Gibson Gets Mad Over Anti-semitic Questions

MEL GIBSON was left fuming during a recent U.S. TV interview - after a Jewish reporter quizzed him over his alleged drunken anti-Semitic rant in 2006.
The Lethal Weapon actor is back in front of the cameras to promote new crime thriller, Edge Of Darkness, and was being interviewed by broadcaster Sam Rubin for Los Angeles' KTLA 5.
After starting out pleasantly, the interview turned nasty when Rubin - a Jew - asked the star about the time he reportedly made a series of unpleasant remarks to the Jewish cop who arrested him for drink driving over three years ago.
Rubin asked the actor, "Some people will welcome you back, some people will say you should never come back."
A seemingly offended Gibson sat forward and angrily asked, "Why?", before Rubin answered, "Because of what happened before. The remarks that were attributed to you."
Gibson returned, "The remarks that were attributed to me. I didn't necessarily make those comments," before asking, "I gather you have a dog in this fight? Do you have a dog in this fight? Or are you impartial?"
The interview then continued after Rubin changed the direction of his questions.
Gibson publicly apologised following the incident and the arrest was expunged from his record last year (09), after he served three years probation. He also quit drinking.


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In an interview with reporter Sam Rubin about his upcoming film, “Edge of Darkness” Gibson got a little testy when Rubin referenced “what happened before”—aka Gibson’s 2006 drunken anti-Semitic tirade. “Some people are gonna welcome you back and other people are gonna be like ‘He should never come back,’” Rubin said.“Why?” Gibson deadpanned. “Because of what happened before..”“What happened before?”“..the remarks that were attributed to you…”“That were attributed to me, that I didn’t necessarily make,” Gibson said. Then he stumbled a bit. “I gather you have a dog in this fight?”“Pardon me?”“You have a dog in this fight? Or are you being impartial?” Gibson asked.At which point a voice in the background groaned “okay” or something like that and Gibson concluded, “Well I’m back and I hope people will graciously accept me back.”------------------------- The reason why Mel Gisbon said that is because he actualy never made any anitsemitic rant when he was arrested!the lie was planted by officer Mee on behalf of Harvey Levi from TMZ who paid him largely to create a fake police report, stating that Mel Gisbon had said antimsemitic things.IT WAS ALL A LIETHERE IS 2 POLICE REPORTS, A REAL ONE STILL AT THE POLICE STATION, AND A FAKE ONE THAT TMZ GOT FOR MONEY!SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH, THATS HARVEY THAT SHOULD APOLOGISE TO MEL GISBON, AND THE JEWISH COMMUNITY SHOULD BLAME HARVEY!IT WAS A LIE, MEL NEVER SAID IT THAT OFFICER ALSO WROTE IN THAT POLICE REPORT THAT MEL GIBSON HAD CALL AN OFFICER SUGAR TITS.WELL THIS ONE WASNT TRUE EITHER.THE FOLLOWING INVESTIGATION SHOWED THAT MEE HAD ALSO LIED ABOUT THAT ONE AND THAT IN FACT IT WAS OFFICER MEE HIMSELF THAT ALWAYS CALL OTHER FEMALE OFFICER FOR “SUGER TITS” JURIDICALLY WHEN ONE WITNESS LIE IN PART OF THEIR TESTIMONY, THE ENTIRE TESTIMONY IS NON -CREDIBLE.WHEN OFFICER MEE COULD LIE ABOUT THAT, THEN WHAT MAKE YOU THINK THAT HE DIDNT LIE ON THE PART WHEN THERE WAS NO WITNSSES AT ALL?OF COURSE HE LIED!BESIDFE TRY TO THINK IT THROUGH: HOW COME THERE IS 2 POICE REPORTS TO BEGIN WITH ?AND HOW COME IN THAT SECOND ONE, THE SUPPOSED PARTS TO BE REMOVED ARE STILL VISIBLE?ITS ALL A FAKE AND VERY BAD MADE TOOOFFICER MEE WORK IN THAT STATION AND WROTE THE ORIGINAL POLICE REPORT, SO HE COULD EASILY HAVE ACCESS TO THE MATERIAL LIKE THE DUI BLANKET AND MAKE A FAKE REPORT FOR TMZ FOR MONEY, AND INCLUDDE IN IT SOME FAKE LINES..ADD TO IT THE FACT THAT THE FILE ON MEL GISBON WAS ON MEE’S DESK AND YOU’VE GOT IT ALL.PEOPLE GET SO TAKEN BY THE SCANDAL-STEAM AT THAT TIME, AND ALL THE FRENZIC THAT NOBDOY THOUGHT OF THE MOST OBVIOUS: HARVEY LEVI, DIRECTOR OF TMZ WAS GOING DOWN,HIS ONLNE THING WAS NOT WORKING, HE HAD NO SCOOP AT ALL, AND WAS GOING TO HAVE TO CLOSE HIS BUSINESS. AND TMZ REPUTATION WAS VERY LOW. IT WAS FAMOUS FOR HAVING ALL ITS FACTS WRONG, AND FOR ITS STORIES TO BE FAKE. HE DESPERATLY NEEDED A SCOOP.THEN MEL GIBSON GET ARRESTED, AND HE SAW A CHANCE TO GET THE SCOOP THAT COULD SAVE HIS SHOP. AND THATS WHAT HAPPEN.AND TO THE DAY TODAY, TMZ STILL LIVE ON THE FAKE SCOOP THEY MADE ON MEL GIBSON!SHAME ON THEM!HARVEY CLEARLY TOLD SO IN DECEMBER LAST YEAR, IN AN INTERVIEW.YOU DIDNT HEARD IT?? Mel Gibson has keep his mouth shut and obey to waht his PR representant told him to do for years now but its enough he is standing up on his feet and ti was also about time!you dont get it do you?he was forced to apologise back then because the pressure was too strong from the public and hollywood.he has never made any antisemitic remarks but he had no choice.saying he had not do so when a fake report was so largely aknowledged as being true, had been leak in the media, was carreer suicide.dont you understand what really happened?why do you think that he made apologise in october when the incident happened at the end of july 2006?Becasue they were waiting to see if it was possible to say that in fact he didnt said those things.I must admit that his associate werent strong enough nor wise enough or had a dobble agenda.him admiting to it was worse than iod he had said he didnt said so. He never publicly denied having said sugar tits at that time, its only 2½ years alter, in february 2009, that he said he never said sugar tits.up to then he was quoted for saying os everywhere and still is,.during that dfamous interview of dyna sawyer at GMA, he did admit havign said sugar tits.Dyane saywer ask him about it and mentioned it and he didnt deny it at all.Thus he had never said it and it was proven latwer on.but he had to wait that it was proven beign worng by the police departement itself before coming forht with it.up to then he pretended being guilty of something he had never put 2 and 2 together! That antisemitic rant never happened and was created later on, by the arresting officer and harvey levi form TMZ to can make a scoop and for Mee to can get some money.harvey must have tell Mee "baa ya know, he is an antisemite anyway, he made the passion of the Christ, so lets nail him"..whatever argument he used the money was the primary one, and the police document is a was for exemple never investigated, and nobody ever tried to found out if it was fausle or true because mel Gbsin had already admited to it on TV!! so as you can see it was a circle ending!Mel Gibson made his own trap by goign on tv and saying he was sorry! that was a big mistake all doen for PR thanks ot alan nierob who should be fired since a long time!The problem too is tha tpeople have get so used to thinkign that he did that and that he is an antisemite that htey cant even imagine in their mind that this was a fake and never happend.maybe we have to look at psychology and see that humans cant admit being manipualtedby the media even they shoudl know its the case, and admit of having fooled themselves, by beleiving that this was true. for so long. I mena, it was TMZ that did this, people shoudl ahve known better, both the other media, but also peole at hollywood and the police departmentthe porblem too was that Mel gisbon wasnt charged for havig made antisemtic rant but only for the DUI arrest, for drunkdriving, so it also ment that there was no investigation waht so wever as for if he actualy said it or not!and harvey Levi, director of TMZ, is also a lawyer, and he knew that in advance!Therefor too he was sooo scared when he heard that the sherif had investigated the telefon calls freom officer mee to harvey levi and form harvey lievi to officer mee, becuase he feard that those conversations had been taped and then he wil have been traped and that was the end of TMZ and nmost certainly a jail conviction for harvey!remember in nov dec when he went all crazy and made speech at university and to the journalist assiciation screaming for freedomn of expression and that the police had no rights to look into his phone records?that was hypocrisy form hm! what he was afraid of was bnot so much journalistic rights, than being busted for having planed a fordgery of police state documents, to frame Mel gibson ion a case that was compeltely made up!because those phone calls will have show that he was askign the officer to make a document and what to add as antisemitic rant in it.and how ot try to mae it sound truebut be real, reread those rants, does they sound to oyu as soemhting true or as something prefabricated?Try to think really hard.I htink its pretty obvius that they are fake.the document was a fake too andit is very obvious.there is also no other signature on that document but officer mee signature who is the one who made the fake so it says it all.also if it was it will ahve been throw out, but TMZ said it wa skept in a safe, what for?to sell it later on? then its a memory? too unrealbut at the same time the copy of it at TNMZ was made like if the paoer had been all messed up wiht, like it had been throw out in a trahs, wish is in contradictin with the story that it was kept in a safe!the whole thing ´dotn hang together there is too many discrepencies!another doscrepency is that that fake , was attemopted to be presented as beign the original document of the 2 police reports (one of them had to be a fake) to do so it ocntrianed the excact same think as in the official report, but.. a few sentences were added and they were the sentences about sugar tits and the antisemitc remarks. All the rest was identical.Those antisemitc remarks had to be removed, and were lined out, with a pen, they were crossed up, only usualy if oyu want soemhtig to be out nad deleted, you will just cross it so its invisible an dusualy in report they simply use a big marker, and thats all, while here, it waa litte cross up, so you coudl read the entire thing, with a thiny line on it.. hello! doesnt it sounds like a very amatorish made fake to you?of course its a fake.Funy, the sugar tits thing wasnt removed, nor cross up!its all bogus!and the DUI lawsuit was made basd on the original document the official document and not the one that TMZ leaked oyu know what that mena?that officialy the TMZ doc was never acknowledged as being real, and nevermade it through the test!if it was real kit will ahve had to have the finger print of the sherif on it. i am sure it didnt have. Somehting terribly worng was doen back then and has to be repaired now.the question is if the people who were so fast and stood in line ot blame Mel gibson will now be ready to stand up and do somehting to reestablish the truth.are oyu interested in the truth, or in having anybody also innocent peole beign nailed for crimes they didnt commit, also antisemitism?Or is Mel Gibson too big of a fish catch for your cause, to can let go of it, even knowing its a mistake? i would like to see some people reactions to this, and some concrete actions being made. And if Mel Gibson was innocent, how would you feel? what would you do for him? Mel Gibson is innocent and never made those antisemitic rants. He was framed and the second police report was a fake.Are you going to be with to reestablish the truth, or not? To blame innocents they are millions, to say sorry they are very silent. would you be the silent one or the one that crave proves and ask for an investigation?
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