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Day Of The Dead Remake For 2014

11th July 2013

'Day of the Dead' will be remade in 2014.The brains behind the recently released 'Texas Chainsaw 3D', Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman, have attained the rights to remake George A. Romero's 1985 classic zombie horror...

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Simon Pegg Doesn't Like 3d

24th June 2012

Simon Pegg is not a fan of 3D.The 'Shaun of the Dead' star doesn't like to see movies with computer imagery as he feels like it is an ''intrusion''.He said: ''I'm not a fan of...

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George A Romero Set To Adapt The Zombie Autopsies

21st October 2011

George A Romero is planning to adapt Steven C. Schlozman's novel, 'The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse'. GEORGE A. ROMERO, most famous for his 'Living Dead' movies, will tackle another writer's vision for...

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Romero Thanks Bush For Success

19th February 2006

Cult horror director GEORGE A ROMERO credits the failings of US President GEORGE W BUSH's administration with the success of his movie LAND OF THE DEAD. The 66-year-old movie maker, who launched the infamous...

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Romero Desperate For Bruiser Recognition

17th February 2006

Horror veteran GEORGE A ROMERO is disappointed one his proudest efforts remains largely ignored. The DAWN OF THE DEAD creator insists BRUISER, a film he made in 1998 after several failed Hollywood deals, is...

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Pride And Prejudice Holds Off Ritchie's Revolver

28th September 2005

Period drama PRIDE AND PREJUDICE has triumphed in the UK box office for a second week, despite competition from GUY RITCHIE's crime drama REVOLVER and GEORGE A ROMERO's horror film LAND OF THE DEAD....

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Romero: 'My Zombies Are The People's Zombies'

6th September 2005

Horror movie maestro GEORGE A ROMERO insists zombies should always be working class, as the undead are far more terrifying if they appear to be the rotting shells of ordinary people. The cult director...

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Leguizamo Felt Uncomfortable Eating With Zombies

28th August 2005

JOHN LEGUIZAMO was glad he never ate his lunch in the same trailer as the make-up department on the set of horror sequel LAND OF THE DEAD, because he didn't want to get distracted by...

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Romero A Huge Shaun Of The Dead Fan

26th August 2005

Film horror maestro GEORGE A ROMERO was left in fits of laughter when he watched a British satire of his cult movie DAWN OF THE DEAD. The 65-year-old director was pleasantly surprised by the...

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Leguizamo Sick Of Zombie Film's Extras

4th July 2005

MOULIN ROUGE! star JOHN LEGUIZAMO will think twice about signing up for another zombie movie, because he can't stomach gore. Leguizamo admits working on GEORGE A ROMERO's LAND OF THE DEAD was a challenge...

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Bowie + Ozzy To Play Zombie Rockers?

7th May 2004

DAVID BOWIE, OZZY OSBOURNE and MARILYN MANSON are in negotiations to play the undead in a new horror musical. The project, DIAMOND DEAD - about a rock band that comes back from the grave...

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Phifer And Rhames In Dawn Of The Dead Remake

18th June 2003

Actors MEKHI PHIFER and VING RHAMES have teamed up to appear in a remake of horror classic DAWN OF THE DEAD. Production has begun in Canada on the movie, which UNIVERSAL PICTURES bills as...

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