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Why Does Kiss' Gene Simmons Think Rock Music Is "Finally Dead"?

By Nick Hill | 8th September 2014

The bassist and vocalist of the iconic band KISS, Gene Simmons, who is one of rock music's most recognizable figures, recently declared that the music genre is "dead," and he puts the blame on the...

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Gene Simmons "Deeply Regrets Offhanded Remarks" About Depression And Suicide

By Victoria Pavlova | 17th August 2014

Back in July, Gene Simmons did an interview with SongFacts, in which he talked about (among many other things) depression and suicide. His comments, perceived as insensitive by many even back then, received a renewed...

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Gene Simmons Issues Apology For Telling Depressed People "Kill Yourself"

By Nick Hill | 17th August 2014

Unsurprisingly, Gene Simmons has been forced to take back some recent controversial comments he made about addicts, people suffering with depression and suicides, after suffering a unanimous backlash from the public.Simmons suggested that a depressed...

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Gene Simmons Apologizes For Insensitive Comments Regarding Suicide

By Hannah Woodhead | 15th August 2014

The KISS bassist is known for his outspokenness, but for many crossed a line when in an interview with he remarked "I don't get along with anybody who's a drug addict and has a...

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Kiss Rockers Deny Bullying Eric Stonestreet's Mother On A Flight

By Lauren James | 30th May 2014

KISS musicians Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have hit back at claims made by actor Eric Stonestreet alleging that the rockers were rude to his mother, Jamey Anne, on a flight. The Modern Family star...

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Kiss' Paul Stanley Unleashes His Wrath In Scathingly Raw New Memoir

By Lauren James | 9th April 2014

Paul Stanley, frontman of the glam rock outfit Kiss, has released a new memoir in which he details some of the more private aspects of his life and reflects upon his career fronting one of...

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Jennifer Aniston Quashes Rumours Of Engagement Trouble With Justin Theroux

By Elinor Cosgrave | 29th July 2013

Jennifer Aniston is happy to discuss the rumours surrounding her married to Justin Theroux. Appearing at a We're the Millers promotional event, she spoke to the press in order to clear any misunderstanding regarding her...

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Schoolboy Blues: Mick Jagger Wanted To Be A Teacher!

By Elinor Cosgrave | 28th June 2013

Mick Jagger considered being a teacher, a politician and a journalist. 'Start Me Up' singer revealed his early career plans during a televised interview. Speaking on the Today programme, The Rolling Stones singer said a...

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Kiss Rock Out On Sydney's Allphones Arena Stage In Their Major 2012-2013 World Tour (Photos)

By Holly Williams | 11th March 2013

KISS - Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Tommy ThayerHard rock four-piece Kiss hit Sydney, Australia midway through their expansive 2012/2013 world tour.As part of their highly anticipated tour, seventies rock band Kiss played a seminal...

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Lindsay Lohan Backs Romney- To Support The Unemployed?

By Michael West | 12th October 2012

Lindsay Lohan's priorities have, for some years, been something of a mystery. She prioritised drinking over safe driving, she also managed to de-prioritise that odd tradition commonly known as paying-for-stuff when she stole a necklace...

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