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Mickey Rourke 'Never Discussed' Expendables 2

8th November 2011

Mickey Rourke "never discussed" being in 'Expendables 2'. The actor appeared in the first Sylvester Stallone-directed film because he felt he owed him a favour, but although he was initially announced to be returning for...

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Michael Caine Cried Over Bambi

27th July 2011

Sir Michael Caine cried his eyes out while watching 'Bambi'.The 78-year-old actor - who memorably played hard man Jack Carter in 'Get Carter' and a vigilante Royal Marine veteran in 'Harry Brown' - revealed he...

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Britt Ekland Stripped Off In Get Carter For Cash

14th April 2011

Veteran actress Britt Ekland was wary about stripping off in Get Carter and only agreed to the saucy shoot because she was "completely broke".Ekland shed her bra in the 1971 crime thriller to film an...

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Stallone Paid Rourke To Be In Get Carter

13th January 2009

SYLVESTER STALLONE was so determined to land MICKEY ROURKE a role in his GET CARTER remake he offered him double when the ANGEL HEART star turned him down. Stallone asked Rourke to play the villain...

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Film Fans Get Last Look At 'Get Carter' Car Park

28th April 2008

British film fans have been allowed a final look at a parking lot featured in cult gangster movie GET CARTER before it is demolished to make way for a new shopping centre. A supermarket chain...

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Film Fans Campaign To Save 'Get Carter' Car Park

8th November 2007

British film fans have launched a campaign to save a parking lot featured in cult gangster movie GET CARTER. A supermarket chain plans to demolish the 1960s parking structure in Gateshead, England - which provided...

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George Sewell Dies

5th April 2007

Veteran British actor GEORGE SEWELL has died at the age of 82. Sewell, best known for his role as a heavy in 1971 classic GET CARTER, passed away on Sunday (01APR07). He also starred in...

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Caine Blasts 'Mumbling' Young Stars

9th November 2006

Veteran actor SIR MICHAEL CAINE has branded some of Hollywood's hottest new stars too incoherent to deserve a place on the silver screen. The GET CARTER star has resorted to lipreading on set because his...

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Caine Embraces Old Age With Selective Roles

7th November 2006

Screen legend SIR MICHAEL CAINE has hinted his finest roles are yet to come, because only now can he afford to be picky about movie projects. The veteran actor appeared in his first film 50...

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Caine: 'Obesity Is Bigger Problem Than Skinny Models'

21st September 2006

SIR MICHAEL CAINE fails to understand the recent fuss made about skinny models - he's far more concerned with the obesity epidemic. The GET CARTER star admits he isn't attracted to very thin women, but...

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Stallone's Caine Voted Worst Remake

1st November 2004

SYLVESTER STALLONE's 2000 reworking of the SIR MICHAEL CAINE crime thriller GET CARTER has been voted the worst film remake of all time in a new poll. In a survey of 2,000 film fans...

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Caine's Classic Voted Top British Movie Of All Time

4th October 2004

SIR MICHAEL CAINE's classic 1971 movie GET CARTER has beaten TRAINSPOTTING to the title of best British movie of all time. The gangster film, which shows the OSCAR-winning actor as ruthless killer JACK...

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Caine Teams Up With Enchanted Devito

14th May 2004

GET CARTER legend MICHAEL CAINE is being lined up to appear alongside funnyman DANNY DeVITO in a new low-budget fairytale movie. THE NATURE OF ENCHANTMENT sees Caine take on the role of psychiatrist DR...

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Owen Misses Own Premiere

28th April 2004

Hunky actor CLIVE OWEN left director MIKE HODGES furious when he managed to be late for the London premiere of their new movie I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD. The GET CARTER filmmaker was left...

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Caine Keeps His Clothes On

18th September 2003

Veteran movie star SIR MICHAEL CAINE refuses to bare his private parts in the name of art, because he fears he'll become the victim of "ridicule" if he does. The 70-year-old GET CARTER favourite...

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Caine Thinks New Alfie Will Be A Hit

25th August 2003

MICHAEL CAINE has given his blessing to the remake of ALFIE, but he refuses to be in it. The movie star says he feels sure that JUDE LAW and SUSAN SARANDON will give...

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Caine Dropped From Italian Job

18th August 2003

British screen legend SIR MICHAEL CAINE was axed from the remake of his classic film THE ITALIAN JOB, even though he agreed to appear. The star, who made a brief cameo in the flop...

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Tennis Trouble For Sir Michael Caine

2nd July 2003

GET CARTER legend SIR MICHAEL CAINE is such a huge tennis fan he was on the verge of a heart attack while watching a game on Monday (30JUN03). The British actor was at London's...

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Cummings Not Keen On His Own Films

28th April 2003

He's become on of Britain's most successful Hollywood exports, but Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING is unimpressed with the fruits of his labours. Cumming boasts appearances in EYES WIDE SHUT, GET CARTER, SPY KIDS and...

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