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Michael Moore Responds To Government Probe

15th May 2007

Michael Moore has hit back at the Bush administration, which has launched an investigation of his recent trip to Cuba, during which he took 9/11 responders to hospitals for treatment. The trip was filmed for...

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The Things They Say 4590

3rd May 2007

"The world is out of sync right now. The fact is we don't have good leaders. America is still a great country but we lack leadership." TONY BENNETT is unimpressed with US President GEORGE W...

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Bush Thanks Generous American Idol Viewers

2nd May 2007

US President GEORGE W BUSH and his wife LAURA have applauded viewers of American Idol after they helped raise a staggering $70 million (GBP35 million) during a special charity edition of the TV talent show....

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Lily Allen's Drunken Onstage Rant

6th April 2007

British singer LILY ALLEN has launched an astonishing drunken rant during a concert in San Diego, California, calling GEORGE W BUSH an "a**ehole" and claiming she is "probably bisexual". The 21-year-old turned angry after guzzling...

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Penn Speaks Out Against Bush At Rally

28th March 2007

Activist actor SEAN PENN hit out at US President GEORGE W BUSH at an anti-war rally in California on Saturday (24MAR07), calling on the leader to be held accountable for the situation in Iraq. The...

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Law + Order Star Considers Presidential Run

12th March 2007

LAW + ORDER star FRED THOMPSON is considering a run for the White House as US PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH's Republican replacement. The actor, a former senator for Tennessee, revealed his intentions in an interview...

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Bush Denies Patting Hatcher's Bottom

6th March 2007

LATEST: Former US President GEORGE BUSH has dubbed photographs that show him feeling actress TERI HATCHER's bottom "a fraud". The pair, firm friends, were snapped enjoying lunch together last month (FEB07). When they parted, the...

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Hatcher Stunned After Seeing President Patting Her Bum

19th February 2007

TERI HATCHER was shocked during an appearance on THE TONIGHT SHOW with JAY LENO on Friday (16FEB07), when she was shown a videotape of former US President GEORGE BUSH patting her on the behind. The...

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Martin Takes Swipe At Us President

15th February 2007

Singer RICKY MARTIN shocked fans at a recent concert in Puerto Rico by singing about US President GEORGE W BUSH and then giving him the finger. The 35-year-old sang and danced with Bush at the...

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Hatcher Explains Presidential Pal

14th February 2007

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star TERI HATCHER has spoken out about her unlikely friendship with former US president GEORGE BUSH, boasting she's even stayed at the statesman's Maine home. Photos of the actress giving Bush a kiss...

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Streisand Backs Democrat Trio

6th February 2007

BARBRA STREISAND is so keen to get a Democrat in the White House, she's giving the party's three leading candidates cash for their campaigns. The diva will help fund Senators HILLARY CLINTON, BARACK OBAMA and...

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Lange: 'Being Anti-bush Is Dangerous For My Health'

31st January 2007

JESSICA LANGE is determined to carry on her anti-war and anti-President GEORGE W BUSH stance - even though it almost cost her her life. The actress has opposed the war since US troops first went...

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Fonda Speaks At Anti-war Rally

29th January 2007

JANE FONDA attacked the war in Iraq at a rally in Washington DC on Saturday - 34 years after she famously campaigned against the Vietnam War. The 69-year-old joined a 100,000-strong protest in the US...

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David Byrne Blasts Bush + Cheney

29th January 2007

Pop legend DAVID BYRNE has accused US President GEORGE W BUSH and Vice President DICK CHENEY of leading America in the same way as the late SADDAM HUSSEIN led Iraq. The former TALKING HEADS frontman...

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Sarandon Urges Politicians To End Iraq Occupation

25th January 2007

Actress SUSAN SARANDON is urging candidates standing in next year's (08) US presidential election to support a campaign to end the occupation of Iraq. Outspoken anti-war campaigner Sarandon admits she was unimpressed with President GEORGE...

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Stone Blames World Trade Center Backlash On Bush

22nd January 2007

OLIVER STONE blames the poor reception WORLD TRADE CENTER received in the international press on President GEORGE W BUSH, insisting he has turned the world against the US. The Oscar winner was dismayed when European...

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Redford Calls For Iraq War Apology

19th January 2007

Hollywood legend ROBERT REDFORD has demanded an apology from America's leaders for the war in Iraq.The actor told an audience at the Sundance Festival in Utah that he and many others had shown a "spirit...

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Redford: 'Us Leaders Owe Americans An Apology'

19th January 2007

ROBERT REDFORD has demanded an apology from US politicians, claiming PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH's government exploited public support during the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The 70-year-old actor used his opening night address yesterday (18JAN07)...

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Angelina Jolie Slams Bush

19th January 2007

ANGELINA JOLIE has hit out at US President GEORGE W BUSH, accusing him of turning the world against America. Jolie, who spends much of her time travelling the world helping the poor as an ambassador...

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Fox To Attend State Of The Union Address

17th January 2007

Hollywood star MICHAEL J FOX is taking his embryonic stem-cell research campaign straight to the top - he'll be attending US President GEORGE W BUSH's State of the Union address next week (begs22JAN07). The actor,...

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Sheen Slams Bush For Being 'All Image'

16th January 2007

Hollywood legend MARTIN SHEEN has blasted US President GEORGE W BUSH, insisting he's "all image" and handled criticism from country trio the DIXIE CHICKS heartlessly. The veteran actor, who played PRESIDENT JOSIAH BARTLET on US...

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Sheen: 'I Was Asked Not To Come To The White House'

16th January 2007

Hollywood legend MARTIN SHEEN was asked not to attend a party at the White House where his WEST WING co-stars were invited to meet their real-life counterparts. The 66-year-old actor, who played PRESIDENT JOSIAH BARTLET...

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Olmos Slams Us And Puerto Rico Over Vieques Clean-up

3rd January 2007

American actor EDWARD JAMES OLMOS has attacked the US and Puerto Rican authorities for not clearing up the site of a former bombing range on Vieques Island. MIAMI VICE TV star Olmos was sentenced to...

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La Scala Ditches Political Problem Play

30th December 2006

Bosses at historic Milan opera house La Scala have axed an upcoming production of CANDIDE which features drunk world leaders including US President GEORGE W BUSH and British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR parading in their...

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Spears And Hilton Named Worst Role Models

29th December 2006

BRITNEY SPEARS and PARIS HILTON have been voted the Worst Celebrity Role Models of 2006 in a joint poll between Associated Press and AOL. The pop star has come under fire this year (06) for...

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Bonaduce Receiving Death Threats For Bush Support

28th December 2006

Former PARTRIDGE FAMILY star DANNY BONADUCE is terrified for his life after speaking out in support of US President GEORGE W BUSH earlier this month (DEC06). The actor has been forced to alert the FBI...

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Gerald Ford Dies

27th December 2006

Former US President GERALD FORD has died at his home in Rancho Mirage, California after suffering a string of health problems. He was 93. Ford, who last month (NOV06) took over from RONALD REAGAN as...

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Grohl: 'Bush Is My Villain Of 2006'

21st December 2006

FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL has nominated PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH as his villain of 2006. The rocker can't wait for Bush's second and final term to end in 2008, so the United States can...

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Clooney Suffered Paranoia Over Iraq War Opposition

20th December 2006

GEORGE CLOONEY felt paranoid he was the target of a hate campaign when he spoke out against the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Staunch Democrat Clooney was dismayed when supporters of US President GEORGE...

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Penn Blasts Bush During Racy Speech

19th December 2006

Oscar winner SEAN PENN stunned audience members when he called for the impeachment of US PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH and VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY and used the words "blow job" and "c*m stain" during a...

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