Gibson Quits Smoking

MEL GIBSON has quit smoking for the sake of his newborn baby daughter.
The one-time chain smoker is convinced he has kicked his nicotine habit once and for all - but it wasn't easy.
The Braveheart star explains, "The first three days, you’re an axe murderer. On day four you might take a bat to someone. Day five? You’re OK."
And his decision to quit smoking has had immediate health benefits: "I've lost five pounds and I can breathe all the way out."
Gibson's baby girl, Lucia, was born in October (09).


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Its a PR stunt. His PR agent allan Nierob told him to show up with her. In his appearance last night she wasnt with him on the red carpet but they went out at a restaurant, you know why? Because the 19th of november he was spoted at a restaurant with her, leaving it, looking like hell and having cried and her too not loking so proud as she used to. Thats because he had confronted her with the results of the DNA test showing that Mel Gibson is not the father of Lucia. The truth is that she has no contract with Icon Production anymore, is not living at Sherman Oaks anymore, and they are not together. He only meet her to show off that way, to dont have to say that he is not the father. Personaly I think its a very bad PR-stunt, and a bad idea to hide it, but Alan Nierob had him convinced that it was the best to do. Its also Nierob who convinced him to say at Leno that she could sing and play so fantasticaly when in fact she sing faulse, and to say that he met her listening her music, thus she never played a concert in her life, and had only an old demo, when in fact she walked inside his trailer at the Boston film set of Edge of Darkness, in late august, because there was only 2 security guys for the entire set, and they were taken looking after photographera near the shooting scene, so she could enter Mel Gibson's trailer without being stopped, and there she told him that she was used to get whatever she wanted from a man, and she did to him a blow job, the way Demi Moore did to Michael Douglas in that firm movie.. It was very discuting the way she approached him, and thats how she got what she wanted.. after some months of playing flute.Thats the way it went.. He hates her totaly now, he cant stand her, but he is also an actor so showing up at a restaurant with her, is no problem for him. He told me about yesterday, the same day as he had to go there, that he had to "show off his ho". They are not living together so how on earth could he take care of that baby?? Its all a bluff. They also had problems recently at Icon, to throw her out from Icon, and from the house in Sherman Oaks (owned by Icon prod.) because she had been together with the Contract Lawyer of Icon several times, f----- with him, and then had him to put in the fine prints of the contract, that the contract couldn't be broken.. A life time contract! So the father might be the Contract Lawyer at Icon. and therfor too its kept down.. - Mel took care of this recently, last month. She was without contract since october in fact, when they found out about the fine prints. On top of founding out that the kid wasn't his.. The resiliation of her contract was done before the baby was born, so Mel had suspicions already. In fact he suspected something was wrong in june already. - The alone reason she is still around is because he has 2 coming movies this year, and he dont want to destroy it with more bad press and thats all. He fear that people will say that he is a loser and call him stupid, lame , dumb, and was probably convinced of that by Alan Nierob, who is really bad at taking care of that kind of things. Its the exact wrong choices because its good for oksana, but very bad for Mel, and his reputation. Its totaly wrong. If he was carring for his 2 coming movies he should on the opposite not show up with her, so its wrong. This stunt was done for damage control, because many people could see something was wrong in nov 19, it was very obvious. She became pregnant in late march, at that time she wasn't with Mel Gibson since weeks. He cannot be the father and therefor too she hided the due date for birth from him changing it all the time, and he wasn't sure when it as due. He said and thought she was 2½ month pregnant in late april, because it was matching with last time they had been together. Meaning late february. She only was a couple of days at Guanacaste - Costa Rica, from the 4 to 6 March. He brought her there to tell her it was finished between them, that they couldn't be together because of his marriage, but that they could only be friends. But she didn't like it at all. Then he didn't saw her before the 25. of april, and by that time she was pregnant. Therefor too, later on, he ask her for a DNA test in june, because she didnt look 4 months pregnant to him, and something was mushy with the dates.. She refused, using The Privacy Act, and ask for him to wait for when the baby will be born. Which he did. And that was a big mistake from him to wait, as well as to tell at Leno that she was pregnant of him, when he didnt knew so for sure. In fact he didnt even knew at that time if she was pregnant at all, except for her word to him on it. She found out that she was pregnant in early April but only told Mel in late April, but oksana told Mel's wife that she was pregnant of her husband the first week of April, wihtout telling Mel about it... !!! Therefor his wife filed for divorce without Mel knowing exactly why and what had triggered it, right at that time. When you can fxxxx a lawyer just to get a longer contract, even you are dating Mel Gibson, you can also do that kind of sh@# to someone. All the time that she pretended to be pregnant of him, she craved things from him for herself and her "career"... and she embarrassed him often publicly too, calling him names and saying degrading things about him in front of others in his presence, for all to can hear it. Mel made a DNA test on the baby, the 30 of october. He had the samples taken at the hospital in LA, by the doctors there, without oksana's knowledge, and found out it wasn't his child, 10 days later. Mel Gibson had the result the of november. In fact he only came at the hospital to get those samples. He was in Malibu since 2 days before the baby was born, but didnt came at all before 12 hours had passed. This too has been attempted to be covered up for, by pretending that he was still in New York filming The Beaver, and had come immediatly but had to take a plane, to explain his delay.. but in fact there was no shootng of the Beaver since days when the birth took place, because of Halloween week. The baby was born the 30 october, 2 weeks too early, and was due the 13 of nov. A pregnancy is of 252 days. You do the math, she became pregnant when they weren't together, and in worse from the 14 of march to the 25 of april she wasn't living at sherman oaks but at the house that the music mogul, David Foster, had bought for Oksana in Santa Monica in late 2008! She was David Foster's hoe for over 2 years, (him cheating with her on his wife here too) and was still seeing him intimately in 2009. So she might have become pregnant of him, or of someone else, in that house. There was journalists and photographers in front of the house where she lives in, at Sherman Oaks, and who is owned by Icon Production's scottish trust fond, during the 3 first weeks of April, from 6 AM to 22 PM everyday, but they never saw her enter nor leave the place! She wasnt there at all! Last time she had been seen there, was by a neighbourg, while she was leaving the house, early morning, the 14 of March. She came back to Sherman Oaks around the of April, and told Mel she was pregnant, and Mel announced it to his family, and his kids were mad at him, specialy his oldest sons and refused to talk to him since. - She left Sherman Oaks the 14 of march, the same day as Radar Online published the pictures of her and Mel Gibson on the beach of Guanacaste, but hours before it was published.. which is a very interesting coincidence... She must have made a lot of money on selling those pictures and the article with it and the deal, to Radar online, who always talk good of her since, and do PR for her CD in each of their articles about her, also today. - Its also her who leaked many faulse infos and gossips to the National Enquier to promote herself as being with Mel, (as well as to prepare the stage, as she begin doing so in nov 2008! leaking to the NE that Mel and his wife were having problems), and to People magasin as well as to various english tabloids like the Daily Mail and that kind, trying to establish and reinforce her image as Mel Gibson's gf, and how glad he was of her being pregnant of him! Mel went crazy trying to found out who was talking and telling all those things to the press, when he finaly found out it was her. She is now forbidden to tell the press that MEL GIBSON is the father of the baby. Its a big scam she put on him. And it must be why Mel hesitate to come forth with the truth of it, and see it as potentialy damaging for him, but he has to. - When Mel recieved the results of the DNA-test, he was choked and relieved too. Therefor he relinked with his son Edward, and took him with him to New York, where they were together all the time in nov and dec. Mel Gibson and his son Edward had not talk together since late April, after he had announced to them that oksa was pregnant of him. The fact that he wasnt the father reunited them. That news came too late to can save his marriage, but he is still officialy married to Robyn as the divorce is not yet finalised. While waiting for the results of the DNA test, and after he found out that he wasn't the father, he didnt came back to Malibu once, but stayed in NY the whole november, until the movie The Beaver was finished to be made. He came back the 17th of nov, without even going to the wrape-off party for the movie, who was 3 days later, talk with his family, and waited the 19th of November to contact oksana and confront her with the results of the DNA test. - He confronted her in the car and at the restaurant. He had a fight with her there, and he didnt wanted to drive her back, but had to, because Nierob had told him not to say he wasnt the father. So Mel had to take care to keep appearances even if that day he could hardly do so. You can even see that on the video taken there, when Mel comes out of that restaurant, and visible at X17, that he went crazy when the paparazi ask him about the baby, thats when he went very agressive to him. That was a very painfull subject for him right at that time. Maybe not so much to have been so totaly betrailed by oksana but for the fact that what she did made him lose his family and broke his bonds with his 7 kids and created such a mess in all his life, and his church, and all that for a lie. For that hoe to can make a CD! You can see part of what happened at that restaurant here: It is because of those very embarassing pictures and embarassing video taken the 19th of november 2009, when they went out of that restaurant, that Nierob had to answer back with something to outbalance it: A Mel Gibson smiling with her, leaving a restaurant, and all was fine. And thats what they did last night after the Golden Globe thing. Oksana is totaly depending on them financialy so she will go for anything. And in worse its only beneficial to her that people and the media beleive that she is still together with Mel Gibson and take care of "their" baby.. While its catastrophal for Mel Gibson.. I don't want to say something who might be wrong, but since she did the contract-lawyer, and else, she might have done the press Rep Allan Nierob too. What do you think? Because he is giving advices to Mel who are very beneficial to her and very detrimental to him! And I dont see why, it makes no sense at all. - He lives in Malibu at his home with his kids, and oksana lives in LA. Its been like that for a year now. He never go see her there, she never come to his place either, he dont want to see her there, and she is forbiden to attend church services at his church too, by Mel Gibson! She has never entered his church at all. This "detail" say a lot about the state of their pseudo relationship. For me to see, the longer he keep playing that game of being with her and being the father of that baby, the worse it will be when it will come out or when he will decide to come clean with the truth. But you know Hollywood! And here it seems that Mel Gibson didnt made an exception to what all other do! It should be told now, so that he can come clean and be over with it. The longest he wait the more stress he put on him too. - The problem too, is that he do not have the strength right now to take care of this matter and put an end to it, for reasons who have nothing to do with the fatherhood nor oksana, who isnt even aware of what he is dealing with at the moment. - There is a very good reason why Mel has been out of the radar since the 19th of november and only reappeared with her for the Golden Globe, and in between had only very professional interviews with journalists and movie critics. The second reason is that he is repairing his image, or trying to, before his movie Edge of Darkness comes out in 2 weeks. If he was anywhere in Malibu or L.A., paparazi will have spoted him since a long time. He is not there at all. Oksana is in LA but not with him, and have you seen any picture of Mel entering her house in LA or leaving it? Have you ever seen one pic of him driving her in or out of there, or in and out of his home in Malibu? NONot a single one in a year! And its not because paparazi are not there! This woman totaly destroyed his life and family just to can get some fame and a record contract, who didnt sell at all. He is now left with this new big mess to sort out, like there wasn't enough of it already, to take care of and repair. On the other hand, its his chance to clean himself out. Thats how I see it. If this comes out, that will do Mel a huge favor, because that will force Nierob to react to it and take a stand, and that way it will clarify everything. Mel Gibson is my friend, and therefor I want to help him to get out of this mess. I must say that his advisers are not the best, as things could and should have been handled differently in the past, and also now. Mel waits for things to come up "on their own", he expect it to come out at some point. Lets make this the time when it comes up once and for all. In my opinon telling how the situation really is, and unveiling oksana's scam on Mel Gibson, will be very beneficial to Mel Gibson, even if it might be shocking, at first, for the public. It has to be done, and the sooner will be the best. What do you think? Should Mel Gibson come forth and tell that he is not the father and is not with oksana?
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