Gia Allemand, star of The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love, has died as a result of being removed from life support after she attempted to take her own life by hanging. Her boyfriend Ryan Anderson, who plays for the New Orleans Pelicans basketball team, discovered Gia hanging and called 911. The 29 year-old was immediately rushed to hospital where medics tried to intervene and save Ms. Allemand's life.

Gia Allemand
Gia Allemand Died After Attempting To Hang Herself.

Placed on life support, the devoted Christian was prayed for by her family, friends and fans but it was too late. The decision was made to take her off life support on 14th August and she died soon after due to brain damage. Her devastated boyfriend released the following statement: "Gia was the most beautiful person I knew inside and out and she always smiled and made everyone else around her smile. She had such an amazing impact on my life and anyone that knew her was blessed."

Gia Pictured Looking Happy With Her Boyfriend Not Long Before Her Death:

Although Gia is not known to have left a suicide note, a tweet and an Instagram image she posted the day before her suicide attempt can now be viewed in a much darker light. "Proverbs 21:3 "Doing what is right and fair pleases The Lord more than an offering," she tweeted, referencing a Bible proverb. She also posted an Instagram photo of some ghostly trees with the words "Legend says, when you can't sleep at night, it's because you're awake in someone else's dream" printed over the top.

The Haunting Instagram Post:

Hollywood Life reports that in the wake of her death, some of her closest friends have come forward to say that she had long battled with depression and a recent bust-up with Ryan may have toppled her over the edge. Apparently, Gia was upset that Ryan hadn't proposed to her yet and was paranoid that their relationship was on its last legs - to the point where she'd talked about plans to move from New Orleans to New York.

Gia Allemand The Bachelor
Gia With Her Bachelor Pals.

Speaking to the New York Post, one of her friends said "I'm not that shocked [by her suicide], because of her ups and downs. She fell victim to her own perfection and they were having problems." Another friend mentioned that Gia had substance abuse issues with prescription drugs. Brian McFayden, host of Beauty and the Geek and close friend of Gia's, said that she had a lot of insecurities, and was "looking for attention from guys." "She was looking for love...She was lost."

One Of Gia's "Selfies":

If Gia was image-conscious, she may turned to social networking to seek reassurance from her Instagram followers. She posted many selfies and images of her protein shake diet and other healthy foods to compliment her pescetarian diet. However, even days before her tragic death she looked happy; pictured with Ryan or at a Herbal Essences event.

What was going through Gia's mind when she decided she didn't want to live in this world anymore will remain a mystery forever, but Ryan and her mother were by her side when she passed away.