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Fascinating Fact 2595

14th December 2006

Late actor PETER BOYLE turned down the lead role of POPEYE DOYLE in cult movie THE FRENCH CONNECTION. The part eventually went to GENE HACKMAN....

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Clooney Buys Rights To Grisham Book

7th December 2006

George Clooney has bought the rights to The Innocent Man, the first non-fiction book by best-selling novelist John Grisham.The Oscar-winning actor's production company Smoke House will produce the film but it is not known whether...

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Eastwood Returns As Dirty Harry In New Videogame

21st October 2006

CLINT EASTWOOD has reprised his iconic DIRTY HARRY character for a new videogame. The movie mogul will recreate the gritty detective's most famous lines in a new Dirty Harry game, which will also feature GENE...

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Father's Day Honours For Top Movie Dads

17th June 2006

AMERICAN PIE star EUGENE LEVY, SIR SEAN CONNERY, STEVE MARTIN, GENE HACKMAN and ALEC BALDWIN have been handed Father's Day (18JUN06) honours for their comical portrayals of dads on the big screen. The quintet form...

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Duvall Impressed With Playboy Hoffman

26th May 2006

DUSTIN HOFFMAN used to impress New York flatmate ROBERT DUVALL with his sexual conquests, once even bedding the daughter of a top politician and robbing her of her virginity. Actor Duvall admits he still marvels...

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The Things They Say 643

22nd November 2005

"He's one of the greatest living actors, for sure. And one of the things I've learnt as an actor growing up, from people like him, is the importance of a work ethic, commitment, focus." Actor...

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Hopkins To Receive Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement Award

17th November 2005

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS will be presented with the Cecil B DeMille Award at the Golden Globes ceremony next year (06). The Welsh actor, who has been nominated six times without winning a Golden Globe,...

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Spacey Not Daunted By Gene Hackman Role

7th October 2005

Hollywood actor KEVIN SPACEY is confident he can match GENE HACKMAN's performance as megalomaniac LEX LUTHOR when he takes up the comic book role in next year's (06) SUPERMAN RETURNS movie. Hackman played the...

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Owen Thrilled At Wolfgang Offer

28th February 2005

British actor CLIVE OWEN is celebrating after landing the lead role in WOLFGANG PETERSEN's eagerly awaited remake of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE. The CLOSER star will play the heroic priest Hollywood actor GENE HACKMAN portrayed...

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Connery Dumped $17.5 Million Role

11th February 2005

SIR SEAN CONNERY missed out on a staggering $17.5 million (GBP9.2 million) payday because he walked away from the leading role in upcoming movie JOSIAH'S CANON. The 74-year-old Scot agreed to star in the...

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Voight's Ex Saved Deliverance

15th November 2004

Movie star JON VOIGHT credits his ex-wife MARCHELINE BERTRAND with urging him to pursue his role in epic adventure movie DELIVERANCE because he was all set to hand the part to GENE HACKMAN. The...

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Harden Supports Film's Political Message

24th August 2004

OSCAR-winning actress MARCIA GAY HARDEN describes her latest film MOOSEPORT as a "silly little movie" with a political message. The MYSTIC RIVER actress, 45, wants the values of honesty espoused in the political...

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Hackman Considers Forced Movie Retirement

16th July 2004

Movie great GENE HACKMAN fears his film career is over - because no one is offering him work anymore. THE FRENCH CONNECTION star, 74, insists he'd play anything if it was interesting, but he...

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Hackman Film Tops Sports Poll

30th June 2004

GENE HACKMAN's 1986 basketball epic HOOSIERS has topped a new poll of sports movies in America. The film, about a down-and-out coach who leads his college team to victory, beat boxing classic RAGING BULL...

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Poseidon Adventure Named Greatest Disaster Film

18th May 2004

GENE HACKMAN's 1972 classic THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE has been crowned the best disaster movie of all time, beating out competition from special effects-strewn modern offerings. The movie - which follows a group of...

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Former Cop Farina Praises French Connection

12th April 2004

GENE HACKMAN's portrayal of POPEYE DOYLE in THE FRENCH CONNECTION is the most honest cop film ever made, according to former Chicago, Illinois, policeman DENNIS FARINA. The SAVING PRIVATE RYAN star gave up a...

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Romano's Intense Meeting With Hoffman

26th February 2004

TV funnyman RAY ROMANO is relieved he didn't end up making his new movie WELCOME TO MOOSEPORT with DUSTIN HOFFMAN - because he found the actor far too intense. Hoffman had originally agreed up...

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Hackman's Dead Monkey Terror

26th February 2004

Hollywood actor GENE HACKMAN had a terrifying experience when he rented a home from late comedian REDD FOXX - he found a dead monkey in the closet. Hackman leased the home from Foxx and...

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Romano Frets About Movie Debut

20th February 2004

TV actor RAY ROMANO is anxious about the imminent release of his big screen debut - because he's scared people won't find it funny. The celebrated star of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND is feeling the...

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Duvall: 'Dustin, Gene And I Are Proper Actors'

27th October 2003

Acting veteran ROBERT DUVALL credits being a character actor like pals DUSTIN HOFFMAN and GENE HACKMAN for his long- lasting popularity. The GODFATHER legend found his early years in the business very frustrating because...

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Chainsaw Massacre Slices Through Box Office Competition

20th October 2003

The remake of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE has become the latest blood-drenched movie to top the American box office, after debuting with an estimated $29.1 million (GBP18.1 million). QUENTIN TARANTINO's bloody vengeance saga KILL...

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Hoffman's Bathing Upset Hackman

13th October 2003

GENE HACKMAN regretted offering pal DUSTIN HOFFMAN a place to sleep when they were struggling actors - because the TOOTSIE star insisted on bathing naked in his sink. Hoffman slept on the floor of...

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Degeneres Saves Danson's Wedding Anniversary

8th October 2003

Former CHEERS star TED DANSON had his wedding anniversary saved by comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES, after he ran out of ideas on how to celebrate it. The actor and his wife MARY STEENBURGEN celebrated their...

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Duvall Keen To Work With Old Flatmates Dustin + Gene

4th August 2003

Movie veteran ROBERT DUVALL is attempting to recruit his former flatmates GENE HACKMAN and DUSTIN HOFFMAN to star in a new movie together. THE GODFATHER star and his fellow legends have failed to keep...

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Hackman, Hoffman And Cusack Movie Sparks Upset

23rd July 2003

GENE HACKMAN, DUSTIN HOFFMAN and JOHN CUSACK's new movie RUNAWAY JURY has sparked a real-life legal battle between the film studio and a small kite shop. The actors were recently in New Orleans, Louisiana,...

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Diesel Takes To The Sea

11th April 2003

Action man VIN DIESEL is considering a part in an another high-octane movie, DOMINIC SENA's DREADNAUGHT. The movie recalls DENZEL WASHINGTON and GENE HACKMAN's CRIMSON TIDE with its naval storyline where a captain battles...

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Gene Hackman Sets Sail

1st April 2003

Hollywood veteran GENE HACKMAN has an enjoyable way of unwinding between making movies - sailing around the world. The actor, who is currently preparing to sail his boat from Florida to the Panama Canal...

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