Gibson Romanced Grigorieva For 'Three Years'

MEL GIBSON's former lover OKSANA GRIGORIEVA has alleged their relationship lasted much longer than previously reported - they were actually together for "three years".
The Lethal Weapon actor went public with his romance with the Russian musician last year (09), shortly after his wife of 30 years, Robyn, filed for divorce.
The couple became parents to a daughter, Lucia, in October (09), but went their separate ways in April (10), and Grigorieva now insists they were actually together since 2006 - after Gibson and his wife legally separated.
She tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "The truth always comes out. We've been together for three years - not one year as people have been writing. We were very much in love. He was the biggest love of my life and that's what Mel always told me."
And Grigorieva is still refusing to comment on why the relationship broke down, adding, "The reasons I cannot talk about but it will come out at some point."




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well since mel was dating another woman at that time i do not htink it can be true she is lying her arse off as always all that to cover up the fact that Mel Gibson is not the father of the baby lucia! WHY IS SHE SO KEEEEN TO INSIST THAT MEL IS THE FATHER OF THE BABY AND THAT NO DNA TEST WAS PERFORMED HUH?? WHY? SHE DID THAT TOO IN RUSSIA AND HER OWN MOTHER AS WELL. WHY IS THAT? PEOPLE, THIS IS A SMOKE SCREEN TO COVER UP THAT MEL GIBSON IS NOT THE REAL FATHER OF LUCIA! ALL THOSE KOWAL INFOS COMING ABOUT ARE JUST A WAY TO HIDDE THE TRUTH.. MEL GIBSON IS NOT THE REAL FATHER. SHE SAYS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING INTERESTING IN THAT INTERVIEW, THE ALONE THING SHE WANTED TO CONVEY IS THAT MEL DID NOT MADE ANY DNA TEST..AND WHY IS SHE SO INTERESTED IN US KNOWING THAT? WHY SHOULD WE CARE? FOR THE FIRST IT IS NO CREDIBLE AT ALL THAT MEL GIBSON HAD NOT MADE A DNA TEST SECOND, DENYING HE MADE ONE IS LIKE AFFIRMING THAT THE TEST WAS NEGATIV AND THAT MEL GIBSON IS NOT THE FATHER! Of course she wasnt with Mel Gibson since 2006 nor since 2007.They first met in 2008, in august.Or is she forgetting ger 2½ years fling with David Foster?She is to be seen on pictures from a grammy on the red carpet walking with david foster and kissing him in august 2006! and she is also seen wiht him in september 2007 and he bought her a house in late winter 2008! yes, David Foster!so he was the love of her life?? YEAH! money is good luving!!and how come is this news when she said it already to the pravda and other russians news the 19th april 2010?? thats only 3 weeks ago dudes!I call the bluff here. She didnt splitted from him he dumped her, because he is not the father of the baby and thats the real reason of the split. This fling with a porn star was in 2009 and ended in nov 2009, so why should oksa, who is also a pornogarphic star doer, be offended by that 6 months larter?? She is trying to make this happen, because she had announced to the pravda the 19 of april that the real reason of the split will come out soon.. yet 3 weeks later nothing had came up so she gave the tip to the national emnquier and thats how you have this kowal story. She has also given an interview to hello mag, exactly confirming what i am saying, insisting that Mel never ask for a DNA test!! Give me a break! of course he asked for one! and it was negativ!! She is doing cover up in fear it comes up, and she must have some juicy infos about Mel that she use to keep Mel Gibson silent about the fake paternity of the kid lucia, holding him in hostage. MEL GIBSON IS NOT THE REAL FATHER OF THE BABY AND THATS ALL THERE IS TO IT. ALL THIS IS A SMOKE SCREEN TO COVER UP THE REAL DEAL. Who gives a darn about Mel dating a porn director when already having filed for divorce and already going around wiht that pregnant homewrecker hooker oksa? Nobody! We all know this is not the reason for the breakup as it was last year and ended last year and as its nothing compatre with what oksa did, as destroying the mans image and family. She dont want us to know the truth, she dont want anybody to know that Mel Gibson is not the father of the baby she came with. She is the whore and thats what she is trying to hide babhahah! like if nobody could see it!
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