2006 to the early 2007, when they quit completely, and Mels Gibsons wife Robyn found out about it in july 2006, and wanted a divorce, which did he drink a lot and the 2 things together added to very bad atmosphere home ended up with his DUI arrest, and an official legal settlement between the 2, stipulating that they were offcialy separated but that Robyn Gibson will receive 1 million dollars a week, 52 million dollars a year, ou tof an dabove any divorce settlement she might receive in the future if they were to divorce, to dont say a thing to the kids nor the press, nor anybody, and shut up about the separation, and that she will keep showing up with him like if nothing was. Which she did, and its her who wanted that agreement and who decided of the amount of money she was to receive to do so..So there!They did lived in the same house tho, unless he was working. Up til november 2008, when he was in Boston and pictures of oksana leaving his trailer were taken for the second time. Then Robyn ask for a finalisation of the separation into a divorce at Thanksgiving, but he didnt wanted to, and instead he renewed his marriage oath to her, but she closed the bedroom door to him, as a revenge, that we can understand, and moved to a near by house in their Malibu compound (he got 4 on the same acres). But later on in january 2009 he made videos with that oksana in Mexico, and he let her rent a house he had newly bought in LA, at the end of january 2009, and then invited her to Guanacaste in Costa Rica in mars, where he was taking vacation with his children and grand children and their respective gf, and his daughters husband Shepphard and their 2 kids, and pictures were taken of the 2 on a beach.And thats when the hell broke lose and Robyn finalised the divorce without asking him a thing and got her own lawyer.And thats it.When the sun pritned the faulse story of oksana suposed pregnancy, as being rumored by oksanas own friends, Mel Gibson thougth it was true, and thats why he brougth her to that wolverine premiere, which was oksanas idea.. but he soon found out it was a lie, and they do not have talk together since.He is extremely mad at her for having done that to him, lied and taken him for a fool, for so long, and he wish he had never met her.And thats all there is to it.He talks of going back with Robyn and regret bitterly the misery this story caused his own family, particulary what this oksana did.We wish the best of luck to David Fletcher ;Dbahahhaa!
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