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Horror Movie Star Fired; Time For A Rewrite?

15th June 2011

The producers of the movie Manion of Blood are facing the question of what to do when your star reportedly becomes so erratic that you are forced to fire him half way through the filming....

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Gary Busey Steps Down From Movie

15th June 2011

A representative for Gary Busey has played down reports the actor was fired from his new movie, insisting he left the project due to "contractual issues and misunderstandings".The 66 year old has been working on...

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Fascinating Fact 11553

6th June 2011

Oddball actor Gary Busey presented the Best Movie prize at Sunday's (05Jun11) Mtv Movie Awards from inside a clear, giant hamster ball.

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Jake Busey To Enter Rehab

26th May 2011

Gary Busey's actor son Jake is preparing to check into a rehabilitation centre to address his issues with alcohol.The 39 year old is seeking professional help after he was recently hospitalised with alcohol poisoning. The...

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Meat Loaf Ashamed Of Busey Bust-up

5th May 2011

Rocker Meat Loaf is ashamed of his behaviour on Donald Trump's U.S. reality show The Celebrity Apprentice, confessing his televised bust-up with actor Gary Busey was "one of the most embarrassing moments" of his life.The...

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Gary Busey Sinks His Teeth Into Piranha 3d Sequel

28th April 2011

Gary Busey's recent stint on Donald Trump's reality show Celebrity Apprentice has helped reboot his movie career - he has been added to the cast of the Piranha 3d sequel.The eccentric star will join Danielle...

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Gary Busey Backing Donald Trump's Bid To Run For President

25th April 2011

Veteran actor Gary Busey has thrown his full support behind Donald Trump's plans to run for U.S. president in 2012, insisting the property mogul is the right person for the job.Billionaire Trump is seriously contemplating...

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Gary Busey Wants To Aid Others Identify Hearing Disabilities

24th April 2011

Actor Gary Busey is planning to put his improved hearing to good use by helping others who may be suffering from deafness as a result of a traumatic brain injury.The Lethal Weapon star had no...

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Gary Busey's Son Is Hospitalized With 'Childhood Illness'

21st April 2011

Gary Busey, the American actor and former 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant, has seen his 1-year-old son taken to hospital in Los Angeles with a "childhood illness". Gary Busey's son Luke is being treated at Cedars Sinai...

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The Things They Say 21340

20th April 2011

"When you see Lil' Jon, John Rich and Meatloaf, you know somewhere there's three villages missing their idiots." Actor Gary Busey on the stars he left behind after he was fired from Donald Trump's reality...

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Busey's Son Hospitalised

20th April 2011

Actor Gary Busey's one-year-old son Luke has been hospitalised for a childhood illness.The health emergency came hours after Busey showed off a photo of his "beautiful gift from God" during an appearance on Monday night's...

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Fascinating Fact 11296

18th April 2011

Lethal Weapon actor Gary Busey became the latest star to be eliminated from the U.S. TV show Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday (17Apr11). Rapper Lil Jon, Meat Loaf and country singer John Rich are the only...

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Meat Loaf Rages At Busey On Tv

4th April 2011

Veteran rocker Meat Loaf stunned TV viewers during an episode of Celebrity Apprentice at the weekend (02-03Apr11) by flying into a rage and aiming a foul-mouthed tirade at actor Gary Busey.The Bat Out Of Hell...

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The Things They Say 21037

31st March 2011

"I was hard to manage because they were afraid of me and they were jealous." Eccentric actor Gary Busey on reports he was a tough teammate on U.S. reality show Celebrity Apprentice.

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The Things They Tweet 1463

21st March 2011

"God Bless you Marlee Matlin, I can hear the rainstorms on Venus." Actor Gary Busey is enjoying life to the full after deaf actress Matlin realised her Celebrity Apprentice pal was hard of hearing and...

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Marlee Matlin Aids Gary Busey's Deafness

10th March 2011

Actor Gary Busey has Oscar winner Marlee Matlin to thank for solving his hearing problems - she realised he was partially deaf when he started shouting at her during an introduction on hit U.S. TV...

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Gary Busey's Naughty Night Out In Las Vegas

8th March 2011

Actor Gary Busey enjoyed a wild night out with his Celebrity Apprentice co-stars on Sunday (06Mar11), when he danced for shocked revellers on a stripper's pole.The Under Siege star hit Las Vegas with rapper Lil...

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Gary Busey Is Praying For Charlie Sheen

7th March 2011

Gary Busey says he is "praying" for troubled actor Charlie Sheen.Gary Busey, the American actor who starred in 'Lethal Weapon' has spoken of his concern for 'Two and a Half Men' star Charlie Sheen, whose...

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The Things They Say 20661

7th March 2011

"Charlie is in a tailspin. Charlie's got to understand what the truth is. The beautiful thing about the truth is that it requires no questions. I want Charlie to get up out of the mud...

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Couple Arrested For Busey 'Dui Sting'

14th January 2011

Two people were arrested in California on Thursday (13Jan11) after allegedly setting up actor GARY BUSEY for a drink driving bust and taking pictures of the encounter.Police officers stopped the Lethal Weapon star in Malibu...

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Celebrity Rehab Cast Includes Rachel Uchitel And Jason Davis

2nd December 2010

The all-new cast of CELEBRITY REHAB was revealed in the season four premiere last night (1st December 2010), and it features reality television stars, models, actors and actresses, reports the Associated Press. Under the stewardship...

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Brave Busey Helps Out After Car Crash

26th August 2010

Actor GARY BUSEY has been hailed a hero after he rushed to help a car crash victim in California.The Lethal Weapon star was quick to call emergency services after spotting two cars collide on Pacific...

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Busey Welcomes Baby Boy At 65

23rd February 2010

Actor GARY BUSEY has become a father again at 65.The Lethal Weapon star and his girlfriend Steffanie Sampson, 40, welcomed a baby boy named Luke Samson Busey on Tuesday morning (23Feb10). Confirming the news in...

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Busey 'Feels Awesome' About New Baby At 65

10th December 2009

A spokesperson for GARY BUSEY has confirmed reports the actor is set to become a father again at 65.The Lethal Weapon star and his girlfriend Steffanie Sampson will welcome a baby boy they plan to...

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Busey's Girlfriend Pregnant - Reports

9th December 2009

Veteran movie star GARY BUSEY is preparing to become a father again at the age of 65, according to online reports.Just a week after editors at voted the actor the unsexiest star in Hollywood,...

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Busey Named 'Unsexiest Star In Hollywood'

30th November 2009

Movie veteran GARY BUSEY has been named and shamed as the unsexiest man in Hollywood in a new internet poll, edging out surprise contenders JUSTIN LONG, KEVIN SPACEY, MICKEY ROURKE and JOAQUIN PHOENIX.Editors at

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Connolly Tickled By Busey's Entourage Cameo

8th July 2009

ENTOURAGE star KEVIN CONNOLLY is still shuddering after a strange day on set with guest star GARY BUSEY - because the veteran actor kept trying to tickle him in between takes.Connolly admits he was warned...

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Busey And Conaway Bust-up On Rehab Show

19th November 2008

Tempers flared during a recent taping of reality TV show CELEBRITY REHAB when actors GARY BUSEY and JEFF CONAWAY challenged each other to a fight. Conaway accused the Big Wednesday star of manhandling him and...

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Busey Snorted Cocaine Off His Dog

22nd October 2008

Actor GARY BUSEY hit a low in his drug addiction days when he found himself snorting cocaine off his dog. The Big Wednesday star, who claims he has been sober for 13 years, couldn't help...

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Busey Serves As Camp Counsellor For Celebrity Rehab Show

10th June 2008

GARY BUSEY, rocker STEVEN ADLER and 1980s pin-up TAWNY KITAEN will join GREASE star JEFF CONAWAY for the second season of hardhitting U.S. reality show CELEBRITY REHAB. Conaway, who quit the show's first season days...

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