Gia Allemand, 29, the American model who appeared on the first season of The Bachelor, was laid to rest in New York on Thursday (August 22, 2013) following her suicide attempt last week.

Her boyfriend, the NBA star Ryan Anderson, attended the funeral and was spotted being embraced by Gia's family. According to the, the sports star has understandably been struggling with Gia's death, which reportedly occurred after a fight between the two in which Ryan told her he didn't love her anymore.

However, Anderson plucked up the strength to bid Gia a final farewell and was seen clutching Gia's mother tight.

Some of the model's former 'Bachelor' co-stars also attended the service, including Craig Robinson and Graham Bunn.

Last week, some of Allemand's closest friends and colleagues came together by the Mississippi River to pray for the reality star in an emotional farewell. Over 50 people attended the memorial, wearing white ribbons and tossing white flowers into the water to "symbolize that our love and memory of [Gia] will continue to flow in our hearts."

Gia passed away on August 14, two days after she had attempted suicide in her New Orleans home. She was laid to rest at the Trinity Grace Church in Chelsea, New York.

Gia, real name, Gina Marie Allemand was best known for appearing on dating show The Bachelor, though appeared in Maxim magazine and was reportedly set to star in an upcoming film about actor and singer Gianni Russo.

Gia AllemandGia Allemand Died At The Age of 29