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Gene Simmons And Shannon Tweed Fight Over Photo

14th June 2011

Gene Simmons, the American rocker and lead-singer of Kiss, is reportedly in trouble with long-term girlfriend Shannon Tweed over a photograph he had taken with fans. The new series of Simmons' reality show 'Family Jewels'...

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Gene Simmons And Shannon Tweed Romance In Trouble?

13th June 2011

Rocker Gene Simmons' long-term romance with Shannon Tweed is in trouble after the former Playboy model confessed live on U.S. TV their relationship has "pretty much unravelled".The couple, parents to 22-year-old son Nicholas and 18-year-old...

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Michael Jackson's Thriller Jacket Being Auctioned

7th June 2011

Michael Jackson's iconic red leather 'Thriller' jacket is up for auction. The coat - which the late star wore in the iconic 1983 music video which saw him transform into a zombie - is expected...

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Vinnie Vincent 'Dragged Wife Through Broken Glass'

23rd May 2011

VINNIE Vincent, the ex-Kiss guitarist who was arrested on charges of aggravated assault yesterday (22nd May 2011) allegedly attacked his wife before dragging her through broken glass, reports VINNIE Vincent, who was chosen from...

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Simmons' Daughter Ok After Car Crash

16th May 2011

Rocker Gene Simmons has assured fans his daughter Sophie is OK after she was involved in a traffic accident on Thursday (12May11) by posting a family photo online.The 18 year old was taken to hospital...

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The Things They Tweet 1595

15th May 2011

"Young Nick has graduated college - with straight A's & Honors!!!" Rocker Gene Simmons is a proud dad after his son graduates college.

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The Things They Tweet 1550

1st May 2011

"Kiss Kondoms. With my face on the shaft!!! Yep. Fda approved, for the first time ever." Rocker Gene Simmons hopes to give his fans a little fun in the bedroom.

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The Things They Tweet 1502

7th April 2011

"New restaurant chain venture coming. Can't be more specific at this time." Kiss star Gene Simmons on his plans to become a restaurateur.

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Gene Simmons Partners With Online Translating Service

5th April 2011

Rocker Gene Simmons is teaming up with an online language translation service to help celebrities connect with fans worldwide.The Ortsbo website, which launched nine months ago, is a real-time virtual translator designed for social media...

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The Things They Tweet 1486

30th March 2011

"And here is the land of my birth - Haifa, Israel. Believe it or not, I recognize my birthplace hospital by the sea." Gene Simmons on returning to the exact place of his birth as...

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Simmons Makes Family Connections In Israel

28th March 2011

Rocker Gene Simmons is connecting with family members he has never known during a trip 'home' to Israel.The Kiss star, born Chaim Witz, emigrated to America with his mother Flora, a Holocaust survivor, at the...

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Gene Simmons Planning Israel Return

9th March 2011

Rocker Gene Simmons is heading back to Israel for the first time in more than 50 years to explore his Jewish roots.The Kiss star, born Chaim Witz, emigrated to America with his mother Flora, a...

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Kiss Rocker Paul Stanley To Be A Dad Again

25th February 2011

KISS star Paul Stanley is going to be a father again.The singer-and-guitarist and his wife Erin have announced they are expecting a baby girl - their third child together.He told People: "There is nothing greater...

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Nicki Minaj Avoids Escalators

21st February 2011

Nicki Minaj refuses to travel on escalators.The 'Roman's Revenge' rapper reportedly caused a fuss at the National Basketball Players Association Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday (19.02.11) after insisting photographers travelled to her backstage area...

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Kiss Recording 20th Album

28th January 2011

KISS will release their 20th studio album this year.The 'Crazy Nights' rockers are planning to start recording the follow-up to 2009's 'Sonic Boom' in March and are hopeful the process will go as smoothly as...

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Connie Hamzy Speaks About Rock Star Relationships On Howard Stern

8th December 2010

CONNIE HAMZY, the American woman from Arkansas who is best known as being a prominent 'groupie' and who claims to have had sexual relations with some of the world's biggest rock-stars, appeared on Howard Stern's...

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The Things They Say 19342

2nd December 2010

"We have KISS condoms, we have KISS caskets, we'll get you coming, we'll get you going." Rocker GENE SIMMONS jokes about the extent of his band's merchandise.

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Simmons Blasts Cowell

23rd November 2010

GENE SIMMONS wants SIMON COWELL's job - he's convinced he would make a better judge on the TV mogul's reality singing contests because he has real experience in the music industry.The Kiss rocker has joined...

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Simmons Hospitalised After Collapse

25th October 2010

KISS star GENE SIMMONS has been admitted to hospital after collapsing at an airport.The rocker is believed to have hit his head after fainting at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday (24Oct10). He suffered a...

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Simmons Threatens To Sue Hackers

18th October 2010

GENE SIMMONS has threatened to "sue the pants off" a group of hackers who infiltrated two of his websites last week (ends17Oct10).The Kiss rocker was left fuming when members of internet campaign group Anonymous targeted...

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Fascinating Fact 10146

18th October 2010


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Simmons' Websites Shut After Hack Attack

15th October 2010

KISS star GENE SIMMONS has been forced to shut down two of his official websites after a group of activists hacked in to protest the rocker's recent comments about illegal file-sharing.The bassist's online portals,

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Simmons' Strict Rules For His Kids

6th October 2010

GENE SIMMONS is adamant his children will never "go off the rails" because they wouldn't dare to disobey his super-strict parenting rules.The Kiss star has two kids, Nick, 21, and Sophie, 18, with his longtime...

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Rock God Gene Simmons

29th August 2010

Gene Simmons feels like an "Olympian god".The Kiss bass player and singer said the feeling he gets onstage is better than that felt by the most powerful people in the world, including religious figures and...

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Dr Frank Ryan Crashed Car While Texting

19th August 2010

DR FRANK RYAN - philanthropist and plastic surgeon to the stars - was texting while driving before his fatal crash on Monday, according to his former girlfriend CHARMAINE BLAKE. Family, friends, and clients, are mourning...

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Rollins Attacked By Fans For Not Giving Simmons A Hard Time On Tv

30th June 2010

Hardcore punk icon HENRY ROLLINS has defended his decision not to attack KISS star GENE SIMMONS for bragging about his wealth on his U.S. talk show - insisting he was happy for the heavy rocker...

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Kiss Stars Pay Tribute To Aucoin

29th June 2010

KISS stars GENE SIMMONS and PAUL STANLEY have paid tribute to music mogul BILL AUCOIN, who died on Monday (28Jun10).He passed away after a battle with prostate cancer and the band was shocked to learn...

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Simmons Alleged Assault Case Dropped

27th May 2010

Prosecutors in Los Angeles have dropped an assault case against KISS star GENE SIMMONS citing lack of evidence, after a couple alleged the rocker attacked them on a shopping trip last year (10).Nathan Marlowe and...

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Simmons Fights 'Humping' Allegations In Court

15th May 2010

Rocker GENE SIMMONS has filed legal papers disputing allegations he "humped" and "grinded" against a TV make-up artist during an appearance on U.S. sports network ESPN.The KISS frontman, who featured on ESPN's SportsCenter show earlier...

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The Things They Say 16356

4th May 2010

"The fans downloading for free are responsible for killing the next Kiss, U2 or The Beatles. It destroys hope." KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS is disgusted by illegal file-sharing on the internet.

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