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'Selfie' Is The Word Of The Year: Charting Its Rise To The Top

By Joe Wilde | 19th November 2013

2013 is the year of the 'selfie,' the Oxford English Dictionary reckons at least, as the word used to describe a self-shot photograph has been named as the word of the year by the established...

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Rivera Reveals Why He Took Down Half-naked Selfie Pic

26th July 2013

Geraldo Rivera says that Fox News did not force him to remove his now-infamous selfie photo of himself dressed only in a towel. Conceding that he took the photo after having a couple of drinks...

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Geraldo Rivera Posts Nude Mirror Shot: "70 Is The New 50"

By Lauren James | 22nd July 2013

Mirror shots are usually the domain of insecure young girls, or those who have no friends to hold the camera to take the photo. Whilst most post this type of photo online to gain attention,...

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Tv Host Geraldo Rivera Eyeing U.s. Senate Run

1st February 2013

Talk show legend Geraldo Rivera is considering turning his back on the small screen to run for a U.S. Senate seat in New Jersey.The 69-year-old broadcaster has been regular fixture on U.S. Tv for over...

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Report Pbs Developing Special About U.k. Hacking Scandal

12th January 2012

PBS's Frontline is preparing a special about the telephone hacking scandal that has embroiled -- and continues to dog -- News Corp, Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera has disclosed in a Facebook post. Rivera said...

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Live Online Video Of Anthony Verdict Watched By Millions

6th July 2011

Ratings figures for the broadcast and cable networks that carried the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial are still not in, but CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News were able to measure the number of online...

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Curtain Falls On Glenn Beck's Drama At Fox News

1st July 2011

Glenn Beck said farewell to his Fox News audience on Thursday -- an event that was covered in a live blog by the New York Times 's Brian Stelter, who concluded, "Say what you will...

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Twitter Scoops Tv On Bin Laden Death

2nd May 2011

On Sunday, a day when broadcast and cable news operations are notoriously lean and insufficient, it was Twitter that initially spread the word that Osama bin Laden had been killed during a 40-minute military operation...

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Geraldo Rivera Caught In Libya Gunfire

5th April 2011

U.S. TV broadcaster Geraldo Rivera was left fearing for his life after he was caught in the crossfire in Libya on Sunday (03Apr11).The reporter was in Benghazi to cover the ongoing civil unrest when a...

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Right And Left Cross Swords Over Tucson Shooting

10th January 2011

Remarks by a Pima County, AZ sheriff that broadcast "vitriol we hear inflaming the American public" may have pushed an unstable gunman over the edge and led to his shooting rampage in Tucson on Saturday...

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Reporter Who Wrote Mcchrystal Story Dis-embedded

5th August 2010

In what is likely the first case of a high-profile embedded journalist losing his embedded status with U.S. troops since Geraldo Rivera was given the boot in Iraq in 2003, E4WBACBN3SJU Michael Hastings, who wrote...

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Will Fox "Purge" Geraldo?

14th September 2009

Speculation that Geraldo Rivera's days on the Fox News Channel may be numbered arose over the weekend as Rivera himself acknowledged on his "Geraldo at Large" program that he has found himself increasingly "out of...

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So Long, Tribune Entertainment

19th December 2007

Tribune Entertainment, once one of television's premier syndication companies, has bit the dust, according to the trade publication TV Week. The company, which moved to Los Angeles from Chicago 11 years ago and was based...

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Ebert Named America's Leading Pundit

24th September 2007

A poll conducted by research group E-poll for Forbes magazine of the 60 leading "pundits" in America has ranked Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert at the head of the list. Said Forbes: "While the...

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Cbs Announces Stock Buyback, Increased Dividend

5th September 2007

CBS on Tuesday boosted its quarterly dividend 14 percent to 25 cents and said it would buy back $1.6 billion worth of its stock. The move was seen as an effort by the media giant...

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Murdoch Says O'reilly Doesn't Represent His Views

28th June 2007

In an interview with Time magazine appearing on its website, Rupert Murdoch has acknowledged that Fox News Channel may well represent a major reason why his plans to acquire the Wall Street Journal have incensed...

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Now It's Geraldo And Olbermann Tossing Brickbats

10th January 2007

On the heels of the name-calling donnybrook involving Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell comes a new one involving Geraldo Rivera of Fox News and Keith Olbermann of MSNBC. It began two weeks ago when Rivera,...

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Barbara Walters Might Have Interviewed O.j., Says Report

23rd November 2006

Despite her previous assertions that she had turned down an interview with O.J. Simpson about his book If I Did It, Barbara Walters had in fact expressed interest in conducting the interview but was overridden...

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Rivera: 'Jackson Prosecutors Are Fighting A Losing Battle'

8th March 2005

American news man GERALDO RIVERA insists the first week of the MICHAEL JACKSON child molestation trial has only served to re-emphasise his comments that the pop superstar is innocent. The FOX NEWS CHANNEL star,...

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Jackson Believes His Work Has Won God's Approval

7th February 2005

Troubled pop icon MICHAEL JACKSON believes he's "won God's smile of approval" for his charity work over the years. The 46-year-old BAD singer, whose child molestation trial begun last Monday (31JAN05), has taken part...

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Jackson To Unveil Children On Concert Stage

7th February 2005

Superstar MICHAEL JACKSON has decided to finally show off his children to the public - on a concert stage. The 46-year-old BAD singer - father of eight-year-old PRINCE MICHAEL I, PARIS, six, and two-year-old...

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Judge Gives Jackson The Ok To Talk

20th January 2005

Judge RODNEY MELVILLE has given MICHAEL JACKSON permission to make a public statement on his pal GERALDO RIVERA's American news show - as long as he doesn't mention his upcoming child molestation trial. Jackson...

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Rivera Sells Weekly Newspaper

22nd November 2004

American TV personality GERALDO RIVERA has left the publishing world, after selling his weekly New Jersey newspaper. Rivera had owned 20,000 circulation newspaper the TWO RIVER TIMES for 14 years, before deciding to sell...

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Jackson Attacks `Racist' Eminem At Rally

13th November 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON has hinted that his new chart rival, EMINEM, is a racist by calling American newsman GERALDO RIVERA during a protest about the rapper's new video. Jackson is upset with Eminem because the...

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Geraldo Rivera Sues Over Housing Dispute

13th September 2004

American TV personality GERALDO RIVERA is suing the co-op board of the housing development he lives in, alleging members wrongly kept a $10,000 (GBP5,550) deposit on one of his properties. The FOX NEWS senior...

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