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Love Me Do: Paul Mccartney Marries Nancy

10th October 2011

Sir Paul McCartney has got married. The Beatles legend tied the knot with Nancy Shevell at London's Marylebone Register Office yesterday (09.10.11) - the same venue where he tied the knot his late first wife...

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George Harrison Tribute Gigs Planned

9th October 2011

A pair of free concerts will be held in the Beatles' native city of Liverpool, England to mark 10 years since the death of guitarist George Harrison.The musician died of lung cancer on 29 November,...

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Fearne Cotton Dazzles At Premiere With New Boyfriend In Tow

8th October 2011

Fearne Cotton found herself more than competing against the array of legendary rock n' roll talent that turned up to the premiere of new George Harrison biopic DVD 'Living In The Material World.'The TV presenter,...

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Paul Mccartney And Ringo Pay Tribute To George

3rd October 2011

Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr joined to paid tribute to George Harrison yesterday (02.10.11).The two surviving members of The Beatles joined with their bandmate's widow, Olivia Harrison, his son Dhani, producer Sir George Martin,...

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Sir Paul Mccartney Pays Tribute To Harrison At Movie Premiere

3rd October 2011

Sir Paul Mccartney took an emotional trip down memory lane on Sunday (02Oct11) by re-living his Beatles bandmate George Harrison's career at the U.K. premiere of Martin Scorsese's new movie.The Goodfellas director screened his biopic...

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Paul Mccartney Emotional Over George Harrison

3rd October 2011

Sir Paul McCartney found it "very emotional" watching a new documentary about George Harrison. The Beatles musician was moved by Martin Scorsese's four-hour tribute to his former bandmate, 'Living in the Material World', as it...

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The Things They Say 23000

2nd October 2011

“If John and George were still here it’s highly likely we would’ve had a Beatles reunion. I think we would’ve mellowed to the point where we would’ve said, ‘Come on, let’s do it’." Sir Paul...

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Harrison's Son Found Documentary Tough Viewing

1st October 2011

George Harrison's son found it difficult to watch Martin Scorsese's new documentary about the Beatles legend, because it was like watching his life repeated on the big screen.George Harrison: Living in the Material World opened...

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George Harrison Documentary To Premiere In Liverpool

16th September 2011

Martin Scorsese's new George Harrison documentary is set to premiere in the U.K. in the Beatle's native Liverpool, England.George Harrison: Living in the Material World opened at Spain's 59th San Sebastian Film Festival on Friday...

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George Harrison Memorabilia To Go On Show

9th September 2011

Guitars, clothing and lyrics from George Harrison's collection are to be exhibited in Los Angeles to coincide with the release of Martin Scorsese's new film about the late Beatle.The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles will...

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George Harrison's Widow: 'George Was Much More Than Just The Quiet Beatle'

5th September 2011

George Harrison's widow has exploded the myth the late star was the "quiet" Beatle, insisting he could be a wildman when he wasn't meditating.In a new Rolling Stone expose, Olivia Harrison reveals the guitarist lived...

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Martin Scorsese To Release George Harrison Documentary

5th September 2011

Martin Scorsese is to return to the music world again as he releases a documentary about the life of George Harrison. The documentary includes previously unseen private letters, home movie footage and personal stories of...

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The Beatles Support Music Matters Campaign

17th August 2011

The Beatles are supporting the Music Matters campaign to combat illegal downloading. The legendary pop group's estate has approved the use of the band's music in a special animated film which promotes downloading from legal...

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Martin Scorsese's George Harrison Documentary Selected To Open San Sebastian

11th August 2011

George Harrison will return to the big screen from beyond the grave - Martin Scorsese's documentary about the late Beatle is set to premiere at the 2011 San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain.The music documentary,...

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Harrison's Widow Rallies Stars For Africa Fundraising

28th July 2011

Eric Clapton, Selena Gomez, Enrique Iglesias and Ringo Starr are among celebrities who have teamed up with the widow of Beatles star George Harrison to raise money for the victims of drought and famine in...

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Paul Mccartney Reflects On Beatles Breakup

14th June 2011

Paul McCartney "hadn't thought of the implications" when he effectively announced the end of The Beatles. The 'Heavy Roller' singer is credited as being the one who broke the news of the legendary British group's...

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Harrison's Son Plays Dad's UKeleles On New Album

13th June 2011

George Harrison's son Dhani has given his band thenewno2 a distinctive sound on their album by performing with some of the 40 ukeleles his late father left him in his will.Dhani Harrison has become a...

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George Harrison's First Love Credits Late Beatle As Best Kisser

7th June 2011

George Harrison's first girlfriend has boosted the late Beatle's reputation as a ladies' man by revealing she still treasures her first kiss with him.Iris Caldwell realised years later that Harrison was perhaps only dating her...

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The Beatles Nearly Drafted

25th May 2011

The Beatles would never have formed if they hadn't narrowly escaped being drafted into the army. The band's Sir Paul McCartney said the group - which originally came together in 1960 - were lucky to...

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The Beatles Entourage Set To Reunite For Cirque Du Soleil Anniversary

22nd May 2011

A few members and associates of the Beatles are set to get together in Las Vegas on 8 June to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Cirque Du Soleil's 'Love', the music-driven circus show from THE...

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George Harrison Diaries To Be Published

22nd April 2011

Unseen photographs, personal letters, and diaries written by late Beatles star George Harrison are to be published in an illustrated history of his life.The legendary musician's widow Olivia will reveal dozens of previously unreleased documents...

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John Lennon's Lyrics To Be Auctioned

14th April 2011

John Lennon's handwritten lyrics to the Beatles song 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' are set to make £122,000 at auction. The lyric sheet features the song's third verse and the opening lines of 'She's...

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American Idol's Pia Steals The Show On Rock Night

7th April 2011

American Idol contestant Pia Toscano stole the show on yesterday's rock 'n' roll themed show. The 22-year-old songstress wowed the Idol judges with a powerful rendition of Tina Turner's hit 'River Deep, Mountain High', reports...

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Yellow Submarine Goes In The Tank With Mars Needs Moms

16th March 2011

The sinking of Robert Zemeckis's Mars Needs Moms has apparently sunk plans for another Zemickis motion-capture feature, the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the project has been canceled by Disney after the...

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Gretsch To Sell Limited Edition Replica Of Harrison Guitar

10th January 2011

Guitar makers at Gretsch are marketing a new guitar styled after the Duo Jet GEORGE HARRISON strummed in his early days with the BEATLES.The limited edition instrument is a replica of the one Harrison played...

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Liam Gallagher Inspired By Harrison

31st December 2010

Liam Gallagher's style icon is George Harrison.The Beady Eye singer has his own fashion label Pretty Green and although he is famously obsessed with John Lennon, he claims The Fab Four's guitarist is a bigger...

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The Beatles Added To Itunes

16th November 2010

The Beatles' back catalogue has been added to iTunes. The legendary British group - comprised of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison - have been the largest artist to be conspicuously absent...

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Paul Mccartney's Ghostly Shock

31st October 2010

George Harrison once tricked Sir Paul McCartney into thinking he was his dead mother.The Beatles stars and their bandmate John Lennon were once trying to contact the dead through an Ouija board - a flat...

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Harrison's Ouija Board Prank On Beatles

27th October 2010

THE BEATLES once tried to contact the spirit world on a Ouija board - but fell foul of a prank by GEORGE HARRISON.Sir Paul MCCartney has recalled how he, Harrison, and John Lennon held a...

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Ringo Starr's Home Boarded Up

27th October 2010

Ringo Starr's childhood home has been boarded up to stop Beatles fans from stealing mementos from it. The house - number nine Madryn Street, Liverpool, North East England - has had metal shutters fitted to...

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