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Mgm Revenue Soars 164 Percent

15th August 2013

The long-suffering MGM film studio on Wednesday reported that its revenue shot up 164 percent in its fiscal second quarter to $339 million. Although profit was down 16 percent in the quarter from 2012, the...

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New Bond Due Out Within Three Years

20th March 2013

The 24th Bond movie will be released within the next three years.Studio MGM is currently developing the screenplay for the latest 007 installment - which will be a follow-up to 'Skyfall', the most successful Bond...

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007 To Return To Screen In 2012

12th January 2011

It still doesn't have a title and only a few months ago rumors were flying that the script was not up to snuff, but the producers of the James Bond movies said Tuesday that "Bond...

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Mgm Won't Have To Fund The Hobbit After All

7th January 2011

MGM has handed over foreign distribution of the two The Hobbit movies to Warner Bros. in exchange for Warners' putting up the entire $530-million production budget for the movies, the Los Angeles Times reported today...

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Mgm Emerges From Bankruptcy Protection

21st December 2010

Leo the Lion roared back to life on Monday as MGM said that it had emerged from bankruptcy protection with $500 million to fund new movies and television shows. The company is now owned by...

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Court Approves Mgm's "Prepackaged" Bankruptcy

3rd December 2010

A federal bankruptcy court in New York has approved the so-called prepackaged bankruptcy of MGM that effectively makes the historic studio's lenders its new owners and lifts Spyglass Entertainment founders Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum...

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Icahn A Lion Tamer?

4th November 2010

Activist investor Carl Icahn may be turning out to be a more influential figure in the resurrection of MGM than earlier reports had indicated. According to today's (Thursday) New York Post , besides securing for...

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Mgm Submits "Pre-packaged" Bankruptcy

3rd November 2010

MGM finally filed its "pre-packaged" bankruptcy plan today (Friday), following years of struggle to lift itself out from under a debt load that it occurred when its owners acquired it from investor Kirk Kerkorian in...

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Icahn Makes New Move In Mgm Gambit

28th October 2010

Continuing to play a fascinating game of high-stakes chess, activist investor Carl Icahn on Wednesday made his third offer within a week to MGM debtholders. Icahn said he would pay 50 cents on the dollars...

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Icahn Sweetens His Deal For Mgm

27th October 2010

Given widespread reports that MGM's largest creditors prefer the deal offered by Spyglass Entertainment that would convert their debt into 95 percent ownership of a new company headed by Spyglass chiefs Gary Barber and Roger...

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Mgm -- Going Out Like A Lamb?

8th October 2010

MGM would appear to be the latest media company to fall into bankruptcy after being sold to owners who paid too much for it in a leveraged buyout ($4.8 billion) and then discovered that they...

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Lenders Give Mgm Another Reprieve

16th September 2010

Talk about "forbearance!" For the seventh time, MGM lenders on Wednesday agreed to allow MGM to put off interest and principal payments until Oct. 29 while Spyglass Entertainment and its backers finalize plans to take...

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