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The Things They Say 18706

1st November 2010

"It was a horrible experience. I woke up on a Thursday morning, and the last thing I expected to see on the news was that a bloody volcano had erupted. I live in England. Things...

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The Things They Say 17520

2nd August 2010

"I became successful because I couldn't write songs very well. And I can't play very well. My success is based on not being able to finish songs properly and playing badly. That's going to keep...

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Numan To Bring The Pleasure Principal To North America

25th June 2010

New wave pop icon GARY NUMAN is set to make up for his Coachella festival no-show by performing his most famous album in its entirety on an upcoming American tour.The Cars hitmaker was among the...

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Trent Reznor's New Band Unveiled

29th April 2010

Trent Reznor's post Nine Inch Nails project has been revealed as How to Destroy Angels. The new band, which is made up of the musician and his wife Mariqueen Maandig, have launched their website and...

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Numan & Bad Lieutenant Cancel Coachella Slots

18th April 2010

GARY NUMAN has been left devastated after Iceland's volcanic eruption forced him to pull out of his slot at the Coachella festival on Sunday (18Apr10), just a day after BAD LIEUTENANT cancelled their performance at...

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The Cribs Cancel Coachella

16th April 2010

The Cribs have cancelled their appearance at the Coachella festival in the US this weekend. The British band had to concede defeat in their bid to appear at the Californian festival - which takes place...

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Gary Numan's Bowie Attack

23rd March 2010

Gary Numan has blasted David Bowie for his lack of recent success.The 'Are Friends Electric' singer admits he was hurt by criticism from his fellow musicians in his 1980s hey-day but believes he had the...

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Numan Has Never Been Drunk

10th December 2009

British electro-pop pioneer GARY NUMAN has "never been drunk" in his life, because of fears alcohol would exacerbate his medical condition.The Cars hitmaker was a troubled teenager and was prescribed antidepressants and anxiety drugs to...

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Numan's Aircraft Scare

10th December 2009

Qualified pilot GARY NUMAN once came within minutes of certain death when his plane's engines stopped working during a flight over an ocean.The Cars hitmaker holds a pilot's licence and owns several aircraft, but his...

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Numan Planning Reznor Collaboration For Comeback

24th September 2009

British electro-pop pioneer GARY NUMAN is planning a major comeback with a little help from rocker TRENT REZNOR.The Cars hitmaker joined Reznor onstage for Nine Inch Nails' final shows in Los Angeles earlier this month...

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Surprise Guest Gary Numan

17th July 2009

Gary Numan joined Nine Inch Nails on stage in London.The veteran electro pop singer made a surprise appearance towards the end of the 'Head Like A Hole' rockers' set at London's O2 Arena - which...

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Numan Baby Trauma

25th July 2008

Pop singer GARY NUMAN faced an agonising wait to see if his daughter ECHO would survive after she was born with severe respiratory problems. The Cars hitmaker was ecstatic about the birth of his third...

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Rage 'Not Playing Boosh'

28th May 2008

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE will not be appearing at THE MIGHTY BOOSH festival, despite newspaper reports.A report in one of today's British tabloids said that the US hard rockers had "confirmed they want a piece...

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Gary Numan To Play Mighty Boosh Festival

16th May 2008

Gary Numan and the Charlatans have been booked to play the Mighty Boosh Festival this July.The BBC comedy duo are to host their own music and comedy festival in Kent this summer and have announced...

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Numan Convinced He Has Asperger's

25th February 2008

Synth-pop icon GARY NUMAN discovered he suffers from mild autism while taking a series of Internet tests. Though he has not officially been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, the Cars hitmaker is confident that's the cause...

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Numan Diagnoses Himself With Asperger Syndrome

7th November 2006

Eighties new wave pop icon GARY NUMAN has diagnosed himself with anti-social disorder Asperger Syndrome after studying the symptoms of his communication problems. The CARS hitmaker recalls hearing about the neurobiological disorder when he was...

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Numan's Sperm Specimen Blues

24th August 2006

Veteran singer GARY NUMAN once stunned staff at a fertility clinic when his sperm specimen became contaminated with carpet fluff. The CARS star and his wife GEMMA, who now have two daughters, spent six years...

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Numan Takes Web Cam On Tour

2nd April 2006

Electropop pioneer GARY NUMAN hates being away from his family while on tour so much, he's bought an expensive web camera to speak to his children before going on stage. The eighties pop legend -...

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Wife Forced Numan To Sell Plane

29th March 2006

GARY NUMAN's worried wife GEMMA forced him to sell his airplane, after the couple lost some close friends in plane crashes. Concerned Gemma, who decided she would one day marry her pop idol at the...

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Numan Fears Wife Is Addicted To Surgery

28th March 2006

Pop icon GARY NUMAN fears his wife GEMMA has an unhealthy addiction to cosmetic surgery, because nearly every part of her body has been surgically altered. The electro-pop pioneer is nervous he won't be able...

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Numan Has Aspergers?

1st March 2006

Electropop pioneer GARY NUMAN is convinced he suffers from a form of autism - because he is unable to express himself in social situations. The CARS hitmaker admits his wife often speaks on his behalf,...

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Numan Drives Cars To The Top Of New Wave Poll

28th June 2005

GARY NUMAN's 1980 hit CARS has topped a new US poll of new wave tunes. As the genre makes a comeback with the likes of THE KILLERS, FRANZ FERDINAND and THE BRAVERY, US magazine...

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Numan's Parenthood Joy

25th September 2003

Pop star GARY NUMAN is thrilled at finally becoming a dad after years of stressful attempts and IVF treatment. The veteran singer's wife GEMMA yesterday (24SEP03) gave birth to a healthy baby girl, RAVEN...

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Numan Set For Fatherhood

18th April 2003

Pop legend GARY NUMAN is gearing-up for parenthood - even though he's 45. The ARE FRIENDS ELECTRIC? star's wife GEMMA is pregnant following three years of fertility treatment. The musician first met Gemma...

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