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Movie Reviews: Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters

9th August 2013

The tween-targeted Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is another one of those films that reviewers have difficulty approaching with the usual critical standards in mind. Instead, they're trying to assess the film from the viewpoint...

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Movie Reviews Courageous

3rd October 2011

The reason that Sony's Affirm Films -- the studio unit that distributes "faith based" movies -- didn't screen Courageous to critics may have had nothing to do with worries about how they might have reacted...

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Movie Reviews Winnie The Pooh

15th July 2011

"Oh, bother," as Winnie the Pooh would say. Or, "Oh, fluff and stuff." Everybody loves Winnie the Pooh, but there are probably relatively few everybodies who will be taking their kids to see the latest...

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Movie Reviews African Cats

22nd April 2011

Disney nature films have had a spotted history. The brainchild of the late Roy E. Disney, the studio's True-Life Adventures series brought 16 cleverly edited -- and sometimes contrived -- documentaries about animals and birds...

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Blake Could Get Away With Murder

9th February 2004

Actor ROBERT BLAKE could get away with murder, according to the man formerly charged with sending him to jail. Prosecutor GARY GOLDSTEIN was hired by BONNY LEE BAKLEY's family members to put Blake behind...

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