The leading ghazal star was due to perform a concert in honour of late singer Jagjit Singh in Mumbai, India on Friday (09Oct15) but it has been cancelled after protests by the ruling right-wing party Shiv Sena.

Activists had threatened to disrupt the show over the conflict in Kashmir, and a party spokesman insisted no Pakistani artists will be permitted to perform in the region until the decades-old dispute is settled.

Concert organiser Randhir Roy says, "Ghulam Ali's programme has been cancelled. Neither Ghulam Ali nor any Pakistani artiste will be performing at the 9 October event. Since the situation on the border is not conducive, it is not correct to call and promote any Pakistani singer."

Ali tells Indian network NDTV News, "I'm not angry but very hurt. I have always got love in India. The concert was a tribute for Jagjit Singh. He was like a brother to me."

A spokesman for the Pakistan High Commission insists he is baffled by the ban: "We do encourage artistes to visit both sides and perform. As far as Pakistan is concerned, our policy is very constructive, very positive. When Indian artistes go to Pakistan, they do not come across such opposition."