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Chuck D To Make State Of The Union Speech

21st January 2004

PUBLIC ENEMY frontman CHUCK D will hit back at yesterday's (20JAN04) State Of The Union address by American President GEORGE W BUSH with his own take on the current political climate. The FIGHT THE...

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Baez Dedicates Album For Fellow Liberal Moore

19th January 2004

Folk legend JOAN BAEZ has dedicated her new album to fellow liberal campaigner MICHAEL MOORE. The singing sensation struck a chord with liberal and democrats in the 1960s with her political stance, which she...

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Michael Moore Announces Support For Presidential Hopeful Clark

18th January 2004

Politically-active filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE will support Democrat WESLEY CLARK in his bid to run for American President this year (04). The BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE OSCAR-winning director makes his case for the retired general on...

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Sean Penn Starts His Journalism Career

16th January 2004

Politically-active actor SEAN PENN has embarked on a new career as a journalist - his first byline appeared in Wednesday's (14JAN04) edition of the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE newspaper. The 21 GRAMS star has visited...

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Gwyneth Paltrow Slams Bush

5th January 2004

Movie star GWYNETH PALTROW has blasted American PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH, accusing him of conning the US public and ignoring the rest of the world. The pregnant SYLVIA star - who recently married COLDPLAY...

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Travolta Heads For Outer Space?

19th December 2003

Movie hero JOHN TRAVOLTA has made a personal bid to get to the moon - by offering his services to President GEORGE W BUSH. The daredevil actor has already been personally invited to join...

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Hilton A Bigger Tv Draw Than Bush

18th December 2003

Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON's recent flurry of headlines have paid off - she's been a bigger TV draw this week (ends19DEC03) than American President GEORGE W BUSH. TV network ABC's DIANE SAWYER interview with...

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Affleck: 'Don't Execute Saddam'

17th December 2003

Actor BEN AFFLECK has called for deposed Iraqi dictator SADDAM HUSSEIN to be spared execution, so he doesn't get the opportunity to become a martyr figure. The avid Democrat also cynically described the benefits...

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Robbins Apologises For 'Wrong' Comment

12th December 2003

Outspoken actor TIM ROBBINS has publically apologised for using the terms "chicken hawks" when describing the administration of GEORGE W BUSH earlier this year (03). The politically active star - who alongside partner SUSAN...

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'Over-demanding' Timberlake Interview Axed

11th December 2003

An interview with pop hunk JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was axed by a British radio station last week (ends07DEC03), after his managers issued a list of 'unreasonable' demands to the presenter. The CRY ME A RIVER...

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Redford Blasts Bush's Energy Bill

9th December 2003

Concerned Hollywood star ROBERT REDFORD has attacked the American government's energy legislation, calling it one of the worst bills he's ever seen. The longtime conservationist, 66, says the bill - put in place by...

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Loretta Lynn And James Brown Honoured

8th December 2003

Legendary musicians JAMES BROWN and LORETTA LYNN have been awarded with KENNEDY CENTER HONORS lifetime achievement awards in Nashville, America. Stars lined up to pay tribute to the recipients - who also included comedian...

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Clinton Hints At Election Run

8th December 2003

Former American First Lady HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON has given signs she is ready to run for President after declaring the country "ready" to elect a female leader. The wife of Democrat BILL CLINTON is...

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Moby Hosts Anti-war Screening

8th December 2003

Dance guru MOBY will be inviting members of the public into his New York apartment for a screening of an anti-Iraq war documentary. The hitmaker hopes UNCOVERED: THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT THE IRAQ WAR...

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Eminem Bush-baiting Lyric Probed

7th December 2003

Badboy rapper EMINEM is being investigated by the American Secret Service for allegedly threatening PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH in a song. The lyrics to WE AS AMERICANS are available on the internet although Eminem...

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Dixie Chicks Hit Back At Cd-smashing Country Fans

4th December 2003

The DIXIE CHICKS have further distanced themselves from their country fans in the pages of fashion magazine VOGUE by insisting they're nothing like the people who smashed their CDs earlier this year (03). The...

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Radiohead Feared American Tour

2nd December 2003

Art rockers RADIOHEAD were apprehensive about their recent America tour - after their outspoken attacks on President GEORGE W BUSH. The band have taken a public anti-war, anti-Bush stance, and lead singer THOM YORKE...

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Yorke Mocks Blair

28th November 2003

RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE employed an unusual method to hit out at British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR on stage - he impersonated him during their anti-government tune YOU AND WHOSE ARMY. The outspoken singer...

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Natalie Maines Scoops Award For Anti-bush Comment

25th November 2003

Outspoken DIXIE CHICKS star NATALIE MAINES' controversial comment about American President GEORGE W BUSH has landed her an award. The country beauty was shunned by a number of her American fans after she told...

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Bush's Royal Faux Pas

21st November 2003

American President GEORGE W BUSH got on the wrong side of British monarch QUEEN ELIZABETH II by bringing five personal cooks to Buckingham Palace during his stay this week (ends21NOV03). According to sources in...

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Nick Broomfield: I Hate Bush's America

21st November 2003

Documentary filmmaker NICK BROOMFIELD feels uncomfortable in America since PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH was elected. British Bloomfield was in the States recently while making a film about the serial killer AILEEN WUORNOS, and found...

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Ron Howard Forced To Hail A Cab After White House Honour

21st November 2003

OSCAR-winning movie maker RON HOWARD came down quickly after being presented the NATIONAL MEDAL OF ARTS at the White House last week - he had to make his own way home in the rain....

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Neeson + Linney Defend The Royals

20th November 2003

LOVE ACTUALLY stars LIAM NEESON and LAURA LINNEY were left to defend Britain's royal family on American TV after the hosts of magazine show THE VIEW joked about THE QUEEN's jewellery this morning (20NOV03)....

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Yorke Leads Anti-bush Protests

19th November 2003

RADIOHEAD's THOM YORKE has led musicians' protests against American President GEORGE W BUSH's official trip to Britain. The singer slammed British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR for inviting the "religious lunatic" to the country yesterday...

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George Michael Returns To Sony

18th November 2003

GEORGE MICHAEL has stunned the music world by signing a new deal with record label SONY, ten years after he tried to "divorce" the company in a high-profile legal battle. The OLDER star failed...

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Maradona Slams 'Girly' Beckham

17th November 2003

Soccer legend DIEGO MARADONA has launched a vicious attack at English sports superstar DAVID BECKHAM, accusing him of looking like a woman and being "too pretty" to play the game. The ENGLAND captain is...

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Sting Urges World To Help Rebuild Iraq

3rd November 2003

British rocker STING has slammed the American-led invasion of Iraq, and urged the world to help reconstruct the war-ravaged nation. Speaking at a news conference in Hong Kong to promote his latest album SACRED...

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Schwarzenegger Hails Californian Fire Crews

29th October 2003

Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has hailed California firefighters as "heroes" as they battle against the blazes reeking havoc across the Sunshine State. The actor-turned-politician took time yesterday (28OCT03) to meet and shake hands with some...

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Molotov Explode At Mtv Latin Awards

24th October 2003

Rockers MOLOTOV and singer NATALIA LAFOURCADE (corr) stole the show at last night's (23OCT03) MTV LATIN AWARDS by winning four and three gongs respectively. Molotov claimed prizes in the Best Group or Duo, Best...

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Mellencamp Attacks Bush In Cyberspace

23rd October 2003

Rocker JOHN MELLENCAMP and his supermodel wife ELAINE IRWIN have blasted PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH's war policies in a letter to their fans which they've posted on the internet. The open letter, which appears...

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